[A] <Rebirth> LFM Pro Raiders

Earthen Ring

After a successful Wrath of the Lich King expansion Rebirth is looking to continue its success in the next expansion.
We are opening up recruitment to some range classes and healing classes. Raiding experience needed.

The Guild:

Rebirth is end game raiding guild on Earthen Ring server. We are a mature group of raiders who want to clear content in a timely manner. We look at raiding as more of an analytical process, rather then beating our heads against a wall. Guild management has a long history of raiding and leading successful raiding guilds on our server. We have the experience and competitive desire to become the very best. We currently have an outstanding group of core raiders. We would like to extend our core raiding spots for the few who has the same competitive fire and the desire to be the best.

Raiding Mentality-

We do have a casual raiding schedule, but by no means we are a casual raiding guild. We take the competition of raiding seriously.

Our 25man raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7h45 to 11h30. Attendance is expected to be excellent and absences to be posted on the missing player forums. This is a courtesy to the rest of the raiding members.

We are currently looking for professional players. Ideally looking for players who can pull high dps numbers, has solid situational awareness, enjoys glass chewing, and loves to grind for rep and badges. We have a raid spot for you.

Once you achieve our highest raid rank it is possible to have a second main character, with identical loot priority from a shared DKP pool. This is done to ensure high activity and prevent comp issues.

Content Cleared:
Cata 10: 12/12
Cata 25: 11/12
H Cata 25: 3/13
Firelands 10 7/7 H 3/7
Firelands 25 6/7 H 2/7

All classes but druid and pally tanks are open for good good players

Requirements to join:

If you are interested you can message Ahzzy or Furio. You can also just fill out an application on our website http://rebirth-er.guildlaunch.com

Must be at least Age 17, We run an adult content guild.

Strict No Drama Policy

Vent capable, Mic's and the ability to speak to raid. Not required for socials
A little clarification, if you would? Your post says you're looking for all ranged and tank classes, but below that you state that you're looking for classes/specs which are most certainly neither tanky (barring the occasional pulling of aggro, in which case it's less 'tanking' and more 'speedbumping') nor ranged (with the exception of shadow priests.)
Thats more of a general statement of what we look for in people who raid with us. Its under Raiding Mentality not recruitment :).

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Bump for people to help us own firelands

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