335 to 350 Blacksmithing patterns cant find

I'm leveling a Prot Pally and I'm in Outland however I cant find any patterns for this level. I've gone to the BS trainer in hellfire pen and Shat city and both of them jump from 325 to 350. Can anyone help me out where to find these?

Try the Blacksmith vendors in those two cities, they sell some patterns. They may be limited quantity, so if they don't have any check back again later.
I am currently working on BS ~485 atm, I've bought no recipes Fel Iron recipes which you get from a vendor does the trick. Yes they are green so you may need a decent amount of it but it isn't all that bad and does get significantly easier afterward.
Yeah you would need a ton of feliron to do it, but I see adamantite stuff as well people sell and I could use but cant find them.. I visited again the shat and hellfire bs trainers and they have nothing from 325 to 350 :(
From 335 - 340 make Adamantite Cleavers pattern sold from Lower City vendor in Shattrah. Aaron Hollman.

From 340-350 make lesser ward of shielding sold by vendor in Thrallmar for horde or SMV Wildhammer stronghold for alliance. Horde guy is Rohok and alliance is Mari Stonehand.

Hope this helps
That's exactly what I was wanting to know!!! Thank you!!!

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