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So I’ve been working on this guide for a while. I wanted to sort of introduce it as a way to get into evil RP. This is by no means a step-by-step guide to being evil, and I’m certainly not telling anyone how to play. However, within this guide you’ll find helpful tips for anyone wanting to get off the ground in forming an evil coalition, a chaotic character, or whatever! So please, enjoy and feel free to point out anything that’s wrong so I can quickly fix them!

Faction (Coming soon)
Lore and the evil Roleplayer

Alignment: There are a lot of things to remember with alignment, it’s not a matter of defining what your character can or can not do in this case (Unlike things like D20 standards) but more along the lines of what kind of evil you want to represent! There are a lot of different types, from the deep thinking madman, the person who wants to rule the world, someone who wants to take over economically, or someone just out for blood! So here we’ll discuss what kind is represented by each chaotic/evil alignment.

Neutral Evil: Neutral evil is close to true neutral, the reason for this is this alignment is usually devoid of factions or groups, I say usually because factions like Venture Co. And Defias Brotherhood can count as Neutral Evil. The point of Neutral evil is they don’t necessarily serve a cause, they’re out to do what fits their own needs for themselves. Goblins a lot of time fit under the NE alignment because they are out for their own personal gain and aren’t above swindling someone out of a few hard earned copper.

Lawful Evil: The Scarlets are the best example ever put in the game of lawful evil. One line describes every lawful evil person you’ll meet. Typically if they can’t follow this line they most likely aren’t lawful evil by it’s definition. ‘The means justifies the end.’

Chaotic Evil: Most certainly the most favored type of evil here on MoonGuard! Everything from cultists, psychotic madmen looking to prove a point, and so on and so on! These are chaotic evil folks! They’re out for a cause, not necessarily a good one! They want to cause as much trouble and panic as possible while getting across a message.

Neutral: Why is this here? It does not have evil in the name at all! The answer is simple, neutral parties are great for EvilRP! And you may think it sounds silly, but you open your character up to both sides of the story. While the Argents a lot of times can be seen as (TN) that’s ‘true neutral’ folks, they could go either way! True neutral means you don’t want to get involved in a cause, you fight for you, survival and so forth. TN characters are interesting, as someone who can play both sides of the field or as someone who is interested simply in ‘preserving the balance’ it’s a lot of fun!
Race: Here we’ll be discussing race. It sounds odd but many times you may find that race has more to do with being evil than you’d think! I won’t be talking about the basics of the races, but if you’re interested in those I’ve cited some WoWPedia links with each race. With this you’ll also see something stating the ‘favored classes’ or classes that I personally believe work best with each race when choosing an evil alignment. By no means does this mean you can’t pick something else!

Orc: http://www.wowpedia.org/Orc
Orcs have shown a great capacity to be evil, so it’s not really any wonder that they’re on this list. Typically, you’ll find ‘evil orcs’ acting for groups like ‘Black Dragonflight’, ‘Twilight Hammer’, ‘The Fel Horde’ or working independently for themselves. These groups are most noted throughout orcish culture in the rather large amount of prominent orcs that have taken part in these groups. Orcs certainly have the intimidation faction more-so than almost any other race of the horde (with the exception of the tauren). It’s very easy in orcish culture to see what orcs belong to different clans (much like the dwarf) be careful when rolling an orc you’re looking to have established as a fel orc, or one dedicated to Deathwing that serves the Blackrock Clan. These orcs are not accepted and do not blend in at all with large orcish cities. Keep a hood on, keep covered up, and you’ll be golden.
Favored classes for an evil Orc are: Warlock(Warlock, necromancer), Warior (Barbarian, Bonecrusher, Beserker, and warrior), and the rogue (assassin, spymaster, illusionist and rogue) Mage (Pyremancer)

Undead: http://www.wowpedia.org/Forsaken
Perhaps my favorite race as an evil hordie, not only because of their large playable ‘evil’ style factions but because of the actions their own leader has committed, which could be easily seen as ‘Chaotic Neutral’ and even ‘Neutral Evil’ in multiple cases, but namely the undead battle in Gilneas. These hordies are far more accepted in society as opposed to Orcs even after committing evil acts, and it’s not nearly as frowned upon as in most cultures. There are always exceptions to this but typically ‘most’ of the entire race of undead has succumbed to corruption or mental torment of some kind that has twisted their alignment. Be it the realization of their own death or something else. As an additional node, incognito as a Forsaken isn't hardly ever necessary, removing a rather 'difficult' element to evil RP. Do bear in mind though that there are acts that'll need to be carried out in secret, especially when going into acts that can be seen as treason to the horde. These folks have a wide variety of evil organizations to act in, the Former Scarlet Crusade, to the Royal Apothecary Society, The Twilight Cult, and of course who could forget the Scourge and while uncommon, even the Burning Legion has seen fel corrupted undead.
Favored Classes: Warlock/Priest (Nethermancer, Pyromancer, Necromancer, Apothecary, Shadow Ascendant: Not recommended), Hunter/Rogue (Dark Ranger, Assassin, Gunman or Spymaster or Lightslayer)

Tauren: http://www.wowpedia.org/Grimtotem
The Tauren are most often times seen as the most peaceful race of the Horde, but with the recent influx of Grimtotem RP this notion has easily been shattered and shed a darker light on the possibilities for ‘evil moo-cow RP’, while I firmly believe this is one of the most difficult and alienating versions of evil RP to take in, it can be done well. This is mostly due to the fact that Grimtotem are almost exclusively ‘black furred’ and with this they are also seen to have terribly aggression compared to other Tauren tribes. In other words: you stick out like a sore thumb! So you need to be very careful when entering a city or speaking to much of anyone outside of someone who shares your faith. Aside from playing a Grimtotem and the posibilites for Forsaken Alliances (which’ll always serve as a way to bridge the gap between race exclusive guilds and evil factions), let’s take a look at other factions of the Tauren that are not nessicarily exclusive to the Grimtotem. The Twilight Hammer, The Defias Brotherhood. This race will never be found participating with the Fel Horde, or the Burning Legion.
Favored Classes: Grimtotem: Warrior, Hunters, and Bandits. This is one of the main drawbacks we see with Tauren RP, the most exclusive of all evil RP leaves little room to branch outside of the Grimtotem or the select cults they’ve participated in. As such, their favored classes all have to do with the brute and physical force. Shamans usually will take the head as being the intellectuals of any ‘Evil RP’ within the Grimtotem.
Troll: http://www.wowpedia.org/Troll
Trolls are a rather interesting case when it comes to being 'evil' certainly with the wide variety of tribes it's possible to see one turning to evil deeds for a variety of reason. Trolls have shown an amazing capacity enact 'evil' will upon their own species as well as Azeroth as a whole! So with the variety of tribes, and like the dwarf, and the orc, we run into an issue when it comes to being incognito. Watch out, because your skin color tells us about your tribe, and your tribe alone can define your alignment if your not part of the horde. Cannibalism is another trait that you'll often want to add to your evil troll, simply be careful when acting this out within the within the city as the horde has abolished it! So it's not acceptable for any troll allied with the Horde to act in this manner. Trolls will act in a lot of organizations, be it trying to get rid of their own kind for territory (Such as the Bloodscalp, Skullsplitter, Atal'ai and Gurubashi tribe) such as Stranglethorn which continues to be a warzone, other organizations like the Black Dragonflight/Twilight Hammer are common 'evil' organizations for trolls to take part in. Due to the wide array of tribes the causes will vary from one to the other, as will your enemies. Trolls do not belong as part of the Burning Legion.
Favored Classes: Shaman/Mage, (VooDoo Witch, Hexer, Shadow Hunter, Witch Doctor, Potion Doctor), Warrior (Berserker, Primal,Barbarian, ). As made fairly obvious by the list here, trolls usually will look up to shamans and mages as the intellectuals for their evil endeavors!

Blood Elf: http://www.wowpedia.org/Blood_elf
With a name that means ‘Children of the Blood’ it’s easy to see how elves hold a very real and clear capability to be evil, it’s been shown throughout their history thought this isn’t the place to talk about that! The magical addiction that most carry coupled with the not so diverse (unlike the drastically changing skin tones of the Grimtotem or Fel Orcs) skintones leads to a Blood Elf being able to execute their work in evil RP very well, and makes blending in and disguises a snap for this race. More-so than the Tauren who are unable to change their fur color (Barbershops aside!). Blood elves as a whole are generally not considered evil or insane, but it’s still possible. They are reckless and considered aggressive, with a superior dedication of magic compared to their other races. Their favored evil alignments include: The Burning Legion, The Scourge, and of course the Twilight Cult. A drive for power and sustainability for their addictions is a prime force to move this RP along. A desperate independent blood elf with a growing addiction makes for a reckless but all together terrifying enemy who will stop at nothing to drain the life from you.
Favored Classes Include: Warlock (Necromancer, warlock, felsworn.) Mage (Pyromancer, sorceress, spell breaker, blood mage.) Paladin (Blood Knight, Warrior. With Faith as a driving force even a paladin is capable of evil), and Hunter/Rogue (Scout, ranger, demon hunter, illusionist.)

Goblin: http://www.wowpedia.org/Goblin
Goblins! The gnomes of the horde! A highly intelligent race, they make to fill the typical role of someone looking economic gain and wealth, or for typical world domination. Goblins are easy to make blend in, they certainly aren't 'new' to the horde but they are a fresh face, making distinguishing one disguised well apart from another very hard. So Goblins are great to be sealthy! They've got their own organizations that they can take part in, but as a whole Goblins will work best when running their own Cartels and establishing themselves are Trade Princes.
Despite that! Goblins have been known to work for...well! Okay! So Goblins haven't been known to really secure a hold in any 'big' evil organizations like the Burning Legion or the Scourge, it's possible to see them working for the Twilight Hammer, and certainly goblin organizations we see wandering around to this day such as The Venture Co. Goblins work best as evil characters when they try and head up their own organizations, or work away from these groups.
Favored Classes: Engineer (I know it's a profession, bear with me. Both Alchemy and Engineering are very important to goblins) As, Tinkerer, Steam Warrior, bombardier, Ace, Sapper ) Warrior (Steam Warrior, bruiser, grunt) Mage (Techno Mage, Potion Doc, Alchemist) Warlock (Nethermancer, felcaster, demonologist, or really any warlock subclass.)
Human: http://www.wowpedia.org/Human_(playable)
Certainly the most diverse race for being evil. If you’re looking for something to dip into and test the waters of evil RP, this is by far the best place to start. Perhaps a race best known for taking part in evil factions, but along-side this a long trend of indipendant evil forces that make for amazing role-play! With being able to play almost in class in existence as well as a diverse cultural background and no real ‘exclusive tribes/clans’ that can be easily noted: Blending in is about as easy as it’d be for a Blood elf in SMC! I highly recommend humans as a starting basis for evil RP on Alliance side. Humans have participated in almost every evil group imaginable: The Scourge, the Scarlets (Not anymore), the Twilight Cult, The Defias Brotherhood and various others! With the exception of the Burning Legion (Which I don’t recommend any human ever be allied with), humans have had their hands in almost every recognizable ‘evil’ group that has taken part in history.
Favored Classes: Any, really you can play just about any class but I do want to give some special favored ‘evil’ classes here. Warlock (Necromancer, nethermancer, demonologist, Fel Specialist and just about anything else), Priest (Shadow Priest, Raven Priest: This is the scarlet version of a warlock without demons), Warriors (Any subclass of warrior), Rogue/Hunter (Illusionist, and assassin), Death Knight (Death Knight, and Graven One)

Dwarf: http://www.wowpedia.org/Dwarf
This is perhaps one of the hardest races to play as a true evil character, more-so than a Tauren. Not because they are limited by what they can play but the overall attitude and war-prone nature of many dwarves makes it hard to see which ones are chaotic and out for a fight and which ones are trying to bash horde skulls in! With their poison of choice being booze, loose lips are always a problem. Considering a dwarf who never drinks isn't typically the norm look out for pitfalls like this that may drag a lot of unwanted suspicion to your character. (Of course if you want that suspicion to be there it's a great route!) The dwarf race like the trolls, the orc, and so on all run into the same issue. Their skin defines their region, and a dark iron takes no time at all to pick out of the bunch. However if you belong to a large clan like the Wildhammer you'll have no problem blending into any Alliance city. They've been known to participate in organizations such as The Twilight Hammer, and even the Scourge, most noted though are the Dark Iron! Tip: Even the dwarf outside of the Dark Iron clan can be evil. This has shown true in instances like the vanilla quest where a Bronzebeard turned against his own kind and helped the Dark Iron. And the Cata quest where a Wildhammer turns to serve the Old Gods and becomes a faceless one!
Favored Classes: Shaman (Geomancer, elementalist), Warrior (Drunken Brawler, Dizzy Master, Bruiser, Beserker), Hunter/Rogue (Sniper, Assassin, Skulker), Warlock (All subclasses)

Night Elf: http://www.wowpedia.org/Night_elf
An evil elf? This one is one of the more difficult things to pull off in all honesty. I wouldn't advise this race for anyone standing off in EvilRP because the many pitfalls that the elven race has are simply too tempting to fall into! (Demon hunters and Satyr!) But when we look beyond these two options we find a wide variety of things that we can do. From the overzealous devout of Elune, to the elf who had gone crazy looking for a way to restore their immortality (I don't think this one can be done anymore) to someone so disgusted with the 'lesser' races that they feel the need to extinguish the stupid from the world. Elves have a lot of possibilities, their magical corruption is all too noticeable and makes blending in harder with them when they've been exposed to these sorts of things. So be careful when picking a magically corrupted elf! Don't fall into the demonhunter or Satyr traps, there are many better routes to go along. Elves have participated in a wide variety of organizations from The Hammer to the Scourge. Though often times it'll prove that elves acting in evil manners would rather prefer to establish their own organizations.
Favored Classes: Mage (Ley Walker), Warrior/Hunter/Rogue (Sentinel, Scout, Dead Shot, Warden, Assassin, Sniper: not recommended, bow is the favored weaponry here.)
Gnome: http://www.wowpedia.org/Gnome
Gnomes are perhaps one of the most tricky subjects to write on when it comes to this guide. You'll find many who'll role an absolutely insane engineer, slap the evil tag on them and...call it a day! There are so many more avenues to 'evil' RP aside from the typical 'I'm a crazy engineering gnome' and because they are so over-used we will not be discussed them at all in this thread! (Though you are free to ask as many questions as you like!) Gnomes make great evil characters, there are a lot of different things we can look at with gnomes. In particular two things to look at are Lepers, and other professions (Archeology and Alchemy). The role of a 'mad scientist' is played perfectly by the alchemy loving gnome! And lepers have even been known to be accepted by the undead! Which is an amazing feat and makes them great Alliance infiltrators and limitless crossfaction RP. (Be warned, lepers are not readily accepted part of the Alliance and are hard to play. I've only seen one ever even attempted by the name of Hank, and you should look up his stories for ideas on 'how to play a leper right')
Favored Classes: DK (Leper) Priest/Warlock (Necromancer, mad scientist, alchemist and all other alchemy subclasses), Mage (Techno Mage).

Draenei: http://www.wowpedia.org/Draenei
(Coming soon)

Worgen: http://www.wowpedia.org/Worgen
For worgen, we seen a bit of a special case! They are very similar to humans, though their backstory and curse leaves them with a little less lee-way than humans when it comes to ‘evil’. By most standards, ‘typical’ evil Worgen RP will consist of noble spellcasters and the like. But with them, we have something new, and very special, not available to humans. Druids. Their curse has imbued them with more primal instincts, and this side of ‘Evil’ RP is shown through this class exclusive to this sect of humans. They follow all of the same organizations that humans would, with the exception of the Defias!
Favored Classes: See human & Druid: (Blight Weaver, Harvest Witch, Druid of the Nightmare, Druid of the Talon, Druid of the Scythe)

High Elf: http://www.wowpedia.org/High_elf
(Coming soon)
Class: Going to do something similar for the races! Links to your classes will be included.

A note before going into this, your class can define what you are in-game. But keep in mind the spells and abilities available to you, but using these we have what are called ‘subclasses’ specialties that go beyond the generalization of a warlock or mage. You may be called a hunter or rogue but you really could be a ‘gunman’ or a ‘sharpshooter’. By using these subclasses we can add a bit of unique flare to our character without pushing the boundaries of lore, or being Sue-ish.

Death Knight: Death Knights are great for evil, typically looked down on in society. Still, you’ll run into problems with being accepted, and as such will become a usual suspect for crimes you’ve committed. If someone realizes your flesh is rotting, it narrows down just who you might be. Disguise is difficult for these folks, so do your best to be subtle about everything. Your subclasses include(But are not limited to): Graven Ones(http://www.wowpedia.org/Graven_one ), and Necromancers.

Druid: Druids have an amazing capacity for evil, though it’s hardly ever played. And when it is, it’s hardly ever played by the right people who can really pull it off. Druids are often times allied with the Cenarion Circle, but when we step out of this generalization we come into a lot of organizations that use the same class standards, but use a subclass to enact their evil tendencies. What subclass you pick may define what forms you use.

A tip to druids! Find these forms as non-combat pets, when shape shifting in RP go to cat-form and stealth move with these non-combat pets for enhancing your immersion. They may not be to scale but they’ll still be there. Subclasses for druid are very wide, a complete list can be found here: http://www.wowpedia.org/Druid_sects with even more not being listed. Your subclasses include but are not limited to: Druids of the Nightmare, Druids of the Talon (tend to use birds for shifting) Blightweavers (Who typically don’t use shapeshifting), Druid of the Fang (You’ll see using snakes, scorpions, and spiders.) Savagekin, and more. One thing to keep in mind with druids who are taking on ‘evil’ actions: more often than not evil druids will forsake (If they’re even allowed to use them: citation needed), their ‘typical’ forms, and will be forced to take on the forms of ‘lesser beasts’ anything classified as ‘vermin’ is typically used for this: Snakes, spiders, scorpions, rats, insects, and so forth.

Hunter: Hunter is a great class, and will almost always have an advantage in a fight much like the mage or warlock, this is due to the companion pet. If played right the extra set of...paws or scales can often times get you out of any pinch, even if it means sacrificing your friend for an escape. One of the best parts of the hunter class is things like tracking, making it far easier to find people (Meta-gaming with /who exuded), on top of this we also have sharpshooter tendencies! If you're looking for a stealthy class with the ability to 'snipe' your enemies from afar this is great! There really isn't much to add here, hunters can be played as excellent masters of disguise, often overcoming the racial tendencies that may make them stick out. Your pet is your best friend as a hunter, but never take a Silithid into Darnassus, and corehounds have no place in a major city! The Guards aren't going to take too kind to your massive monster rotting holes in the cobblestone while it drools lava. There isn't much difference from the in-game class here, and the subclasses for it are anything but a stretch. Subclasses for hunter include: Sharpshooter, sniper, ranger (A hunter without a pet typically), scout, beastmaster, and so on!
Mage: A mage should be considered as the ultimate 'get-a-way' class, with portals, blink, and frost magic you're looking at potent and effective methods of escape. That being said, a mage is the ultimate glass cannon, that balance of physical power and spellcasting is key. In the case of mages you will hardly ever have an overly muscular man practicing the ways of a sorcerer. These studies take a lot of time and dedication to complete, so keeping this in mind when playing a mage or it's subclasses is important! Try to avoid the main pitfall of this class: using portals and 'cheating' in RP! It's okay to escape, but simply opening a portal and vanishing without so much as a word is considered cheap and often times rude. It's a quick way to get yourself ignored and to have people shrug you off. Tip: Focus on one school of magic, make it your characters priority when playing a mage. You may not be as good in other schools but you'll certainly excel at say 'Boiling a man alive in his own armor'. Mages have a variety of subclasses, including by not limited to: Leywalker, pyromancer, frost mage, sorcerer, pyremancer, arcanist, illusionist, geomancer, hedgewizard, conjuror, red mage, necromancer and so forth!

Paladin: This class sort of had to come up at some point. Possibly the most tricky class to play as 'evil'. It can't really be done, and here is why. Alignment is a matter of perspective, the two that decide your alignment is 'How you see yourself' and 'How others see you'. A paladin should never think of himself as evil despite the actions that he may commit. He will be the ultimate justification of 'The means justifies the end' or Lawful Evil. Faith is your guide, paladins are devout to their cause. They have been known to be members of the Crusade, the Twilight Cultists, or simply have gone crazy in instances such as 'Believing the light is speaking to you' and so forth. You are the ultimate shield and sword of faith, and you should abuse this as much as possible in 'evil' paladin RP. When playing an evil paladin, and doing it 'right' faith will always be one (if not the)of the biggest focuses. They have no subclasses aside from being a warrior who has lost the light.

(Coming soon)

Rogue: Rogue is a good place to play if you're going evil. It has a variety of subclasses and is a good balance of being able to keep a good disguise, have an emergency get-a-way, and information gathering is going to be key. Stealth is your friend when playing the rogue class, more-so when you're being evil. Not only will it come in handy for escapes, but when finding a 'victim' or gathering information on anyone this'll be perfect. Tip: Always ask OOCly (Or at least inform) someone of your presence, they may meta-game but good role-players never will. It's always important that people know where you get your information from to avoid more hassle in the future. Rogues can also fuffill the subclasses of the hunter (minus the pet) they work great as petty thieves, the methodical madman, or the leader of an evil organization. Rogues of almost every race (With the exception of elves and maybe trolls) will tend to favor engineering, it really is a profession that will work perfect with this class and add to just about every ability. Subclasses for rogue include but are not limited to: Illusionist, assassin, sharpshooter, scout, ranger, swashbuckler, bombardier, ace, pistoleer!

Warlock: Certainly my favorite class in this discussion and likely one of the most used in evil RP. Warlocks are your ultimate spellcasters for evil, branching to specific sects that even the mage can't touch. Warlocks are a secretive bunch if played as traditional locks, you run into the normal pitfall of having your demon out in the city, just don't do it. Warlocks used to be the DK's of the Alliance, and are generally not as accepted in general society as a mage. Their limits are nearly boundless, and they have nearly as many subclasses as the druid! Truly warlock makes a great class for an evil character, the variety of spells coupled with the typical intellect often associated with warlocks makes them ideal as anyones starting class for evil RP. Fel magic is always a tricky subject when talking about these folks, and while exposure to it is sure to cause some noticeable concerns anything too outlandish will ruin any chance you have for being incognito. With this, a common problem warlocks will run into is simple, metagamers, be weary of this as a warlock. More-so than the mage or priest warlocks will always be outed for the 'I can smell your shadow!' roleplay, this class is not for someone with little patience, so keep this in mind when rolling one! Subclasses for the warlock include but are not limited to: Pyremancer, FelCaster, Nethermancer, LeyWalker, Pyromancer, Demonologist, Necromancer, and many many more!

Warrior: Warrior is a pretty bland class, and while it has a lot of possibilities a lack of any magic or real specialization leaves them with some options! But nothing is too out there. Despite the nature of the warrior class they have a major pitfall of trying to overcompensate for this, so don't get trapped thinking on too much of what to do with a warrior. Warriors dedicate their lives to their body, in order to hold the physical prowess to dual wield hundreds of pounds of metal you have to! On top of that plate armor makes them a resilient enemy, a full frontal charge with a shield is bound to knock out any opponent. They make great powerhouses, but they're hard to disguise due to their figure. Subclasses for warrior include but are not limited to: Warrior, berserker, sword specialist, dizzy master, drunken brawler, swashbuckler, fencer, any weapons specialist, and more. *Needs updates*
Gender: I know the first thing you’re doing to do is ask ‘Why is –this- important to being evil?’ Well it’s not. This section is simply here to explain to folks the gender roles in being evil, and how it can, and will, influence you in establishing your character as evil.

Males will always have it easier when it comes to being evil as opposed to females (This has to do with IC, not OOC!), there are a lot of reasons for this. But the main thing comes back to a dominant mindset still persistent today, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing! This mindset is the ‘hunter gatherer’ mindset, where the men provide the meals and have the power, and the females are to gain their own power driving off what the men provide.

This is not a matter of sexism, but rather a look at the logical differences between men and women, and more-so in the ‘time period’ (I say this loosely) the game is set in. Males will have less of a hard time proving their worth so to speak; a harsh tone and bulging muscles is ten times more intimidating than a soft spoken stick. (No offense, ladies!)

So here are some key things to keep in mind:

Women can be just as intimidating as men IC. You just have to know how to go about it. It’s all about the position of power, when being evil your goals are your own, but one thing to always keep focused on is being ‘above’ the person. You want to be in charge, and you want them to break! This is how evilRP is, and how it’ll almost always be. Weather you are with a faction that adopts this mindset as a whole, or an individual seeking to cause havoc within the populas.

Always remember, those who sit on top are King! And in this case, Queen! Female characters require more effort, and more time to establish that name for themselves. But it’s possible to do with enough effort and hard work.

Again, this segment is not to be sexist in any way shape or form. I’m a female myself, and I’ve learned a lot of these things (sadly) first hand in working with both my guild and many others.
Factions: Coming soon!

Old Gods: Coming soon!

Burning Legion: Coming soon!

The Scourge: Coming soon!

The Scarlet Crusade: Coming soon!

The Venture Co.: Coming soon!

The Defias Brotherhood: Coming soon!
Disguises and you
For this part of the guide, we decided to give you guys a little something more fun! Instead of reading text, look over this little four part series created by Bornni to see what to do, and what not to do when playing an evil character.

Everything you need to know about disguises can be seen in these images

As you can see, disguise is key. There are many elements that make up a good disguise, and what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary evil doers.

The Name: Every 'disguise' should have a name to go with it! A first and last, and a title if you please.
The Outfit: A standard outfit you can be easily identified in as your disguised self. Something typical, nothing too flashy. The more flashy or dark it is the easier it is to get picked out.
The Cover: Pick a backstory for your incognito self! Something plausible and very simple. Let's see an example.

The Name: Captain Saix
The Outfit: First Regiment Uniform for mages.
The Cover: Captain Saix is a soldier, her backstory is more complex in the fact that she is the leader of the Thirty Second Regiment, but simple in the fact that she started out as a simple citizen.

Other things to do when you're looking at the disguise is illusionary magics! Generally those who can accomplish this are the classes that could be illusionists! Such as mages, rogues, and so on. The magic of illusion is a powerful tool, the name, outfit, and cover rule generally still apply to this but it allows you to work with more things than before. This gives you reason to change your hair color and style on a whim, and for worgens and other races, your fur! Illusionary magic covers up your greatest flaws, and all those dead give-a-ways.
Evil RolePlay and Lore

*Disclaimer: By no means is this (once more) a statement saying that you -can't- do things a certain way. This is based off of opinion only and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the RP community. Please keep in mind this is a friendly helpful guide to help you understand open alternatives to these things.

MoonGuard as a whole has seemed to have very bad experiences with this problem right here. And it's really one of the biggest 'issues' plaguing evil role-players that I want to touch on. Both my frustration and my compliments that come from these sort of things.

Lore is a very important part of who we are as evil characters. Tip: A simple backstory is the best backstory. You don't need to have an abusive childhood to be a good evil role-player, you don't have to have an obscure or overused psychological disorder to be a good evil role-players. Sometimes simple is better. We have more room to work with in these ways.

Another big thing to touch on is evil role-players who shatter lore, and no this is not in any way me 'calling out' roleplayers who break these boundries, simply touching on my frustrations.

Why is it that evil characters always feel the need to play something so impossible by lore standards like it makes them interesting? The unfortunate truth is that it does not. In-fact more times than not it does just the opposite of what you want. Instead of making a unique character within the boundaries of lore, you play something so ungodly out there that it alienates a lot of people. I've seen it done so many times, and so many people refuse to role-play with these people for that reason. Here are some common examples of flubs often times made in evil RP that shatter most sensible reasoning. These are three common role-plays, one for each most noted faction of evil.

The Scourge and the Lich: The first thing we need to do is look at the lore behind the Lich. For a moment is we ignore the in-game models being made up of bones and put at usually an ungodly size (Something that'd be recognized quickly anywhere), the phylactery that every Lich has contains their soul. With this they can continue to be brought back from the dead. This poses an issue in roleplay of being able to be killed but never going away. Which can cause frustration and alienation to many role-players and organizations of 'Lul I'm coming back'. Almost every Lich we see in-game or in lore for that matter is named. Your special snowflake sadly is not one of them. And while it may be tempting to be a powerful Lich, why not go with something better? A human necromancer looking to make himself well known to become a candidate for being made a Lich! The end goal is the same, the powers are similar, and something that can easily be done. Human necromancers are the best candidates for becoming a Lich, but I'd never advise anyone actually playing one. Any Lich considered to be rogue may be intent on revenge, but not on raising large armies of undead and being 'out in the public face' they want to be subtle and enact their revenge outside of the public eye.

The Burning Legion and the Demon: This one is certainly better than the Lich, but by no means is it acceptable. As I've stated before this has to do with my own thoughts as opposed to what may be reflected in the community. This roleplay is generally considered Sue! For good reason! Demons stand out! A LOT! While it is possible to disguise a demon and put them in the city, much like the 'dragon RPer' pitfall they aren't supposed to be known. The only other way it has been done is by 'possession' a demon taking the body of someone and using them to force their will on the public. This may seem like a good idea but I'd steer away, and many others will advise you to do the same. If you think demonic possession is the way to go you'll want to re-think it, it's cliche, overdone, all around sue. But that does not mean that there aren't similar roads that we can't go down. There are other options to the demon RPer for something lore abiding and just as fun! Demons have the power to corrupt, and if we take that into consideration it's possible that we have the same role-play just without the demon! We are 'controlled' in the sense that we follow orders from a high ranking demon of any faction that may belong to, a puppet still to enact their will but without having the outburst of a demon randomly taking over your character in role-play. By playing the servant of a demon (which we have seen can be done!), we can do similar role-play without doing something outlandish.
The Twilight Hammer and the God: Sadly, I've seen this done before. more than once even. People trying to claim that they are an Old God, the embodiment of an Old God and so on! From what we know there are only three Old Gods right now, speculation states that there may be up to five! But that being said all Old Gods that have existed and will exist in the world can/will be named by Blizzard. Much like the Lich, this is one of those things so outlandish it's not up for player interpretation.

The Dragon: I'm not even going to touch on this one. Folks! If you're role-playing as a dragon and it's publicly known, you're doing it wrong. That's all there is to say about dragon RP. You may ask 'What's the point if no one knows?' well, that is the point! Dragons are cunning creatures, not to be caught by the likes of the sentient races that they see the way we see farm animals!

If you've made it this far you are a trooper, if you've scrolled down this far you can still see yet another disclaimer.

Words like 'hardly' or 'nearly ever' used in this guide as well as the specific mentions above in no way pertain to any particular person, this guide is a matter of opinion :) and you certainly don't have to follow it.
Oh dear lord! It's finally done! /twitch
Please feel free to point out anything that needs to be fixed. I don't claim to be really knowledgeable in lore, so there are certainly some things I've messed up I'm sure!
I've also decided to join the bandwagon on the Q&A topics! If you have a question for an evil person I'd be happy to help.
Good read. But possession is canon, dreadlords do it, not to mention the exorcism quest in Hellfire.

Then again playing a dreadlord is pretty um, shaky. Also demons can use illusions, as shown in felwood with the fake druids. Demons could be in cities, you would just never know. Which is the opposite of what most demon rpers do.

Also I feel the gender section is unnecessary. You claim it is unimportant, which discredits itself right off the bat.
Good read. But possession is canon, dreadlords do it, not to mention the exorcism quest in Hellfire.

Then again playing a dreadlord is pretty um, shaky. Also demons can use illusions, as shown in felwood with the fake druids. Demons could be in cities, you would just never know. Which is the opposite of what most demon rpers do.

Also I feel the gender section is unnecessary. You claim it is unimportant, which discredits itself right off the bat.

I actually didn't know that about the Dreadlords, and I'll be sure to go ahead and change it so better reflect that. The point was that all around 'demon Rp' is shaky.

And yes, it was one of the things that I was requested to do in this guide by a couple guildes. If I get too many complaints about it I will remove it :) (Though let's not clutter this thread up with that, feel free to just send me a tell. <3 I'm more than happy to respect the wishes of the community.)
An evil "archetype" that you forgot to mention is that of the murderous person. Not necessarily a madman with a cause, just a madman that enjoys killing, flaying, skinning, mangling, and feasting upon others. These are not assasins, as I believe that would fall under your more neutral archetypes, but rather a more serial killer esque type of person, mentally unstable or not.
Good read. But possession is canon, dreadlords do it, not to mention the exorcism quest in Hellfire.

Then again playing a dreadlord is pretty um, shaky. Also demons can use illusions, as shown in felwood with the fake druids. Demons could be in cities, you would just never know. Which is the opposite of what most demon rpers do.

Also I feel the gender section is unnecessary. You claim it is unimportant, which discredits itself right off the bat.

I actually didn't know that about the Dreadlords, and I'll be sure to go ahead and change it so better reflect that. The point was that all around 'demon Rp' is shaky.

And yes, it was one of the things that I was requested to do in this guide by a couple guildes. If I get too many complaints about it I will remove it :) (Though let's not clutter this thread up with that, feel free to just send me a tell. <3 I'm more than happy to respect the wishes of the community.)

Look up Balnazzar. He possessed Saidan Dathrohan, Grand Crusader of the Scarlet Crusade, by killing him and possessing his corpse. Then he corrupted the Crusade by paranoia.

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