Vanguards 3000+ Ret Arena PvP Streams

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streaming 2s with the best rogue ever..
2s with Rzn! Ret Rogue -
troll !@#$%
Streaming on the new channel! - Ret Rogue 2s with Rzn
hey i'll be making a macro / video soon too so stay tuned for that = )

3s Ret Rogue Priest TR w/ Rzn and Mack -
Ret/Lock 2s - Rank 1 Gladiator Ret Streaming with Blackrat! - --- come watch VANGUARDSTV
Monk Geared Inferno Farming - VanguardsTV -
2s/3s Ret War X w/ Getcleaved Rank 1 Gladiator Vanguards - VanguardsTV - www.Twitch.TV/VanguardsTV - Live Now! - Mists of Pandaria! Ret Battlegrounding - VanguardsTV
Vanguards: Single-handedly responsible for people playing three dps and two dps/one healer. Curse that guy.

RLS, RLS, DLS, RLS, MLS... only two of the top 20 are vanguard cleave.
I think RLS is the reason people run triple DPS.

I hope I don't get rating bashed too hard.
06/02/2012 05:20 PMPosted by Scirøn
I think RLS is the reason people run triple DPS.
06/02/2012 02:25 PMPosted by Sxö
Coming from the person running RLS.

Your point? It's not near as bad as either of those comps

Yes it is, it's WORSE. Those "scum comps" have less room for error than comps like RLS which can easily setup kills and survive swaps with retarded healing/control/damage. Add in PvE gear and it's a complete joke in favor of the L/S/X.

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