Vanguards 3000+ Ret Arena PvP Streams

Prev 1 18 19 20 24 Next - Ret Dk Priest w/ Mes and Sodahs - Queing some Ret Hunter 2s! - Streaming Ret Mage 2s for now, and Ret Mage Priest 3s soon! - Doing Ret Mage 2s with Vidra for now, will do 3s later when a healer gets on hopefully! - Queing Ret Mage Priest 3s Live Now!
Bump. - Streaming some WoW before leaving to SF tomorrow!
not real vanguards? - Streaming some 5.0 stuff... lets see what it has to offer!
Also streaming on right now, doing some 3v3 wargames soon! - Queing some 3v3 wargames with rank 1 players like Mes / Cirranis! - 3v3 Wargames w/ Gladiators / Rank 1 Players! - Streaming Wargames! - Streaming Wargames! Running Ret Mage Druid with Involk / Hotted atm.
http://own3d.Tv/VanguardsTV - Streaming some 3s Wargames! - Streaming 3v3 Wargames w/ Metaphor / Kurum
Why would you switch to own3d lol - bgs for now. maybe arenas later! - Streaming 3v3 Wargames! Ret Dk Priest!
htp:// - Queing 3v3 with Sodahs and Venruki!

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