Vanguards 3000+ Ret Arena PvP Streams

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queing some ret mage with debao
Lol I loved that WOG for 79k. Cant wait for the nerf.
The question is...*puts on sunglasses*...When will you stop running for reckful for vicious glad? Its obv you cant beat him since your running, and he showed a video straight up stomping you guys.
Step 1: Humiliated by Reckful.
Step 2: Transfer to no-name battlegroup.
Step 3: Pick up rank 1 on said no-name battlegroup.
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit!
Step 1: Humiliated by Reckful.
Step 2: Transfer to no-name battlegroup.
Step 3: Pick up rank 1 on said no-name battlegroup.
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit!

Rank 1 is impressive no matter what battlegroup you get it on.

Stop being jealous.
When we fought reckful we were with a different dk, the dk we're with now probably does at least 2x more damage than him. Either way yea we did lose to him back then, I don't really see that as something humiliating; (what's wrong with losing to arguably the best rogue in the game?) if you see losing to reckful as something embarrassing then you must be getting embarrassed a lot.

We actually wargamed mayo + talbadar + opi (not reckful) with massives and shockerx and went 4-1 with them in a stream of 1200+ people. Obviously with reckful it might've turned out different even though opi is boss too; can't say for sure til we get to fight him again, anyways I think it would be fun!

Btw, I'm guessing the level 1 troll or bqt = bananular and seriousderp? Sorry if you're not him the timing was just too right after they lost to my god horrible destro lock play and made a very serious statement that they only lost cause warriors gets countered by destro locks in arena
So what if he cant beat the best players who play what might be the best comp(when played right) since the creation of arena.

RMP has many more tools at its disposal, Vanguards only has a limited number of abilities and tools at his disposal to counter certain things. Im sure even though you are a level 1 youve heard of counter comps right?

A counter comp is something you face where you can play perfectly and still lose to them because they have an advantage.

Haters gonna hate. And the biggest haters have to hide behind level 1's because they are scared even on the internet. Rofl seriously what kind of spineless B I T C H do you really have to be to post *!@! on a lvl 1 because you are too scared to post on your main toon. Its not like your main is anyone known or important.

Reckful doesnt play RMP. Sigh...

Offtopic: I dont know how Litreocola is considered not as good as Enforcer. Enforcer is scary but his play is very normalized. When you play against Litre he is all over the place and you dont know what he is going to do next, makes it hard to fight him.
I respect both players. Yeah, Vanguards got beat by Reck. Big whoop. He's still easily one of my favorite people to watch in Arena, and I immensely enjoy watching his videos.

Yes, we realize its a contest, but you really don't have to be like "OH SHNAP, THAT MAN GOT OWNED BY RECKFUL! HE SO BAD!!!!!111"

Sportsmanship and a sense of decency are not hard to find people, really.

Thanks for posting the Stream VG. I'll be watching. Cheering probably too.

Which is unfortunate. I mean, I love Reckful, and the little signs he puts up (Redirect into KS into Smoke Bomb into Trinket into Blind into CR into SDance into Focus Kick into Gouge into Garrote/Ambush Spam get the point.)

I also love Woundman.

Oh, and Undo. (His videos are edited more than Reck's/Wound's and feature World PvP as well)

Oh, and Vanguard.

Oh, and Snutz.

I mean, if the PvP community goes "WATCH VIDS FOR PRONESS" and then turns around and says "I don't watch VG because he got beat by Reckful" you're kinda defeating the point. Watching the best player in the world is naturally gonna give you strat ideas/comp ideas/new tips to kill things.
My $0.02
Im not trying to troll or anything, i am just seriously wondering why you would xfer off bg9. You are a very skilled player and are going to probably play in tournaments, in which you would have to play reckful, talb, and mayo. Im just wondering why you wouldnt want to stay to get better against them by staying on tich?
queing ret war sham
I have a ret on nearly every BG to play on, in fact most of my streams is on bg9 atm.

As said in war games we went 4-1 with talb / mayo / rogue (opi) previously on my alt ret pally about 5 days ago.

edit: start watching my streams! we que into mayo actually really often. Went 15-1 against him the other day playing ret dk shaman and around 1-5 yesterday when he qued LSD and I qued ret hunter / ret warlock.

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