Vanguards 3000+ Ret Arena PvP Streams

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10/30/2012 04:52 AMPosted by Banaritaz
This title should be changed until he gets 3k this season. Old rankings are old.
I would agree if he was washed up, but hes still playing at the highest level of play.

Nobody likes nitpicking.
3v3 ret feral sham with gravemind / talason!
Twitch.TV/VanguardsTV - Streaming 2450+ CR Ret Rbgs!
Twitch.TV/VanguardsTV - Streaming Ret Dk Sham with Mes and Bobby
Twitch.TV/VanguardsTV - Streaming Ret Feral Sham with Toez and Lushyz
Twitch.TV/VanguardsTV - 3v3 Ret Feral Sham with Lushyz / Nobadz
Twitch.TV/VanguardsTV - streaming enhance war hpal
streaming some shamguard 3v3 with dee / koshimo! turbo cleave
Twitch.TV/VanguardsTV Streaming Ret Enhance Druid 2500+ on Rank 1 Charter. PLS with Nadagast / Toez soon!
streaming enhance warrior hpal with veev and zilea!
Twitch.TV/VanguardsTV - Streaming 3v3 with Veev / Zilea
11/25/2012 05:45 PMPosted by Vanguards
Twitch.TV/VanguardsTV - Streaming 3v3 with Veev / Zilea
Lol nice winning 2vs3 vs jamill team
That last win was incredible, "Don't leave game" lol
Twitch.TV/VanguardsTV - Streaming on Shamguards, this CC Red Change is so !@#$ty...
streaming at
Twitch.TV/VanguardsTV - Ret Spriest 2s with Talbadar, 3s later!
Twitch.TV/VanguardsTV - Streamign some Enhance 3v3 at 2500+
Twitch.TV/VanguardsTV - Streaming 3s with Sodahs / Bobjob Ret Mage Druid
Twitch.Tv/VanguardsTV - Streaming 2500+ Enhance 3v3. Testing Elemental Blast!

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