Vanguards 3000+ Ret Arena PvP Streams

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Oh, so you're better then Vanguard? Ok lol
So whats this I hear of you dabbling in Prot?
those ppl saying that vanguards just run zerg comps are just too lazy to play wow, thats why they are Challengers, not that they are bad...
12/27/2011 06:40 PMPosted by Iolprot
So whats this I hear of you dabbling in Prot?

He was prot in some RBGs.
I hope he does well so some RBG groups consider taking me.
12/27/2011 06:12 PMPosted by Jannadra
Ret paladins don't take skill, so I think you're wrong. Sorry. :/

Terrible rogue stuck at 1500 playing RLS with the free 397 Daggers.
Queing RBGS, stream quality is good now!
Ret Shaman 2s!
Doing Ret Rogue Dk!
Inc globals.
queing 5s!
Queing some RBGs
ret priest 2s!
doing 2s with my twin
Queing Rank 1 3s BG -
queing 3s!
Do more 2's with your rogue friend i haven't enjoyed arena vids like that in a long time lol.
streaming rank 1 3s ret dk priest!

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