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Are there any plans to allow for easier alt access to the same guild rewards as someone's main character? Guild rep grinding is tedious at best, and doing it across multiple characters is exhausting.

Also a suggestion on this same matter. Perheaps some kind of +rep item that is BoA and can only be bought by an exalted character?
Will Blizzard ever make it so that if a guild does a 5 man run of an older raid, like 10 man Naxx, they get credit for being a 100% guild run?
Any chance The Quick and the Dead perk could affect the spectral gryphon?
Why is it that if I got exalted with guild A, and either left or was removed from said guild, I then have to start over with rep in guild B? Will you ever change it so that if you get exalted with any guild, you will always be exalted no matter what guild you are in?

It does make sense that well, it isn’t the same people you are getting rep with, but I have two arguments for it. One, a guy doesn’t attend an optional, older content run and the GM is a Dbag and feels that that guy betrayed him and kicks him. Why does that guy get punished via rep? (That actually happened…) The other reason is that, when you’re a dwarf hunter that is exalted with Ironforge. You then faction change to an Orc hunter because well, For the Horde, and you are exalted with Orgrimmar.

Follow up question, where is my moose Greg?
Are you planning to address the issue of Guild Leaders mass kicking members, once the guild reaches level 25?

I as the GM should not lose any rights for choosing the direction of my guild, I want to have the ability to invite/kick whom I seem fit for the growth of my guild. I do not want to be upsurged, and replaced. I just don't like people getting abused, for the sol purpose of greed. You have posted in the past that the GL is the "owner" of the GBank, I as a GL, see it as more of being the "Trustee" of the GBank. A Trustee knows that the Guild Bank belongs to the guild, and is there to protect it from abuse.

A good move forward you might want redefine the role of Guild Leader from "owner" to "Trustee". Hold us at a higher accountability, Give us some well defined rules. You define our structure, and we can lead from with in it. There is a lot of Guild leaders that take there job very serious, I am one of those. But for every good GL there are two out there that are in it for them selves.

Guild Masters moto:
The Guild does not exists to progress the Guild Leader and Officers, but the Guild Leader and Officers are there to progress the Guild.
Do you have any plans to introduce more guild mounts before WOW 5.0? I would love to see a guild-centric type of mount. Perhaps a “Party Wagon”: a multi person mount that can “hitch” only to other guildie’s mounts to form a guild train with a max of 3 hitched together at any one time. What do you think? Any guild-centric mounts in Azeroth’s future?
Is there a reason why guild experience isn't normalized by level?

I do the fishing daily on my level 85 main, and I get 17k guild XP. If I do the same quest on a low level alt-- same quest, same or more time spent, since most of my alts can't fly yet-- and I get less than 100 guild XP. I could quest all day on my alts, and not get any meaningful amount of rep or XP until I got them to level 80 or so. As a result, new players and alts are unable to contribute to guild XP, or gain much guild reputation, until they're very close to the endgame.

I know right now there's a direct relationship between XP gained and guild XP and rep gained. However, XP tends to scale exponentially, which means that the only characters who matter, as far as leveling the guild is concerned, are usually around level 80 and higher. As a result, people whose guilds don't get capped from sheer numbers or raiding sometimes have to choose between doing dailies on a main for guild XP, or playing an alt and forgoing all but a token amount of guild XP.

Why isn't guild XP from quests a factor of character level, quest difficulty, and intended quest level, instead of being derived directly from XP gained? That way, gray quests would still give little or no XP-- just like they do now-- and things like the fishing daily (always your level) or questing before level 80 would give everyone who did it a reasonable chunk of guild XP, even if they were level 15. Some guilds are level 25 already, and there is a cap, so letting more people contribute to the smaller and slower guilds' XP gain can't hurt.

(And, yes, I'm aware that doing dungeons as a low level group might give a bigger bit of XP, but unless you're in a huge guild or deliberately leveling a pack of alts together, finding 3-5 characters of the same level that isn't 85 in your guild is unlikely.)
Do you have any plans to add Account wide guild reputation so one does not have to grind on so many characters.
Any plans to address GMs kicking people when their guild hits lvl25?
Why is guild experience capped daily instead of weekly? The developers seem to be aware of the advantages of weekly caps, as exemplified by such systems as conquest points, guild rep, and even the new 4.1 weekly 5-man cap. Why not apply this to guild experience as well? The current system capriciously punishes guilds for working on their own schedules and terms. To keep up with the Paragons, guilds are required to be consciously active in some form seven days a week. Raiding guilds often cap their daily XP after killing one or two raid bosses, which diminishes the value of further dedication and contradicts the whole notion of guild levels. It goes without saying that such a change would require some tweaking and adjustment, but the freedom and flexibility would be worth the wait. It would be great if guilds were allowed to earn XP on their schedule, not how the system delegates.
Will the Dark Phoenix mount associated with Guild Glory of the Cataclysm Raider still be obtainable after the release of Patch 4.2?
Will the requirements for Guild Achievements such as the ones for fishing or skinning be lowered or changed to make them accessible by smaller guilds in a reasonable amount of time?
Many World of Warcraft players joined guilds in Cata because of all the new perks and awesome mounts/pets you could obtain while in one.

My question is this; how will you (Blizzard), make this game more pug friendly, instead of just trying to base it around this scenario, (Guilds=Better rewards for you and your friends, so join one!).

It appears to me you are losing many players because they liked the WoTLK Pug-style, compared to the Cata-Guild style.
When will you start the guild realm transfers so we can advance our guilds to more populated realms so we can get more members to actually complete these achievements?

I want to raid with my friends.

How about cross realm guilds and raids? Do you think that might be do-able for low population realms?

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