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As a 60 Twink, I can't help but notice that Blizzard has been getting rid of level 60 raids at a steady pace. Now at the moment, level 60 twinks are left with only four raids, and I've suspected that they'll soon remove two of them. So, I had an idea. Why not make new level 60 raids? Not entirely new ones, but transform some of the current classic dungeons into 60 raids. I had four good ideas about new raids they could make, which I will post below.
1. Mauradon
I was a bit upset, and still am a bit upset, they they made Princess Theradras a level 39 elite boss, in a level 35-40 dungeon. I mean, come on. She's the daughter of the most power earth elemental, Therazane. Theradras could use a buff if you ask me. So, I was thinking, re-make Mauradon as a level 60 raid. Get rid of some of the bosses of course(Because Gizlock, in my opinion, makes no sense...) and leave in only four bosses: Noxxion, Lord Vyletongue, Celebras the Cursed, and of course, Princess Theradras. There would only be two instances used to get into Mauradon, which would be the one leading to Vyletongue first, and the one leading to Noxxion first. An interesting idea for getting to Theradras would be to make the first three bosses drop a sigil or crest or key, which, once all three are gathered, unlocks a door leading to Zaetar's Grave, where Princess Theradras is. Add in some mechanics for the bosses, upgrade their current blue low level loot to epic level 60 loot, us 60 twinks will have a grand time in Mauradon.
2. Sunken Temple/Temple of Atal'Hakkar
Fear not! The removal of Zul'Gurub in Cataclysm was merely a setback for Hakkar! In Sunken Temple, if it became a level 60 raid, it would have largely the same bosses in it as it currently does. Except, possibly take out Eranikus, and make a new final boss. There would be three bosses: Jammal'an the Prophet(or a new Jammal'an type boss,) Ogom the Wretched(who would have his own part of Sunken Temple to chill in) or Eranikus(Ehh...), and Hakkar as the final boss. Ogom/Eranikus and Jammal'an or the new Jammal'an type boss would be completely optional. Hakkar would be the only required boss. But really, who would pass up easy level 60 epics? But, anyways, the Hakkar fight would be interesting. It would be, in a way, like the Kil'Jaeden fight, at least in the beginning. There would be trolls that would be trying to revive Hakkar, and would have almost done it, if it wasn't for us pesky adventurers. You would kill the trolls rezzing Hakkar, and Hakkar would pop up anyways! Well, kind of. It would either be a zombie of Hakkar, or Hakkar's Soul that would pop in as the final boss. As always, add in mechanics, upgrade/put in loot(Level 60 Dragon's Call, anyone?), and it would be amazing.
3. Scarlet Monastery
For Scarlet Monastery to be a raid, there would have to be some changing of the Instance Portal location. Instead of four different instance portals leading to each wing, there would be one instance portal, at the door that leads into the main building where the instances currently are. There would be three required wings of Scarlet Monastery raid, and one optional wing. The first wing would be the Graveyard, where the risen Scarlet Crusaders from Stratholme would be(why they'd be there will be explained.) The final boss of the Graveyard wing would either be Fairbanks, or an Undead Scarlet Commander Mograine. The Library would be the first required wing. In the library, you would fight your way through mage/priest mobs, and at the end of the wing, you would fight Whitemane. After you beat her, she drops a key, which will open the door to the next required wing: The Armory. In the Armory, you will fight Paladin/Warrior mobs, and the final boss would be High General Abbendis. She'll drop the key to the Cathedral wing, and you'll go into the final wing. In Cathedral, you'll fight all four types of mobs, and at the end you'll fight Grand Crusader Dathrohan/Balnazzar(Why will be explained.) He'll be an interesting two-phase fight. First he'll be fought in his Paladin(Human) form. While in that form, he'll use paladin abilities, such as healing himself for a small amount which would need to be interrupted, bubbling himself and casting a spell which all raid members would need to be out of his LoS to survive through, and other paladin abilities. At 50%, he would turn into Balnazzar, at which point he'll stop using Paladin abilities, and start using demonic ones. He'll cast shadowbolts and summon in demon mobs which will need to be tanked and killed, and he will drain the life of a raid member by a certain percentage, which will need to be interrupted through special means. Upgrade and add in epics, implement boss strategies, and boom, you've got a Scarlet Crusade raid.
4. Stratholme
Stratholme, too, would need to be changed a bit. The service entrance would have to no longer be accessible, and the Crusader's square wing of Stratholme would need to be destroyed(because in my opinion, having two different sets of enemies in one raid would be strange.) Which is why the Risen Scarlet Crusaders and Balnazzar would be in the Scarlet Monastery. Only the beginning, the path to the gauntlet, and the gauntlet itself would remain. You would fight scourge mobs on the way to the gauntlet, and then you would be there. It would be largely like the old pre-cata Stratholme, where there was a timed event. The event would be optional, but it would be worth doing. You would fight the three first gauntlet bosses, Baroness Anastari, Nerub'enkan, and Maleki the Pallid to gain access to the lair of Rivendare. You would then fight Ramstein the Gorger before you could actually get in. After you get into the room Rivendare resides in, the timer would still continue, and you would need to defeat Rivendare before the time runs out to finish the event. The event would be this: Rivendare would have captured a high-ranking Argent Crusade member, and will execute him/her if the raid does not make it to Rivendare and kill him in time. If the time ran out while the Rivendare fight was happening, Rivendare would still use an ability to instantly kill the Argent Crusade member. However, if you kill Rivendare before the timer runs out, you would receive an achievement and extra loot(Can you imagine that? A Hardmode Achievement for a level 60 raid!) As with the past three raids, upgrade the loot, put in mechanics. For Rivendare, there would still be the chance of getting the Deathcharger's Reins, preferably with a higher drop chance since Stratholme would be a raid. Having Stratholme as a raid would be wonderful, and Blizzard would receive much thanks from many level 60 twinks for bringing in a scourge raid to replace the long-gone level 60 Naxxramas.
With all this said, in my opinion, having these dungeons turned into level 60 raids would be an excellent idea. After all, Classic WoW has the least raids of all in WoW. Burning Crusade has eight, Wrath of the Lich King has nine, and even though Cataclysm currently only has four, which is equal to the number of raids Classic currently has, we all know for a fact there will be more Cataclysm raids, and possibly less Classic raids. A final idea, if something such as this is ever implemented into WoW, would be bringing back Tier 3. Many 60 twinks I know, including myself, have complained and do not like the fact that tier 3 is no longer obtainable. With new 60 raids in, tier 3 could possibly be brought back. So, there you have it. I really honestly hope that this idea might be seen by some of the higher-up blizzard employees, and that this possibly someday might happen. Tell me what you think of this idea, and these raids, and what dungeons in classic you would care to see turned into a raid. Thanks for reading!
Blizzard does not actively support twinking and they will not create new content specifically for twinking purposes.
It's just an idea. It justs gets a little boring sometimes doing the same raids over and over, with only four to choose from.
04/18/2011 09:58 PMPosted by Trulan
It's just an idea. It justs gets a little boring sometimes doing the same raids over and over, with only four to choose from.

Well that is the point, they don't want players to stay doing the same raids for years. They want people to move along with the content/storyline.
I am extremely against a new level 60 raid. I did not read your post because, although it would be cool for a little bit, it'd be EXTREMELY illogical. It is just a bad idea. Raids require a vast amount of developer time, and level 60s are such a small part of the game. They're just as likely to create a cooking raid and a herbalism battleground.

2) Using a helm that is from TBC content.

Unless he's changed it, the helm he's using is from AQ. AQ was vanilla content.
04/18/2011 09:58 PMPosted by Trulan
It's just an idea.

A bad idea
Your proposal is horrible to be honest. If you do as you suggest we would then lose 4 dungeons at levels 35 to 55 because believe me if Blizzard redid them into lvl 60 raids they would remove the current 5 man instances as they have done with everything else.

Randoms are bad enough with 7 or 8 dungeons we have at those levels with repetition losing 4 or of them would make it unbearable.
04/18/2011 09:58 PMPosted by Trulan
It's just an idea. It justs gets a little boring sometimes doing the same raids over and over, with only four to choose from.

Then @%%%ing level to 85, nub.
Blizzard tends to be interested in moving the game forward, so I wouldn't expect there to be a lot of new level 60 content.
Dear video game companies,

As a throwback gamer, I can't help but notice that you have been getting rid of making games for the sega genesis at a steady pace. Now at the moment, throwback gamers are left with only the few titles you created up until 1996, and I've suspected that you'll cease manufacturing those. So, I had an idea. Why not make new sega genesis games? Not entirely new ones, but transform some of the current XBOX360 games into sega genesis games. I had four good ideas about new games you can make.

See how dumb that sounds?

If I answer in this thread, does it mean I've been successfully trolled?

I've never seen a level 60 only raid. Sure, I've been in some of the classics, but always with at least a few higher than 60. Putting together a 40m raid of pure level 60s must be a very rare, if not extinct, thing these days.

We raid only 60s in my guild, an in the 2+ years of my guild's existance we've had two raids with 40 people. But since you don't need 40 people to raid vanilla content anymore, it's not much of an issue.
Why bother? It's not like it's going to be run properly. "LFG AQ40, 80+ ONLY". /who level 60 Rogue.

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