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**5.1 Edit*
It seems that with the Launch of MoP there is considerably less need for macros, less weird bugs/game design issues that made macros a necessity as opposed to just a nice to have. But I just wanted to tidy up and update this guide a bit with the stuff that I still find useful.
The purpose of this guide is to list hunter class related macros that I use and that have been found useful by others. This is a mix of both PvE and PvP macros and how you choose to utilise them is up to you.
Furthermore, I am hopeful that if a specific macro you require is not included, you will be able to deconstruct the macros in this thread to create something for your specific requirements. Most of the commands are easy to adapt and only require some logical thinking.



Also, just keep in mind that this guide is aimed at people who are not overly familiar with macros or people who have never used macros at all. It does not contain any ground breaking information or some amazing macroing sKeElZ.

What are these macros you are talking about, good Sir??!!

Essentially macros allow you to perform several actions at once, in other words macros are good for automating certain aspects of the game.

However, you cannot macro together abilities that are both on the Global Cooldown - the 1 second window where your buttons become shaded out after casting an ability - nor can you have complex conditionals as in, if Hunter's Mark is still up cast Serpent Sting; otherwise cast Hunter's Mark. WoW macros are designed to assist your gameplay, not automate it

To make a macro type in /macro or click on the macro button in the main menu. Copy paste the text I included in the guide into the boxes. Then drag the button from the macro menu onto your action bar.

A basic macro that you can try to start out using macros is something like

#showtooltip Hunter's Mark
/cast Hunter's Mark

this will cast hunter's mark on the target and send your pet to attack it. Leave the icon as the red "?" and it will change into the ability icon based on what your write at the start of the macro.

Misc Things

Just a brief explanation of some of the commands used in various macros, if you are not interested, you can just skip to the next section.


/use 10 – is an Engineer only (or for somebody else who can have an on-use effect on their gloves) command that uses the glove tinker.



If you are interested in using item slot IDs in macros you can find the IDs at
Useful for rocket boots or on-use PvP Trinkets, meaning that you do not have to update your keybind/macro and it will work with any season PvP trinket or belt.



For some reason hunters require two of these commands in their macros. This command is mainly used for interrupting the cast of Steady/Cobra Shots, so it is a good idea to include it in all of your instant spell macros.


/cancelaura – cancels any named auras aka buffs that you currently have on you. The macros below use it to break hand of protection and deterrence but it can be used to cancel any named buff, eg Bladestorm.


#showtooltip – displays the ability tooltip and also the icon if you leave the macro picture as the red “?” symbol.


/use is the same as /cast and will use an ability or an item.

As you will see some of my macros utilise modifier keys. Depending on how I have the ability keybound I use different modifiers. Modifier commands available are

[mod:alt] | [mod:ctrl] | [mod:shift]

I trust the above are self-explanatory.

[nomod] and [mod]
[nomod] is a conditional command used if you want something to be cast when no modifier key is pressed and [mod] is the reverse, meaning whenever you press any of the three modifiers it will use that instead.

General Hunter Macros

#showtooltip Track Humanoids
/run for i = 1, GetNumTrackingTypes() do local name, _, active = GetTrackingInfo(i) if name == "Track Humanoids" then return SetTracking(i, not active) end end

An absolutely brilliant macro that allows you to switch between different types of tracking via a keybind again. This one turns Track Humanoids on and off.

/cast [flyable] Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher; [noflyable] Venomhide Ravasaur

This is my mount macro. I guess a macro like this is nowhere near as useful as it used to be now that we can fly around Azeroth, but it still comes in handy.

Replace the Icebound drake with your flying mount and Venomhide with your ground mount.

/click ExtraActionButton1
This will click the big button that appears on your screen during certain raid encounters, quests etc. I prefer this method to having to use my mouse to click the button.

/console set cameradistancemaxfactor "7"

This command roughly doubles your camera zoom out distance.

#showtooltip Misdirection
/cancelaura Misdirection
/use [@focus, raid][@mouseover, raid][@pet, nodead][]Misdirection
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
/stopmacro [@focus, nohelp]
/e Strlder has cast Misdirection on %f!

(Source: ).

This macro casts misdirection on your focus if a focus is set, if no focus exists, it will cast it on your pet or mouse over. Great for soloing or raiding.

#showtooltip Dismiss Pet
/use [pet, nodead] Dismiss Pet
/use [pet, nodead] Furious Howl(Special Ability)
/use [pet, nodead] Roar of Courage(Special Ability)
/use [pet, exists] Heart of the Phoenix(Ferocity Ability)
/use [nopet] Call Pet 2

You can do multiple things with a macro like this. It is obviously a pet dismiss macro, but you can also use it to precast various pet buffs in arena (whilst dismissing it in the same time), instantly summon your pet of choice and use it to cast heart of the phoenix if your pet dies.
Ability Macros

/stopcasting [mod:alt]
/stopcasting [mod:alt]
/cast [mod:alt] Kill Shot; Steady Shot

This is a macro I have used ever since they put Kill Shot on GCD in early WOTLK. It will cast steady shot with no modifier pressed and if you press alt (can be swapped out for any other modifier as you desire, as per the brief explanation above) it will stop casting and use Kill Shot.

A nifty feature of this expansion is that you no longer have to have separate macros for Steady Shot and Cobra Shot. Depending on which spec you are in the ability will change as appropriate.

/cast [@mouseover,harm][] Scare Beast

A Scare Beast macro for druids and hunter pets. Will cast on a mouse over if one is available or on your current target. For this particular macro I do not think a focus-cast option is necessary.

#showtooltip Deterrence
/cancelaura hand of protection
/cast deterrence

Pretty obvious what this does. First of all it will interrupt you mid-cast to use deterrence and secondly it will cancel BoP, which prevents Deterrence being cast.

#showtooltip Tranquilizing Shot
/use [mod:shift,@focus][@mouseover, harm][harm] Tranquilizing Shot

This macro, and the macros to follow, prioritise your focus target if you press the modifier key (I use shift as shown in the example above), if no focus is set/shift is not pressed the spell will be cast on the mouse over target if one exists and if there is no mouseover target, it will be cast on your current target.

It is possible to make this type of a macro for any ability, for example widow venom or cyclone.

#showtooltip Scatter Shot
/use [mod:shift,@focus][@mouseover, harm][harm] Scatter Shot

/cast [@pettarget] Growl
For PvP it is a good idea to have this line included in your macros for either scatter shot or the trap itself. It will force your pet to cast Growl on an enemy player, a behaviour which is disabled by default. Growl consumes Grounding Totem thus enabling you to trap players in PvP without worrying about killing the Grounding totem manually. This does rely on your pet having a target and a target that is not too far away from the totem and does fail at times so you should still keep an eye out for the totems.

/use [mod:shift,@focus][@mouseover, harm][harm] Silencing Shot
/use Binding Shot
/run SetMacroSpell("Sshot",GetSpellInfo("Silencing Shot") or "Binding Shot")


This allows you to have one macro for both abilities. The script part is what updates the icon therefore you need to press the button to update it. "Sshot" in the script line has to be set to the name of the macro. So if you macro is called "silence", "sshot" has to be changed to "silence".

/use Glaive Toss
/use Powershot
/use Barrage
/run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("sixth", G"Glaive Toss" or G"Powershot" or "Barrage")

Same as above just for the three level 90 abilities and slightly fancier syntax. Change "sixth" to the name of your actual macro.

#showtooltip Rapid Fire
/use Rapid Fire
/use Stampede
/use [Name-of-the-On-Use-Trinket] or /use 13 [trinket slot 1] or /use 14 [trinket slot 2]
/use 10
/cast Blood Fury(Racial) - for Orcs
/cast Berserking(Racial) – for Trolls
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

This is a basic, “start of your burst” PvE Macro. Currently, patch 5.1, the engineering tinker has a shared cooldown with on-use trinkets and generally the trinkets should be used before the tinker.

It is usually beneficial to manually cast on-use trinkets and stack them with other buffs/procs other than just steady shotting for the entire duration of the trinket.

So for example my opening Bestial Wrath macro is
#showtooltip Bestial Wrath
/use 13
/use Bestial Wrath
/use Rapid Fire

Whilst it is not usually recommended to stack Rapid Fire and Bestial Wrath due to all that extra focus being wasted and haste not adding much to your damage, due to the hunter two-set PvP bonus of extra PvP Power for the duration of Rapid Fire (Malevolent Gladiator's Chain Gauntlets), it makes it worthwhile to use all of these abilities at the same time to maximize your damage.

#showtooltip Chimera Shot
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cancelaura Deterrence
/use 10
/cast Blood Fury(Racial) - for Orcs
/cast Berserking(Racial) – for Trolls
/cast Chimera Shot
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

This is a basic template for any PvE/PvP instant shot macro. Will cancel BoP and deterrence and use racials/tinkers/ prior to letting Chimera Shot go off. Chimera shot can be replaced with any other shot.
Canceling BoP can be dicey in PvP unless your partner is good at calling out prior to casting it, so whether you have that line or not is up to you.

#showtooltip Kill Command
/cancelaura deterrence
/cancelaura hand of protection
/use 10
/use Blood Fury(Racial)
/use Bestial Wrath
/use [@target] Kill Command

Kill Command and Wrath in one package, would not recommend for PvP but I think it would be a nice quality of life addition for PvE (haven’t tried it myself yet until I saw somebody point out that you can have them together, just got used to pressing wrath separately. So I am not sure whether there are any drawbacks to having it macroed, but well if I find some ill delete this)

/use [mod:alt,@TEAMMATENAME1][mod:shift,@TEAMMATENAME2][@mouseover,help][] Master's Call


Will use Master’s Call on a friendly mouse over target, if one exists, or will use it on the player. If you include team mates’ names, it will prioritise those over the caster and mouse over target, providing you press the associated modifier key.

/use [mod:alt,@TEAMMATENAME1][mod:shift,@TEAMMATENAME2][@mouseover,help][@player] Roar of Sacrifice

Same as above but for Roar of Sacrifice. Same macro can also be used for Intervene if you have the appropriate pet.

#show [pet:Spirit Beast] Spirit Mend;[pet:crane]Lullaby
/use [mod:alt,@focus][@mouseover,harm][] Lullaby
/use [@mouseover,help][target=player] Spirit Mend

Pet ability macro with some modification to account for MoP. Will cast on a mouse over target, if one exists, or upon pressing alt on the focus target. The above are pretty much the only 2 abilities we use atm in PvP but will work for any other pet ability you may want to add.
Some useful pet classes are below

Web = Spider – 5 second root
Bad Manner = Monkey – 4 second disorient
Lullaby = Crane – 4 second disorient (DRs with stuns <.<)
Snatch = Bird of Prey – 10 second disarm

You can check out
for more info on hunter pets, such as their locations, levels, etc

#showtooltip Spirit Mend
/use [mod:alt,@TEAMMATENAME1][mod:shift,@TEAMMATENAME2][@mouseover,help][@player] Spirit Mend

A PvP orientated Spirit Mend macro, essentially the same as the Master's Call and Roar of Sacrifice macros above.

Other good macro threads

Zizx, a Gladiator hunter, also has a thread full of different macros you can use. Including macros without modifiers and ones utilising the arena-frame modifiers.
Legacy Macros (The stuff that is no longer relevant/useful but may be of use in the future)
Trap Launcher Macros

Due to changes to the Trap Launcher ability in 5.0.4 I am not entirely sure how useful a "freezing arrow" type macro will be. But if you still want to run with a macro use the one below.

#showtooltip Freezing Trap
/castsequence reset=1 !trap launcher, freezing trap

Change the name of the trap if you want to use a different trap.

Scatter shot => Trap

Source :

/cast !Trap Launcher
/castsequence reset=5 Scatter Shot, Freezing Trap

Scatter shot your current target and bring up the Trap launcher reticule.

Lay trap or Throw Trap + Cancel Trap Launcher (can't be spammed or trap launcher will just turn on again)
#showtooltip Freezing Trap
/use [nomod] Freezing trap
/castsequence reset=7 [mod:alt] !trap launcher, freezing trap, trap launcher
/cast [mod:alt] [@pettarget] Growl

Pre MoP macros

Source :

#showtooltip Explosive Trap
/castsequence reset=9 Trap Launcher, !Explosive Trap(Fire - Trap Launcher), nil

#showtooltip Freezing Trap(Frost)
/castsequence reset=9 Trap Launcher, !Freezing Trap(Frost - Trap Launcher), nil

#showtooltip Ice Trap(Frost)
/castsequence reset=9 Trap Launcher, !Ice Trap(Frost - Trap Launcher), nil

#showtooltip Snake Trap(Nature)
/castsequence reset=9 Trap Launcher, !Snake Trap(Nature - Trap Launcher), nil

[ASP2] Aspect “Dancing” Macros


/castsequence reset=1 !Aspect of the Hawk, null

/castsequence reset=1 !Aspect of the Fox, null

Use in a line before your shots. Will become redundant in 5.1, as Aspect of the Fox is being rolled into steady/cobra shot and we can use them on the move anyways.

Removing Aspect Sounds

As of 5.0.4 No longer relevant due to not spamming your Aspects, but I am going to leave it in, in case people are interested in how to mute certain sounds in wow.


If you choose to utilise the macros above you may find yourself wanting to break your speakers due to the constant aspect changing noise. Thus, while not strictly speaking a macro, I thought this would be an appropriate place to include this.

Firstly, you will need to download an “add on” called Humbuzz-B-Gone
The “add on” contains a specifically designed, blank .wav file, the “add on” was not designed with the hunter class in mind and was made to address a different annoying WoW sound.

You must ensure that the .wav file is extracted into (Your WoW Directory )\Data\Sounds\Spells – create the folders as necessary or extract it into the WoW directory folder and it should create the necessary folders itself.

Rename the sound file to “AspectofTheHawk”. Depending on how your Windows is set up, you may have to call it “AspectofTheHawk.wav”, if you have the show file extensions option enabled.

Make a copy of the sound file and name it “Pathfinding”, same proviso applies as above in regards to the file extension being included in the name or not.

This will disable the aspect switching sounds, but only for your client. People around you will still hear the sound spam but at least YOU won’t go insane. If you want the sounds back all you have to do is simply delete the .wav files.

If you have any further questions I would suggest you consult the source thread above or the curse page for Humbuzz-B-Gone.

Making the Aimed Shot Fire! Proc Work in Macros

Source :

**5.0.5** I am 90% positive this was fixed, but it is still something random and interesting to do with your macros so I will leave this in.

The current implementation of the instant cast Aimed Shot proc means that if you simply include /cast Aimed Shot in a macro you are required to pause for a split second to shoot the Fire! proc Aimed Shot or it will come up with the “cannot do that while moving error”. While not a big deal, it can be annoying. The following is a work-around to account for this strange implementation of the proc in WoW. It assumes that you like to have your UI reasonably pretty and hides the “wasted” Aimed Shot key.

This particular way is only applicable to people who use the Bartender add on or the default UI action bars. If you are not using Bartender at the moment, I would check it out. It is highly customisable and easy to configure add on and it can be found on
What you will do next is essentially a three step process. Firstly you will need drag the aimed shot from your spell book onto your bars, then find the button ID for the button where you dragged the Aimed Shot to and then create a macro command that will make WoW “click” that button. This overcomes the shortcoming of the current implementation of the proc and will allow you to cast the Fire! proc on the move.

Step 1 – ensure that you have an empty button where you can put the Aimed Shot skill. Drag the Aimed Shot skill from your spell book onto the empty button.

Step 2 – type in /framestack and hit enter. Mouse over the button where you put Aimed Shot.
(for some reason you cannot see the cursor, however I am mousing over the 2nd button from the right on the left bar, while my actual aimed shot macro is on the top bar at the bottom.)

You will see something like <2> BT4 Button XX, if you use bartender and <X> ActionButtonXX, if you use the default action bars. Essentially you need the line which says “XXButtonXX”

The bolded parts above are what you will need to include in the macro in the next step.

Step 3 – In your aimed shot macro include the following line

/click BT4ButtonXX or /click ActionButtonXX
My Aimed Shot macro is:

#showtooltip Aimed Shot
/castsequence reset=1 !Aspect of the Hawk, null
/cancelaura Deterrence
/cancelaura hand of protection
/cast Blood Fury(Racial)
/use 10
/click BT4Button56
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Personally, I put the spell book version of Aimed Shot on a bar that I always have hidden so as to not make my UI untidy. But obviously this is a personal preference, there is nothing stopping you from having the spell book Aimed Shot on one of your main bars.

#showtooltip Disengage
/cast disengage
/use 15
/cast raptor strike

Source: <a href=""></a>

A nifty macro which will use parachute cloak for the engineers out there and then cast disengage and raptor strike if your current target is in melee. This is particularly helpful for those who have Glyph of Mirrored Blades but since Raptor Strike does not cost anything to use nowadays, there is no reason to not have this in your macro regardless of whether you use the glyph or not.

This macro is not ideal for PvE and I would have a separate Raptor Strike keybind for PvE or for when you simply do not want to disengage but want the glyph to proc in PvP.

#showtooltip Raptor Strike
/cast Raptor Strike

I personally do not use this macro but I know some people do. It will target the nearest enemy, cast raptor strike and return to your previous target.

It is designed to proc Glyph of Mirrored Blades in PvP while targeting somebody at range while a pet/melee is beating down on you. Targeting becomes “buggy” if your current target is in melee range so whether you chose to use this or not is up to you.

/cast [@player, nomod] Spirit Mend
/cast [@focus, mod:shift][@pet,pet, mod:shift] Spirit Mend
/stopmacro [@focus,noexists][nomod]
/e 's pet casts Spirit Mend on %f
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

A more PvE oriented version of spirit mend from Wolvergreen's BM PvE Guide ( ). Here is his own explanation of what it does

01/09/2012 03:41 PMPosted by Wolvergreen
Hitting this macro without a modifier will heal yourself; if you have a focus (which should be your tank) holding shift while hitting it will heal that focus; if you have no focus, holding shift while hitting it will heal your pet (this can be handy while soloing when mend pet just isn't enough). The emote at the end will not display if you have no focus set (i.e. it won't display when you heal yourself or pet). Feel free to remove that line if you like.
{◕ ◡ ◕}

nobody cares about macros!
Nobody cares about macros!

Good lord I do!

Great post, thankyou for popping all of these in one place, great for reference and general use!

Requesting Sticky~

/stopcasting [mod:alt]
/stopcasting [mod:alt]
/cast [mod:alt] Kill Shot; Steady Shot

/stopcasting [mod:alt]
/stopcasting [mod:alt]
/cast [mod:alt] Kill Shot; Cobra Shot

These macros cast Steady/Cobra Shot by default, and Kill Shot once you press alt.

I use these macros in conjunction with the Steady/Cobra Shot on the move macros above that automatically cast Aspect of the Fox and it seems to work pretty well for me.

First great post!!

Second for me I modified the above to ensure I was in Aspect of the Hawk while standing still as follows:

#showtooltip [mod:alt] Kill Shot; Steady Shot
/stopcasting [mod:alt]
/stopcasting [mod:alt]
/castsequence reset=1 !Aspect of the Hawk, null
/cast [mod:alt] Kill Shot; Steady Shot
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

#showtooltip [mod:alt] Kill Shot; Cobra Shot
/stopcasting [mod:alt]
/stopcasting [mod:alt]
/castsequence reset=1 !Aspect of the Hawk, null
/cast [mod:alt] Kill Shot; Cobra Shot
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

I may also switch the order of the mod:alt so I can also "see" when Kill Shot is available to use on my action bar.

Thirdly, I couldn't get the Scatter Shot macro you have listed to work in either of the three case (pet as focus, mouseover, my target).

EDIT ->Typos on my end.<- WORKS as intended now thanks!!
04/20/2011 09:18 PMPosted by Dagunjin
Thirdly, I couldn't get the Scatter Shot macro you have listed to work in either of the three case (pet as focus, mouseover, my target). I will double check for typos on my end, but thanks none the less.

i may or may not have screwed scatter/silencing shot macros up and other ones using the same syntax. Cause i was playing around with them and somehow managed to destroy them completely and had to rewrite them. I couldnt remember whether that was before or after I added them to the guide.

I'll check tonight, soz in advance if it's my screw up ><
So does spell check count against me as a "huntard" :D. It's all good, working as intended. Typos on my part. Thanks again for useful post.
nope, exactly what I have and it's all working. Copy paste it from your macro window in here.
/liked, Bookmarked, Refrenced in the PVE MM hunter guide and Sticky requested.

Fabulous job!
Stickah! To the top!
pre going away bump
Very nice post.

Requested for sticky.

Is it possible to write a macro to use Roar of Sacrifice with healbot? I've noticed that

#showtooltip Roar of Sacrifice
/use [target=player] Roar of Sacrifice

Works fine for me but if I need to give it to my team mates

#showtooltip Roar of Sacrifice
/use Roar of Sacrifice

Doesn't work with healbot correctly. It's very unresponsive even my pet is not LoS'ing my team mate. Any thoughts?

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