29 BiS Gear List

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29 Bis gear list would be all the grandfathered items from the shattering, otherwise there is no point to roll a 29 twink.

Regardless of so-called bans, nothing is going to stop the twinks from using grandfathered items.

Time to Reroll/bracket!

ps Wtscritspst says hi!
How come Nobody uses boa's?
09/28/2011 12:43 PMPosted by Jèt
How come Nobody uses boa's?

boa's are best in slot for most slots/classes, this list is for people looking to make a twink without access to boa's
All the BiS gear is going to be leather, since 29s is all hunters, 24/7

This bracket has been the sc%!@*!#s from the bottom of my shoe since the end of TBC.
wtt for hunter XD
I miss 29's.....I wonder if anyone I knew still plays.
Bachelors of specialized technology in media arts and animation. As an update: I'll be hitting this sundays games. Hopefully it'll be a good night.
Ill be here for sunday games, what time do they start?
Gnarley tell crits that skanky says hello. Also he can add me on realid. pmb116@yahoo.com
09/28/2011 08:46 PMPosted by Lockitdown
I miss 29's.....I wonder if anyone I knew still plays.

I feel the same. Im not touching myself till i have a confimation of an Spb sightning.


I just decided to bring my my twink lock back in action after at least 2 years in retirement and I was wondering on the upgraded gear how can we get the zaetar's gloves if its a item lv39 and the quest requires lv36?

http://www.wowhead.com/item=65919#reward-from-q [item="zaetar's gloves" /]
have to run to the instance and get someone to run you thru, when you drop off the waterfall and start swimming towards the hydra's the quest should pop up. then kill princess and profit. then enjoy your level 29 bank alt
In other words, WoWhead is wrong about the level requirement. So says my boots.
For clarification, the quest is listed as 'auto accept hostile' which means that it will automatically pop up regardless of what level you are.
lol nice, looks like you got alot of time on your hands. but very nice :)
I think you need to be at least 28 to get the auto-accept quest.
I wish 29s were still going.. :*(

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