Smite healing

Smite healing is very effective in fights like Cho'gall (if you are healing the Cho'gall tank during the add phase), Nef (during second phase) and Halfus heroic. If can't get your head around disc, I would suggest you go holy instead. Groups wouldn't like wiping because of bads.

Penance first to get three stacks of Grace. That increases the healing by 24%. (if there's a DPS'er going low, in addition to the tank, I'll Inner Focus + Flash Heal them to get a stack of Grace on them.)

You get 6% from Twin Disciplines.

You can get a 15% increase when you consume Evangelism.

Add another 20% when you get Holy Fire off due to the glyph, that's a pretty huge increase to the healing numbers.

Even more if they're under a Barrier with the glyph.

--It's not unreasonable to see my Smite healing go from 12K to 18K.

With crits to proc Divine Aegis, and Smiting reducing the cool down on Penance, it's a pretty efficient rotation.

The thing I really like about it is that I typically keep the boss on focus while click casting everyone else. When I do Holy, I usually keep the tank on focus.

Not all of those effects stack, by the way. I'm not sure about all of them, but I know Smite/Atonement is not effected by Grace. You also can't be sure that smite will hit your grace target. Divine Aegis procs are nice, but the random nature of it, and the fact that you were using smite as a "filler" in a light damage phase means the DA proc will likely go to waist. It's still a good spell, but let's just not get too overly excited about it.
I have seen my smite healing go to 30k smites, which you wil agree is much much better then heal spell.

Smite is situational sometimes. If your tank is any good. i smite till the cows come home and rarely even bubble. Throw penance out to get 3 stacks. chuck renew on, or if a melle dps is taking damage, bubble the dps then throw renew on tank to get the xtra tick from bubbled time and continue smiting. Atonement is normally 2nd on my healing done al things being equal.

There is some fights in heroics you cant smite heal without risk. A spot in deadmines when the adds are in camo and there is like 6 or so adds. i dont smite heal there, too dangerous.

But as a general rule, i cant remember the last time i thru a greater heal in a raid ot heroic and the last time i used a heal was december. Smite healing is just that usefull. If the #@!@ hits the fan then its bubble, penance, renew and flash heal if needed. in that order. If its group wise damage i try to get a buble in for borrowed time then my macro which links inner focus with power infusion and prayer of healing.

With all seriousness do not be shy using power infusion. Hell sometimes i use it just to smite faster lol Rule thumb i have is Power Word Barrier when the tank pulls over 3 mobs

Also if you can.... have the tanks only use cc when REALLY needed. ie adepts in VP. ITs really good training to have it go to #@!@ occasionaly. Nice easy runs dont make u better. Crap runs do. Within reason of course.
Its late but Ill retort-
Smite is pretty bad overall except as a third heal in 10 man or a 7 th or 8th heal in 25.

And here is why-

Penance tank to get grace, then smite? I get that, but when do you ever just heal a tank?

If you have that kind of time (which you don’t) and are healing toon “a” toon “b” and toon “c” with smite and I heal “a,b,c, “ with heal on them they get a grace proc. My next big ( which NOW they need) GH FH benefits. Oh yeah you did 12k dam but aren’t you supposed to be healing this fight? Not to mention while you just over healed the rogue by 40 k I’m actually healing the tank or the mage that stood in fire too long.

If you have that much time it would be better spent doing hymn of hope to fill the other real healers in the raid so they can carry the smiter.
Remember - If you are smiting - some other healer is doing the real work.

No points in Soul Warding sounds great in theory but talk to me the first time you need to spam a few bubbles ala 3rd ph chim or well quite a few bosses that are reactive and I need to lay down 5 or 6 36k instant heals.

And the talent/glyph cost is this side of ridiculous I could write another whole post on that.
It’s also two more things you need to do and if we were still doing patchwork that wouldn’t matter so much. But wow has upped the awareness factor and really you should be thinking and tracking your tank’s cool down rotation rather than adding two buttons and you getting your licks in.

At best you could say it’s off spec that you roll out for Halfus.

I wish it worked; I hope it does, but atm I don’t believe it is worth it.

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