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Hi, I want to know why you have to contact blizzard billing and support to finalize a paid faction change. I don't want the phone numbers or email address, I want to know what is the reason you are forced to contact blizzard support in order to finish your transaction. Thanks.
Unless an error has occurred with your transaction you shouldn't have to contact them at all
04/19/2011 11:03 PMPosted by Kymeimei
What kind of error could have occured, I am using the card for my subscription and the service does a great job charging everyy month.

That I couldn't say, from my point of view it looks like the transaction is awaiting payment. Did you create a billing profile? Does the contact information match the cards information?

Subscriptions and service purchases are treated a bit differently and have a higher security protocol.
04/19/2011 11:13 PMPosted by Kymeimei
So the transaction isn't going through because my account information doesn't match the card holders information?

That would be the likely possibility. When you select the method of payment you should be able to use the drop down menu and select New Payment method. Enter the card information and below that, uncheck use current contact information and fill in the information pertinent to that card.

04/19/2011 11:30 PMPosted by Kymeimei
In order to continue, you must agree to the Terms of Use.

if you are getting that message that unusually means that there is no billing profile associated with the account.

On the Account Management page, select Settings and then My Payment option. You should be able to select "Add a Primary Payment Method". You'll be able to enter a Billing profile there.

You can delete it after but that will allow you to accept the Terms of Use and hopefully complete your transaction.
04/19/2011 11:57 PMPosted by Kymeimei
Ok I did that and now I am getting the contact blizzard support error again, this is un freaking believeable

You can try clearing your browsers cookies/cache, or an alternate browser but honestly, Kymeimei, Billing would be the best point of contact at this point.

Billing and Account Services

Live Representatives Available 7am to 8pm PST/PDT
For phone assistance please call: 1 (800) 592-5499 || 1 (800) 59-BLIZZARD

  • Players in Australia should call 1-800-041-378
  • Players in New Zealand should call 800-452-520 (7AM - 5PM NZST)
  • Players in Singapore should call 1-800-328-8881
  • Players in Chile should call 1230-020-5554
  • Players in Mexico should call 001-888-578-7628
  • Players in Argentina should call 0800-333-0778
  • Players in Brasil should call 0-800-892-1630
  • All other international players should call: (949) 955-0283

I'm sorry I couldn't resolve the issue for you.
04/20/2011 12:09 AMPosted by Kymeimei
^ I did all of that, and once again, it is 3 am, and as my original post clearly said I want to know WHY the hell you have to contact blizzard in order to pay.

Simply, because there is an apparent error with the transaction. I'm not certain what you are looking for here, Kymeimei. Would we prefer that you could initiate and process the Faction Change quickly and without any issues? Absolutely. But if there is an error, and it can't be resolved with basic troubleshooting steps, we can only recommend that you contact the appropriate department in order to have the matter looked into and hopefully resolved.

Billing and Account Services handles online purchases such as subscriptions, Blizzard store purchases, faction changes, etc. . . .
I am having a similar issue and added a primary payment option after I got the error. I tried to do the faction change again and it said the character was locked... I'm currently waiting for my ticket to get responded to.
12/18/2011 04:14 PMPosted by Hozdit
I'm currently waiting for my ticket to get responded to.

You need to call Billing, not contact a GM.

In the future please don't necro 8 month old threads

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