Why no decent BOE 2Handers?

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This has been bugging me for a while, but until recently I haven't played my DK seriously. Now that I do, I can feel the pain of being held back by the lack of a good weapon in PVP (the sword from Circle of Blood 3.0 hardly qualifies as one).

As a side note : blacksmithing of course got the short end of the stick. Ever since BC the quality of weapons plummeted with every expansion. In the last one we at least had the TSD that was marginally competitive until you got a better one. This expansion I didn't even bother learning the weapon patterns, because they are beyond worthless.

Casters, tanks, dual wield DPS classes and even hunters all have a pretty decent selection of BOE purples if you are willing to spend money (which I do, except there isn't anything to spend on).

DW for Death Knights is of course a joke, so I am SOL. With a crappy weapon I'm having a hard time winning matches. Without winning matches I can't buy a better weapon. Without a better weapon, I have a hard time killing people (oops, sorry. Almost wandered into an infinite loop there).

I even tried Archeology. After a month wasted, I can say one thing: Zinh'Rok, the Destroyer of Worlds can KMA.

TLDR: Give us the Skillfury please, updated for Cataclysm.
Yeah.. 3 weeks of 5 arena games a week is your best option. At least until 4.2 : /
Are the recycled^H^H^H^H^H^H^H I mean brand new ZA 5-mans open to the public on the PTR or only in closed testing? I couldn't find a list of new items on mmo-champion.

If nothing else, that might be a viable alternative. PVE for PVP gear, as intended :/
I did just fine with the tol barad blue until I got my pvp one
04/20/2011 02:39 PMPosted by Zippeaux
Probably because there's like, 6 or more str 2 handers available early on in raids...Regular raids are easy and can be done easily with 333/346 gear. I know there's atleast 1 333/346 weapon available for you to use untill you get one of the many str 2 handers from a raid.

Oh sorry by 6 did you mean 1? Because there is 1. From Magmaw.
Yeah, six my ass. There are only three, and two of them are from last bosses that most of us will never see.
04/20/2011 02:39 PMPosted by Zippeaux
Oh sorry by 6 did you mean 1? Because there is 1. From Magmaw.

Sad thing is, I have that on my pally. Who is tank/PVE, protret/PVP specced. We didn't have a single 2hand class in that raid that wanted it (I didn't really, either, but it's still better than DE'ing)

Of course, they could make DK Frost DW not be an absolute joke, in which case I could buy a couple of Soul Blades, but that's too much to ask.

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