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I'm looking for a very simple HuD addon. I was using IceHUD but it's causing problems, possibly some conflict with other addons iono, but either way I need something different.

All I want is to see my health and mana bars, pet health and mana, soul shards/holy power, and a cast bar.

Anyone have some good suggestions? much appreciated.

ya great see... I can search for addons too, the problem is I haven't used any other HUD addons and I wanted to hear peoples opinions on some good ones instead of just randomly trying some new ones.
bump, anyone use a HUD?
I use a Hud. ArcHUD3.

Pretty much places enemy hp/mana/energy whatever they use to cast spells with on one side as an arc of your character and your hp/ability fuel on the other side of your character.
I love icehud.. I'd be more inclined to find the offending addon and delete that one than delete icehud lol

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