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I was just wondering if blizzard have taken into action on having roleplaying servers on the oceanic servers and not on us servers. It would be great if there would be rp servers on the oceanic list.
They have answered before, short answer is unlikely.

Did they say why its unlikely? Surely they dont think the population will be too low. Each time I come on the oceanic forums there is someone who is asking why we dont have one! This has been going on for years!
Simply put, Blizzard just wants to screw us.

On a serious note, I have no idea why Blizzard hasn't already done this.
I've found plenty of competent Oceanic RPers over many servers, the sad thing is though the time difference really does put a lot of people off. In around two months we went from 40 active Oceanic RPers, down to 3. >_<

Stop the tyranny! Oceanic RP servers by 2012!

Anyone know of any active Oceanic RP guilds / servers? (i.e. Not an RP server but has an Oceanic cummunity actively roleplaying on said server) If there isn't one, then we should define a rp server seeing as blizzard doesn't seem to hear the cries of oceanic roleplayers :(
I'd love an Oceanic RP server. Just saying.

But would the population be big? I mean, there -is- a lot of Oceanic Roleplayers, but what would make players outside that population want to play on that server when there is already Moonguard and Wyrmrest? I mostly would like an Oceanic one because of the appropriate time zones, but on both Moonguard and Wyrmrest, I manage to find roleplay at all hours.

Again, an Oceanic RP server would be awesome, but I'm already established on other RP servers, as are other people.
I posted this on Moon Guard realm forums. Any Oceanic players are welcome to drop by and say hello.

The proposed Oceanic RP Group is not a guild. Rather, it is a group of players joined via an IC channel, who also meet together 2-3 times a week.

When is it on?
Tues, Fri, Sun 4-5am server time. Given that Tuesday is maintenance night and the server is sometimes shut down, that night will not be on every week. The channel is public, and is available 24/7, however it is likely to be most active in the early hours of the morning (which is evening for Oceanic players).

The channel name is:
/join ORPG

Who is the group for?
It is designed for predominantly from Australian and New Zealand players, and any insomniacs or shift workers.It is suitable for all levels of roleplaying experience, from beginners to veterans, any race, class, or level, as long as they are Alliance!

The Oceanic RP Group aims to fill a time-gap where little RP is readily available, simply because most US players have gone to bed. It is for those who are tired of hanging around Goldshire simply for the sake of company.

What is it all about?
Each of the 3 RP nights has its own theme.

Tuesday = "Tavern Crawl Night"
Each week, we will visit a different establishment, and there will be various beverages to buy. It will be the most unstructured and casual of all the nights, and a good one to start on to see if you like it. Simply join a table and introduce yourself, and maybe share some stories about your adventures. You can even bring your own booze and foodstuffs if you prefer! Visitors are free to sit in a corner and listen, but expect to be approached and invited to join in.

Friday = "Denizens of Azeroth"
This is an archaeological/cultural type expedition, and a good night to expand your knowledge of WoW lore. There will be a theme each week, and we will travel together to investigate exotic locations, such as ancient ruins, cavernous lairs, cult hideouts, temples and cathedrals, desert wastelands, and underground dungeons. 'Denizens' may include specific factions of the Horde or Alliance, such as the Kalu'ak, the Cenarion Circle, or Cult of the Damned. Alternatively it could be monster type, for example satyr, centaur, or ethereum. If you come across a curious digsite or artifact, make a request and we can study it in detail.
Note: Warlocks and 2-person mounts are very useful for summoning and escorting low levels to our locations!

Sunday = "Story-Driven RP"
If you have ever longed to be involved in an RP storyline, then this is your opportunity. It is dependent on characters, so regular attendees will be highly regarded. It is recommended that you fill out a character profile (see below) to make it easier for me to integrate you into the plot. If you know in advance whether or not you can attend, please post a reply in this forum thread.At the moment, the storyline is yet to be confirmed.

Possible hooks include:

- Rumors surround the disappearance of several citizens of Andorhal. A severed arm and a bloody trail was found leading into a forbiding place known as 'The Weeping Cave'...

-A poster has been tacked onto the wall in Darkshire, by Commander Ebonlocke. "Wanted: Brave and stalwart soldiers for recruitment into the Night Watch. A new menace threatens Duskwood, possibly connected to the Nightbane Worgen."

- A goblin in Everlook is said to be making trade deals in valuable artifacts. This includes a map to the hideout location of a nefarious gnome, wanted by the King of Stormwind. "Look buddy, don't go wasting my time. Either get me a bag of 6 Azerothian diamonds, or the deal's off."

Other ideas are most welcome!

If you are interested in joining the ORPG, please take one or more of the following steps, and I will be in contact with you.
1) Fill out a character profile.
2) Type /join ORPG in game.
3) Send a whisper or letter to Windraven.
4) Come along to an event advertised on the forum or trade channel.

Here is a link to the original thread:
I've taken my roleplaying to SWtOR personally. They have given us a RP realm and australian servers. I only play WoW for pve and abit of pvp. If WoW isn't going to provide a proper service for us then someone else will.
Yeah, if Blizzard gave us an Oceanic RP server I would move all my characters there in a flash.
During the 7 years I've played I have changed Realms a number of times. Prior to these moves I've always surveyed a fair few (including RP ones) regarding their activity. I get answers like "Lots of great guilds", "not enough alliance" and so forth. But from all the RP servers I surveyed I've not received a positive comment tbh... generally the responses point to a lack of activity due to low population and the consequent expensive AH etc. It's also been reported to me that the RP realms are role playing by name and not by nature, ie not much actual role-playing takes place. I really LOVE the idea of role playing WoW, but from the feedback I've received, I don't want to risk the $US25 per toon to do so.
We really need an RP server here
01/15/2013 10:57 PMPosted by Windraven
Yeah, if Blizzard gave us an Oceanic RP server I would move all my characters there in a flash.

Basically this. I'm stuck on MG in the meantime for my RP and sometimes it gets a little rough.

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