Place to Quest to 80?

I've been leveling to 80, most recently in Zul'Drak. I'm 76 right now, and I was wondering if people had recommendations for the next area to go to. Icecrown, hrothgar's landing, crystalsong forest, or storm peaks seem to be the places to pick from, what would you guys say?
Icecrown and Storm Peaks are designed for 78+, Crystalsong Forest has no quests that start in the zone, just a few quests from Icecrown require you to visit, Hrothgar's Landing is just a zone for daily quests from WOTLK.

Try Sholazar Basin.
Head to Dalaran, at Krasus' landing (where the Flight Point is) and an NPC called Archmage Pentarus should have a quest for you called "Where In The World Is Hemet Nesingwary" which gets you started on your adventure.

Sholazar is a great zone, easily my favorite in WOTLK.
You can go to Icecrown/Storm Peaks at 77, actually.
I just hit 77, and I'm able to pretty easily solo quest. As a prot pally I can easily pop Word of Glory and whatnot, so most quests don't give me too much of a problem. Now I'm just curious on people's opinions of Icecrown and Storm Peaks.
If you've never done Icecrown or Storm Peaks, there's a lot of interesting stories there. Icecrown is pretty vital if you want to exalt your city reps (Argent Tournament at 78). Storm Peaks has the Hodir chain which gets your shoulder enchant. If you're not a Scribe, you won't get new enchants until you finish Deepholm around 82/83.

But to get level, Icecrown is what Wrath was all about really, so you should do as much of that zone as possible. Very epic and immense zone.

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