Best twink for lvl 14 bg

so i going to make a twink to join into the fun of the twinking. what class is the most powerful/ im guessing hunters and maybe warriors. but what is the best class for lvl 14?
04/25/2011 03:46 PMPosted by Slyice

If I were you, I would ensure that you have time to dedicate to pre-made battle grounds and patience with queue times. The 14 bracket is very unpopular with XP-off. To answer your question: Hunters are the best class to play for PVP until level 85.
so there is a separate bg for exp. turned of players?
hunters I got wrecking ball at lvl14 easy.
04/25/2011 04:30 PMPosted by Glaber
lvl 10 healer

This. Resil stacked.
04/25/2011 04:21 PMPosted by Slyice
so there is a separate bg for exp. turned of players?

Yes. The 15-19 xp-off WSG bracket is fairly active as is the 70-74 bracket.
The nonxp 14 bracket. Why?
Disc priests destroy hunters. And everyone else. And make their whole team nearly invulnerable with PW:S at that level. Fun stuff.
Are people that lazy that they can't level a character to 70..?
Honestly this is a good bracket for many spec/classes, I have a few of each of these dudes and my results are as follows.

Disc priests (at level 10) at dps too!,
Shadow Priests up to 14,
Hunters all specs (Aimed shot is devastating),
Resto druids up to 12-14,
Feral Druids are King,
Ams and Prot warriors are insane,
So are Ret and Prot pallys,
Warlocks need some work,
Frost mages are intense,
Shaman need some work on ele and enhance but resto is great,
Holy pallys are very good.
Did I mention sub rogues are scary?

I gathered this and cross referenced it w/ my fav twink sites and was happy to know that hunters no longer are the best. And there is so many possibilities that people are boasting.

Just when I though I was doing well I got my butt handed to me by one dude named pwniversity (I bet he was from, guess where...). Hmm I wonder; that is like getting bashed buy a dude named thottbot /roflcry. It was weird cause yesterday the same dude was 14 and now a day later he is a 10. I looked on the armory and there is only one of them. He was sporting 1400HP as a level 14 prot pally. Insane... I suppose there is no reason to turn exp off. Anyway, the worst thing that is going to happen is I end up getting mauled on one of their videos. /fml

Searching "level 14 twink" on your fav engine these days results in a lot of great sites. Look for me I usually prefix w/ pwn and Ima a little priest from now on. fm ftw
just fyi, a lvl 10 hunter can easily smoke a lvl 14 hunter.

The only thing a lvl 14 hunter has over a lvl 10 hunter is slightly more hp.

You'll be dead before you even know what hit you.

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