4.1 Known Issues (Mac) Updated 5/20

Mac Technical Support
Hey Fellow Mac players,

Yes it's that time again! I just wanted to take some time to create a new post that shows current issues and items about WoW that affects Macs (Tech Issues). I have broken these up into different categories.

a. Current Known 4.1 Issues (Mac Client)
c. Misc In-game Information for Macs
d. Existing Issues Pr

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a. Current Known Issues (Mac Client)

Using Exposé can cause UI to get stuck.
    This can happen randomly when toggling Expose while WoW is active. Sometimes the click doesn't press the button and instead allows you to rotate the camera as if you had clicked on the terrain is an example.

Water Reflections are not appearing correctly on Macs.
    This happens randomly. Lowering liquid detail can help resolve this issue for the meantime.

Entering Windowed(Fullscreen) or Fullscreen mode after launching the client in Windowed mode can cause the client to freeze with a Black screen.
    This happens on some ATI/AMD cards. So far it's been reported on 5670 and 4870. We are working with Apple and ATI/AMD on this.

Various multibutton mice may not work in conjuction of a modifer key (like Shift+1).

Multisampling doesn't work when Liquid Detail is on Good or Ultra.
    We disabled the multisampling when Liquid Detail is set on Good or Ultra because of multiple driver bugs. These are being worked on and we will remove this restriction when Apple release a fix for these..

Macs Users experience Camera Stutter when turning or rotating in game.

Starting up WoW with Time Machine enabled for backup causes Time Machine to back up 9GB - ~15GB of data each time.
    It appears that everytime WoW is launched, it touches the files inside WoW, but does not alter it with the exception of the time stamp. Thus this causes TM to think data has changed and perform a backup of said files everytime. This is being looked into. For the moment, you can make the exception of the WoW folder for Time Machine.
    Time Machine 101: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1427

Low FPS with AMD/ATI GPU+10.6.7 and multisampling
    There are some issues with AMD/ATI cards+10.6.7 and multisampling. If you experience low FPS with this setup and have multisampling on, please lower multisampling back to 1x.
b. Cross-platform (Mac and PC)

Port # Changes
    Starting April 26, 2011 the Downloader and Launcher will no longer use TCP port 3724 for downloading.

    They will now default to using TCP port 6881, but can use any port from 6881 to 6999. You'll want to make sure that range in your router is open for the Downloader and Launcher. You may need to pass this information on to your network administrator if you aren't able to configure the router yourself..

Disconnections in SW
Some users may experience some disconnections when going to Stormwind, if they do not have Wrath or Cataclysm data (box levels). Here is a temp work around:
Go inside the World of Warcraft/WTF folder and locate "config.wtf". Open the config file (TextEdit) and look for a line that says "SET accounttype <box level>". Change your line to read as follows:

SET accounttype "CT"

(Spelling and spacing are paramount. Copy and paste if necessary.)

When done, save the config file to keep the changes and start up WoW's launcher. Data should start to patch. Do not push Play until the game has patched all data and the launcher states "World of Warcraft is up to date". Once the data download is complete, push Play and test the issue.
c. Misc In-game Information for Macs

13" MacBook Pro 2011 (Intel HD 3000 chipset) Shadows and Liquids.
    Liquids can only be set up to fair and Shadows can only be set up to Good. Attempting to set these high will result in "unsupported for graphics related reasons". This is due to the chipset shader's support.

13" MacBook Pro 2011 (Intel HD 3000 chipset) Sunshafts.
    Sunshafts can cause an extreme performance hit, so this option has been disabled for this card.

d. Under investigation/Need more info maybe

Low FPS post 4.1

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