HUGE Framerate problems after 4.1

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If you need to play right now, change multi-sampling to just 1X and it should be fine.

You know.. I do wonder how something like this made it past QA.
You know.. I do wonder how something like this made it past QA.

Haha, I don't think they even care enough to have a QA for Mac client. I bet they just have the PC guys do both. lawls.

I went ahead with the multisampling to 1x and now just turned down the water all the way. Just need to start the program again and see what happens.

EDIT: Still garbage FPS across the board. /sigh same old story just a different patch. settle in for the long wait to get this figured out.
I'm still getting AWFUL framerate in combat. I'm fine outside of combat but the second I enter it, I can't do anything.
I'm having the same issues. No problems with framerate yesterday and today, after the patch, I get framerates around 1 or 2 fps and then a hard lock and crash.

Good times.
Turn off Power Aura. That's the source of my problem.
As always folks, make SURE you do the following to troubleshoot!

1. DISABLE ALL ADDONS. I can't stress this enough. Addons don't always transition major point versions very well. One minor addon can utterly tank your performance after a patch. Turn 'em all off and see if it helps.

2. Toss out your WTF and Cache folders. This is pretty standard practice. Something in them can go screwy and you're back to square one.

3. Repair permissions with Disk Utility. This may be more of a placebo than anything, but sometimes it helps.

4. If all else fails, drop your settings to minimum AFTER tossing out the Cache and WTF folders again. If it runs well, take one thing at a time up until you find the culprit.

I haven't seen any performance issues and I'm running at near-max settings, 8x MSAA, on a GTX 285.
I had framerate issue after updating to 4.1 with my iMac, just like you guys. Since I ran lots of addon, I did what blue post suggested. Confirming permission is not the issue and clearing all cache. Turn out one of the many addons I had was causing the framerate issue. Which one? Recount. Without Recount active, framerate is back to norm. If it is on and my toon flies to some "special" location, such as the area around SW warrior trainers, framerate will drop to 0 or 1. Don't know why, it just does. Hope this message helps you guys.

PS. Since I have a crappy iMac, I have been setting my Graphics to "Low" with projected textures "enable."
I think the issue with framerate and multisampling has to do with specific video cards. For people who aren't seeing the problem at all is probably not using an ATI video card, even then there might be specific models that is okay and others which are not.

If you are having issues like others here, check your system profiler and post your hardware config, which might help Blizzard narrow down the hardware affected.

Again, this is *NOT* an addon issue, our tests were done without ANY addons loaded at all. It was also obvious that setting the multisampling down to 1x eliminated at least all of my frame rate issues.

Another data point: Turning on multisampling affected not just WoW. My entire system slowed down to a crawl. Even typing in a different window outside of WoW was incredibly slow.
turning off pretty much everything except Bartender and XPerl and setting all video settings to lowest has me sitting at 30fps.

Seriously have always been the one shining example of a developer that cared about both OSs (Win and Mac). Stop skimping on the dev and qa and fix the Mac client.
There is a sticky in the Mac forums about running your system updates...

I had missed the update to OS 10.6.7 and when I fixed that my FPS problems were fixed as well.
Same here. Getting as low as 0, yes "zero" fps.
I have 10.6.7, only have problems in combat on melee characters (casters have no fps lag, but melee characters have lag when the swing animation goes off), and it's really hard to play my paladin right now.
P.S. I've always had Multisampling at 1x
Was having the same problem of dropping to 0 fps upon entering combat. Turned off skada and now the frame rate doesn't crash when I enter combat. Sitting at about 20fps though, could be improved =/ but its playable
I did all of this. Overworld my FPS is doable combat outside is fine for the max 10sec a mob is alive on this toon. The second I get into any heroic or instance in general I get the spikes in lag. Anywhere from bouts of 3-5sec graphic delay to freezing and hard crashing the game.

First thought it was my addons but deadly boss mods updated for today. Updated that. Still happened. Cleared out all my addons and other folders. Still happening.

You do know that is the rainbow of death for a reason.

I've been having similar problems. I've turned off all my addons, but that hasn't really helped alleviate the problem -- Omnitron was particularly bad.

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