HUGE Framerate problems after 4.1

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has this been figured out yet. the solve solved very little.

thankfully i have a real computer to play on, but it was nice to use the macbook once in a while.
If you're still having issues, please create a newer thread and follows the advice S4d1k listed on what we are looking for. If you need a refresher, look here:
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i logged in a week or so ago after latest patch, 6.2 something, and noticed my frame rate which is normally at 14fps was slowly dropping over a 30 -60 sec time, dropped all the way to 1. now i noticed a lot of ppl are having same problem, and i didn't read back 10 pages to see if anyone else already put this in here, what i did was time consuming so hopefully this will help someone else. i went in and disabled my add ons one at a time, when it still dropped i logged out reactivated it and disabled the next on the list. took about an hr to do them all. but eventually i found the 1 that was causing the problem it was Recount, so if you are having this problem either try and find it the way i did or if you are using recount just disable it and see if it is the one . Good luck and happy hunting

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