Any addons that hide a button unless on CD?

UI and Macro
Hi, I'm looking for an addon/any addon that enables me to hide buttons unless they are on CD, namely so the bar i have displaying my cds only shows them when they are actually on CD.

So if anyone knows any could you please post?

TellMeWhen does this but you need to set it up for each ability. I use Bartender to hide my action bars, and TMW to display cooldowns/procs/available abilities, along with MSBT. There are other addons that do this but I'm not familiar with them.

(basically hiding the buttons will always be a separate mod to whichever addon displays your cooldowns as buttons/icons)
Yeah, like I have all my binds hidden etc, I'm just looking for a way to hide my cooldown buttons unless there on cd. Ill check out tellmewhen, cheers

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