Quest: Fuel for the Fire

I'm trying to complete the Fuel for the Fire quest (in Zul'Drak.. you need to control and abom to kill 60 skullcrushers...), but I can't get any of the aboms to come under my control.

I am able to control them long enough for my pet bar to come up, but a second or 2 after that the abomination just disappears. It doesn't matter how far away I am.. whether I'm behind him just a bit, to the front, on either side.. or ever if the abom and my toon are standing in the same spot... he still disappears. So it can't be an issue of "being too close" or "being too far away".

This is really making me angry; I've tried to control probably 15 or 20 aboms now and every time they disappear. Anybody ever have that problem? What can I do to resolve it?
That's a pain in the butt quest. Make sure you dismiss your class pet first as that sometimes bugs out quest pets.

You have to control that many anyway, they don't last enough to kite enough mobs to blow up so you can only get like 4~5 at a time.

I'm having the exact same problem and it's pissing me off. I've done this quest with a half dozen other characters and never had this issue. This is a non-pet class, so the pet thing is not the issue.
Duh, gotta be
Yeah you have to be disguised for all interactive stages of that entire quest chain. Try to keep it up at all times, if it starts to wear off quickly find a safe place to re-apply it.

Right up until the very last quest where you actually need the disguise to be removed so that you can get the help you will need.
Also, you have to use the "controller" (whatever it's called) while physically in the sub-zone mentioned in the quest. It is very possible to be in range of an abomb that is in the right sub-zone...but not be physically standing in it yourself. Check what's listed above your mini-map and make sure you are actually in the zone when you use it, or else it has the "immediate release" effect you describe.
Ok... I didn't realize I needed to be disguised.

Thanks for the tip!

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