[bug] BG queue times did not get fixed in 4.1

Bug Report
Many waits 4 times as long as the average wait time, with immediate requeues and quick get ins.

Some queues are broken. Did the fix make it in 4.1?

It doesn't seem like it.
What is the problem here, I have been screwing around with buggy BG queues for too damn long. Fix it.
Also still experiencing this. Spent about 5 hours total over last two days trying to queue for low level battlegrounds, this is really frustrating.
A very odd thing, if my brother switches to his healer druid, he very very rarely experiences the bug. But he has one character that seems to always have the bug.

Probably just me trying to put order to something random . . . . but anyways . . . anyone know if the fix was supposed to make it to 4.1?
Still no queue pops weee
BG ques are messed up big time. For example:

Estimate time said to be less than 1 minute, yet 30 minutes later still waiting.

WSG pops up then dissappears then reappears again then dissappears for about 20 seconds and not fast enough to click accept.

Que for WSG and AB, WSG pops then cant click accept. It dissappears. I mouseover pvp icon near map. It shows I'm que for AB twice.
i'm having bg que problems also on my 69 dk the random bg would say 5 min que but like 20-30 mins later i'm still waiting, or eots which is the call to arms says 1 min que and 10 mins later i'm still waiting, now it says unavailable for random bg and eots. so something is wrong imo >.<

been trying to get into a bg for the past couple hours and only got into one which was right after the restart which was instant pop, thought they fixed it but i guess not.
It's been over 4 months with this, and it has been recognized as a bug, is this bug still being looked into or just ignored now? It's very annoying and time consuming for pvpers, please fix it or at least give us some info on it.
I'm sure you blues have heard all of it and have all the data you need but I do feel a need to add my two cents.

I'm having the same issue in all brackets and I can say it effects all classes (except for Warriors and Rogues as I do not play these so I can not vouch for them personally).

I understand the issue with wait times (Horde to Alliance ratio) but I don't see how this issue is directly linked.

If there is any extra information that would be helpful, please let us know.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this issue.
Experiencing the same issue.

How is this not a big deal for you guys????
after restarts i can't play any bgs at all. it was bad before but now it just flat out doesn't work.
It seemed like the bug was fixed right before 4.1, at least most of the time I was getting in around my quoted time. The problem has become much worse since 4.1 was released. I have spent 5+ hours in the que on various toon's and have only been able to get a few times in the past two days. I would appreciate a status update from Blizzard.
also i just did a who search to see if anyone else was doing pvp, i searched in wsg there was only 2 ppl all 85's, AB 4 ppl all 85's, and eots 2 ppl all 85's, no one in av or sota. i highly doubt that there is only 8 ppl that like to pvp on my server o.o really wish que times would get fixed for lower level pvp thanks! hour in que on my 69 dk and wait time unavailable -.-
This is also happening to me. I have spent the last 5 hours in que to only get into one BG, which happened to get cut off from [SERVER] restart in 15 minutes.
04/29/2011 07:36 AMPosted by Wagglegirl
after restarts i can't play any bgs at all. it was bad before but now it just flat out doesn't work.

I feel your pain. This bg crap is getting out of hand fix this garbage already.
i dont usually read the forums but this bg queue issue was starting to bug me, heres my experience on the whole thing on my lvl 59 i spent over an hour just to get in one game, after that i cant even get one because i cant wait that long. yesterday the average wait time was visable and varied from 2 - 10 mins (yes i had an average wait time of 10 mins) and today the average wait time is now unavailable, i havent tried getting on my lower toons yet but i know when i was trying a few days ago i could in fact get into a game around the average wait time (10-14 bracket).

now when i played prior to 4.1 i was getting in around the average wait time, only a few times i didnt get in around the average wait time, after 4.1 is when i started experiencing the problem.

reading back in some of the forums, i found that there was supposedly a problem prior to 4.1, but i never experienced it, there was suppose to be a fix in 4.1, but in fact it made my problem worse (actually started my problem) and im not the only one who says it's gotten worse
...and im not the only one who says it's gotten worse

I have seen LOTS of people posting in trade chat asking if the battlegrounds are broken... This cant be normal or "working as intended"
Before 4.1, I could que, any bracket, and at most, wait 3-5 minutes. Since 4.1 I am only able to que in 85 BG's. All other brackets the average wait time is 4 minutes, but after 30 minutes, each on various toons, I am unable to enter.
As everyone else has noticed the q for bg's is as bad or worse than ever. I'm writing this while I have been trying to q for one now for 27 min. It shows a 4 min wait and goes past it, I continue to re-q with no luck, wow says the quickest way for them to assist us is to use the forum......?????
Have been waiting 30 minutes, reque, repeat for about the last 8 hours. Thanks blizz. Glad you're making over 15 million a month and yet you can't spend the time to finally fix something that has been broken for months. Are we not paying for support on the game?

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