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Today my brothers friends who is 17 years of age got into a car accident while looking at his WoW remote guild chat on android. The accident it's self was not bad just a minor fender bender at a stop sign. So I have a couple of suggestions.

1) Do not allow remote armory to work while going over 10mph...
2) Allow the app to be control by other programs such as Mobile tatletale

thank you

and please refrain from negative comments..

Edit: After further thinking about I know how hard this will be if you are a passenger in the car and trying to use this, but I still think some sort of safety precaution should be installed maybe even a disclaimer that GPS devices have
Not to sound like a heartless jerk or anything, but this isn't the app's fault, it's your brother's friend's fault. This is why so many states have laws on using the phone while driving.
I understand completely even I called him a idiot, this is more of a watch your back blizz I know there are some greedy mothers out there...

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