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Except you are wrong
Vanilla doesnt start at Wrath.

AQ came out with a 20/40 man raid instance

SSC and TK

BT and Hyjal

The only tiered raid instances that have consisted of bosses in the range of firelands has been BWL and ToC. BWL was made when this game was still in its infancy, and progression was much different than it is now. For that reason alone the 8 bosses that came with the instance were acceptable for the most part. ToC was the biggest raid mistake Blizzard has ever made. Hence why people are skeptical.

BC started with only one raid, which is why they HAD to release them two at a time. The first patch pushed them up to three raids, and the second pushed them to five. Cata will be at 4 raids by 4.2, which is more than nilla had, more than LK had, and one less than BC had.
AQ was also in patch 1.9. You know, end of nilla?

Oh, and since you can't count? SSC had six bosses, Hyjal had five, Sunwell had six encounters (granted a couple had two spawns instead of one but still one encounter). Naxx was nilla's true endgame, hence why it had a ton of bosses; same with ICC. Uld had a lot of bosses to make up for the fact that LK had lots of raids with only a boss or a handful of bosses.

I don't see the problem.

Only one raid means 3?.. Gruul Magtheridon and Kara?

Also SSC was in the same Tier as TK.. Which had 4 more bosses.. And Hyjal was the same tier as BT.
04/28/2011 03:03 PMPosted by Adree
I am predicting 4.2 will be out around late July, early August. That way we can bang our heads against the Firelands lava wall for a couple of months before they release Diablo 3.

I c what u did thar.. And there probably will be a gated lava wall.. sigh..

This sounds like when you said the pre cata even t would blow our minds. Only for it to be very lame and after a while everyone got really bored and annoyed with it.

Wasn't Sunwell dailys supposed to be super amazing to?
Firstly, i'm not trying to crap in blizzards open mouth because were not getting 30 bosses. Blizzard has just about always released one raid at a time like we saw in Wrath Naxx-Uld-ToC-ICC (excluding 1 boss raids). But the raids were designed differently then, for every boss in that teir their was a double that had slightly different mechanics better loot and you could do both in the same week. Essentially raids in Wrath doubled up on themselves, but with the changes to cata 6 or 7 bosses is literally just 6 or 7 boss to clear every week. Yes HM you can say you have 14 total fights or something but thats not per week. I just feel that guilds are going to find it boring to have a whole tier of raids, that make the others obsolete, and is only half the size. Again i'd be happy if we turned Cata into a machine gun of raids where just when guilds get tired of those 7 we get a new set. Great! I'm just not confident.

P.S I really understand how much work you guys put into things. I'm not the guy complaining in the forums about every hot fix. I just wanted some feed back which i got so i appreciate it.
I don't see how dailies can be AMAZING in any way....
As someone who has cleared 12/13 hard modes, I am very happy about a shorter tier. This one was pretty brutal. The boss difficulty was fine, but there were just so many bosses. Personally I think 7 bosses sounds great.
I don't want to contribute to this thread with "blizzard is lazy" or "I'm quitting nonsense" because this next raid looks AMAZING. I do wonder though, they mentioned doing more than one raid instance per tier, and 7 bosses does seem to be just A BIT short. I'm really really looking forward to Firelands, but have you given up on the 2 raids per tier thing? Will the second t12 raid come in another patch?
04/28/2011 01:00 PMPosted by Albinosmurfs
Firelands and then what? I saw the firelands preview, and it looks like it will be a fun instance. I do have once concern, that it? Firelands is 6 bosses + 1 boss in Baradin Hold. With the new lock out system introduced in cata, doesn't it seem like we would need at least 2 raids released in each content patch or are content patches just going to come much faster than we were previously use to?

With the Legendary Staff preview, there are hints of CoT: War of the Ancients. I would be surprised if CoT: WotA did not come out along side Firelands.

The journey will take willing challengers across continents and through time; to meet with ancient beings, to be recognized as one of the most powerful entities on Azeroth; to navigate a lethal web of politics and determine the shape of the future

See! Rigth there! What place do you know of that lets us travel through time? Caverns of Time. What happened 10,000 years ago with ancient beings? War of the Ancients.
They might as well come out and say that CoT: WotA is coming out in Patch 4.2!

Hell, a Bronze Dragon is even involved. That should be a huge red flag!

04/28/2011 03:36 PMPosted by Imbeefy
Obviously now that Blizzard is a multi-billion dollar company it can't afford to put out as much content as it used to.
Agreed. They're spending the money that could be used on new developers on yachts, bughatti veyrons, and other nonsense.

Much as I hate to play the armory card, you'd think somebody who pre-emptively screams about how raiders MUST HAVE TONS OF BOSSES OR ELSE would have at least cleared Tier 11 on normal mode as we approached the 5-month mark.
04/28/2011 03:16 PMPosted by Nethaera
Does that count as daily fiber?

I would assume, only if they were straw hats.
04/28/2011 03:10 PMPosted by Bashiok
We're also spending a lot of time making the Firelands bosses as awesome as possible - - creating unique models, animations, effects, sounds, etc. etc.

It's kind of sad to me that creating unique raids is now considered something extra special instead of expected.
04/28/2011 03:38 PMPosted by Elliora
As someone who has cleared 12/13 hard modes, I am very happy about a shorter tier. This one was pretty brutal. The boss difficulty was fine, but there were just so many bosses. Personally I think 7 bosses sounds great.

10/13 Here (guild) and i totally agree, if they aren't absolutely epic i'm going to be disappoint tho :(

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