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I am going back and working on Loremaster and am having an issue in Blades Edge. I understand that there were bugs with the Showdown quest before, but I can't seem to figure this one out. I pick up the quest "Showdown" and go to (what I think is) the Altar of Goc. But how do I summon Goc? I've read that Horde use Rexxar's Battle Horn, but what do Alliance use?
And just to the altar I'm looking for at the open area just before you reach Gruul's Lair?
Thank you.
The quest text says, "use my signet ring" -- do you not have the signet ring?
Yes, I have the ring to call Sablemane, but if i try to use it, a message appears that says Requires Goc go be summoned (or something like that).
I'm having the same problem. let me know if you figure it out, i'll do the same.
I got it. I was using the wrong altar. I was attempting to use the one that is to the south of the "road" leading into Gruul's Lair. The one I needed was actually just inside the Lair area and to the north.
i taught i was doing something stupid it not working for me either
well fellows this sucks spend all day @ the alter i leave for a sec came back some little runt doing the Quest an i still cant get it to work on top of it all i help him to kill the basterd
I performed a scroll of resurrection in which case I never had to do this section. Im trying to get the showdown quest to get the Mail eye patch but when speaking with baron sablemane he doesnt have any quest. Does anyone know the pre reqs to be able to select this quest ?
How did you summon Goc?

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