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Left game after 3 days of Cataclysm , was burned out. Played some rift but that game is boring and easy unless u are healer and thats something i got tired of long time ago.

Anyway , how is new expansion? I noticed they upped challenge and removed welfare epics
from heroics, does it mean that raids are only for hardcores? Any major pvp changes so far?

Yeah.. theres a nifty new 15% buff in heroics if you que by yourself, they are just as welfare as they used to be.

Pvp isnt really much different.

Patch 4.1 is probably landing in the next 2 weeks with some "content"
Blizzard gave me free week.

Upcoming patch notes look interesting. Frost mage =raid
spec? Also, are queues really long if u dps? Hows endgame,still grindy as hell?

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