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ANother feedback note (im really trying everything I can t give good feedback)

I saw a bunch of people say grats... thing is, I cant see guild achs (or achs earned by guildes) thus you can be left out of the joy... (big time if its a guild event) would be nice to have those show up as well.

Last thing, in the current setup, I agree theres not much room, but if you do move it to landscape (which really needs to be done) maybe add an option for timestamp?

edit: For my other feedback I gave about landscape, if room is an issue, while in landscape mode, I think removing the bar with <guild name> and the home bottom would be ok (and just showing it on vertical mode)

EDIT: Found a bug his time. You can chat in guild chat (from phone) while your in guild chat, [And I like this, please dont change] the bug comes in that,

in game: I can read the chat from my phone, and my chat
on Phone: I can read my chat, but NOT the chat from the game me.
I didn't even know there was an ability to set a guild rank requiring an authenticator. Sounds kinda crappy to me, since I own a blackberry and cannot get the mobile authenticator for my phone platform. Unless something has changed.
Here's an annoying bug for all non-english speakers playing on US servers. System language in my iphone is russian, hence mobile armory interface is in russian (news, item descriptions etc). The logic behind it puzzles me. I suppose Blizzard has one version of this app for all regions and languages, upon starting it I specifically choose US region and log in with my US login/pass, why does it fetch news from Euro, my chars profile from US armory (completely different region) and shows everything in russian?
Is it possible to introduce an option to set language for mobile armory independently from iOS system language?
The only issue I've found (which isn't a big deal but I consider it a bug anyway) is if I am logged into WoW normally with the WoW client and type anything in there, it will not show up on the Remote Guild Chat within the WoW Armory app.

If I type in the Remote Guild Chat app it does appear in my WoW clients guild chat.

Apart from this one small issue, it's at a point where I'm going to subscribe to this very soon!

Edit: bah, Fearinlight at the top of this page already reported it. Good to know I'm not the only one then.
Good morning Bashiok <3

Any thoughts on how we can make it better?

Make the feature free.

04/20/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Warstehdruid
I have to bring up an issue. Why isn't this available on the web? I pay for the remote subscription so I can AH while on my laptop, but I can't connect to warcraft where I am. I feel as if the mobile guild chat feature would be very good for the web as well and hope you consider implementing it!

I too paid for it so I could use the mobile AH on the website when I'm at work to check my auctions. It'd be so awesome to talk to guildies who are online as well. :)
04/20/2011 09:42 PMPosted by Lilien
Well ideal would be a documented protocol so it just shows up in my IM client, so long as I'm a paying customer.

This would be absolutely fantastic. I'd even write the IM plugins if it's not a standard protocol.
One of our officers logged in remotely, was promptly demoted by himself, and the guild activity log was then wiped clean.
I love it, mostly. I really appreciated it while I was stuck on the freeway (full stop) last night and being able to get timely info to guildmates saved a lot of frustration/time.

The top few things I would fix/change/improve:

1) Achievement notifications are missing. Seeing people responding to something you can't see is a little unsettling.

2) I would love to see this feature integrated into web remote Armory/AH.

3) I know this would never happen, but I would love to see an open IM-style system glued onto this. eg: an open XMPP protocol based server. That way the majority of IM clients out there could be connected up to it without much drama. Spam wouldn't be a reason to not do this since it is limited to guild-mates and a paid service. If I could have a guild group on my Adium client, I'd probably buy a subscription for the year in advance.

I wish it was free or cheaper though. Remote AH isn't interesting to me on the account that I use guild chat on.
My main is in one guild (<-- this one) and my alts in another. When I try to guild chat on my main it gives me a "This character is not a member of a guild" error when it clearly shows one in the mobile armory and under the Channel section. Works fine on my alts.

AFAIK it is not the "needs authenticator" issue.
04/21/2011 12:38 AMPosted by Rolditte
how bout this, instead of worrying about a feature that not too many people will use
Slow your roll there turbo. Just because you may not use the G-chat feature, i can assure you that there are TONS of people that will utilize this awesome tool.

You want to request an issue gets addressed, this:

04/21/2011 12:38 AMPosted by Rolditte
is not the way to do that. Blizz don't like the CAPS much, and i think they only see it as giberish and can't comprehend what it says. Try a more polite approach. Just throwing that out there.
I did find if you switch from one character to another too fast it will keep the other logged in for quite a while. I logged into my dk and my mage was still active for atleast 5 minutes. All in all though the app looks and works great. This is one of the best things blizz has added by far.

Edit: Two improvements I would like to see though.

1. When your phone locks the app keeps running in the background sending push messages to advise of any guild chat updates like the facebook app and such.

2. Landscape :D
04/20/2011 07:17 PMPosted by Bashiok
We ran into a bug with the Remote Guild Chat feature earlier today which resulted in a few people being demoted within their guild.

Wow, I'm glad I wasn't one who tried the app during this bug... There's only 1 person who can re-promote me, and he's hardly on.
I must say I've been rather impressed with it so far. A couple thoughts have come to my mind though:

1) Landscape mode would be awesome. If, when we're in landscape mode, you can hide the top banner too, that would be really helpful. That or condense it to a single icon in the top right / top left so we retain more space to see the chat.

2) Making us /afk while in another app is nice, but is there a chance that icon badges could be used to alert users of new messages when they're logged in? Popup notifications would get spam-y and annoying real fast, but a badge notification should be doable.

3) Responding to /tells can throw a first user off slightly. It should of been obvious to me that I was talking in /g when I first responded to one, but either way I'm sure I'm not the only person who has made that mistake. Perhaps a one time popup upon receiving a /whisper with a brief explanation along with it. It's not a big deal though, I don't expect users to repeatedly confuse which chat they are using.

4) [BUG] While logged into an alt, I signed into the guild chat on my main on a different realm, or tried to at least. I had done this before but last night it was telling me that my character was not a member of any guild, despite every other source saying I still was. And yes, I was still, and still am a member of my mains guild. If we are not supposed to be able to be logged into two characters like that, then the error message should be refined. I haven't been able to reproduce the bug yet, so I can't give you more information unfortunately. It may be related to time needed for any hot-fixes to take place though.
+1 for Landscape mode
04/20/2011 07:49 PMPosted by Lorinall
We ran into a bug with the Remote Guild Chat feature earlier today which resulted in a few people being demoted within their guild.


Couldn't have said my initial reaction better. :) But the explanation makes sense.

Here's to Android and the US in the upcoming days!
Personally I am a bit upset at the "advertising" for this feature.
It states leads you to believe that this is working for all realms.
When I saw this feature on the page on 4/19 I instantly subscribed. I expected that I would have access to the feature. later after I downloaded the app I find out that it only worked as a test on 4 or 5 realms. now it has been upped to the Ruin battle group it seems. Still NO disclaimer stating that you do not get this service on all realms.
I have the same "not in guild" issue on one of my toons (this one), while none of my other toons seem to have that problem.

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