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Round 3 of feedback:

When someone links an item, you did a good job of changing the items color and putting it in the [ ] but from what I can see, theres no way to "click" to find out what that item is. Sense this app lists all the items for us.. being able to select that item somehow would be a great idea.

Personally I am a bit upset at the "advertising" for this feature.
It states leads you to believe that this is working for all realms.
When I saw this feature on the page on 4/19 I instantly subscribed. I expected that I would have access to the feature. later after I downloaded the app I find out that it only worked as a test on 4 or 5 realms. now it has been upped to the Ruin battle group it seems. Still NO disclaimer stating that you do not get this service on all realms.

You do know the guild chat is free right now.. theres no reason to subscribe until the testing is done. and all realms will have it by weeks end (which is... 2 more days (if you only count working days)
Yes I do AFTER i subscribed, downloaded app and then found out that it wasnt working. :(
The page listed there leads you to believe that it is fully functional and requires payment to access it and has been that way for a few days.
Just upset at the deception in the promotion of a service they did not actually offer.
I think the confusion comes from the News Section of the Armory. It says the free preview is available for certain realms, but doesn't say anything about people who pay for the armory. If the paying customers are also limited to which realms they can use the guild chat function, it should have been reflected in the same post.
The services page looks like it was launched a little early. The actual release is definitely clear about it being a free trial period for select realms only, and that they would roll it out to other realms in due time.

I am rather surprised that you would read the services page before the public announcement however. That or you jumped the gun and subscribed immediately out of excitement and not reading everything.
I rarely use the site. I was in the services page to Xfer some characters. I saw the WoW remote option. I read the whole page, looked for disclaimers there is nothing on that page that says testing, trial or anything to indicate that this is a brand new service that may or may not work. and there was the subscribe button right there next to the following

World of Warcraft® Remote
Browse, Buy, Sell, Chat - Anytime, Anywhere

World of Warcraft Remote is a subscription-based service that keeps you connected to the game and your guild wherever you go. With a subscription to World of Warcraft Remote, you can buy and sell items on the Auction House and participate in guild chat directly through your Internet-connected smartphone or other mobile device.

No I did not go out and research for 3 days to find out if Blizzard was deceiving in its advertising of its services. I have never had a problem with getting services that I expected from blizzard since I started playing there games all the way back on the NES.
Does one go out and research the new box of Captn Crunch NOW WITH SPARKEL BERRIES before a purchase? If you like it good, if you dont thats fine too but there better darn well be sparkle berries in there unless there is a disclaimer stating (hey you know that sparkle berries dont really exist yet and untill they do there are none in this box)

All i am saying is if the pages that is selling the service would have had a note saying read more here, service yet yet implemented on all realms or other "fine print" I would not have anything to complain about.
04/21/2011 07:02 AMPosted by Rogrux
One of our officers logged in remotely, was promptly demoted by himself, and the guild activity log was then wiped clean.

I have run into the same problem with being demoted after trying it last night and also the guild activity log being wiped clean apparently.
New bug report: [hope these are helping, and that your making that landscape right now =P]

If im logged in on the same character thats online [which please like I said, dont remove them.. I want to see g/c if I leave for a bit and my char is still on] people who whisper me are greated with a double posting of their whisper

1 goes to me, on the iphone [and has the symble]
1 goes to me, in the game, like normal.

and the person whispering me sees that [as in two postings of their whisper]

edit: More feedback

there seems to be no "true" background support for this app, If I leave my phone alone for two mins and it goes to the lock screen, about 50% of the time when I go back to the app (it was already open) and click the guild channel, the channel will be blank (thus it didnt get any information from the last few mins) and lost the rest.

I know there may be a memory limit, but I think it would be cool if it can save as much of the guild chat as possible like the whispers.

Sounds like you got a pretty weak package for your cell coverage.

not sure what freaky world you live in, but cell packages DONT cover cross country in the long distance plan, you have to add it... $3 is a hell'a cheaper. I think for me... (i have the top of the top plan from at&t) best I can do for text is 0.25 each or 9.99 a month for X ammount...either way... no where near enough compared to how any people i know in other places (not just from wow). this lil app will work wonders for the wow ones.
One suggestion I would like to make is being able to view guild notes (if it's there, I haven't found it yet). A large number of guild members have numerous alts, with their main posted in their gnote. Without being able to look at the gnote, I don't know which alt is which without asking ten times a day.
My feedback:

This would be awesome as a stand-alone, web-accessible app similar to the Remote Auction house premium features available now via the armory.
Its been over 1 hours 30 minutes since i realm transfered my 85, what is the average waiting time period for this transaction to complete?
So is the remote app being up and running on Ruin making the "login server busy" so no one can login as well?
Remote chat is not something I think we should have to pay for.......plenty of other free alternatives out there, plus other games offer it freely.
I can connect and read messages, but some of my guild members cannot receive messages -- I've tried four people, and three work. I'm not on ignore since I can communicate with them in game. Other RealID friends work fine.
Any word on when the android version will be out?
Updating our remote Ah, great. About time.

Why the glaring lack of any word, at all, for those of us who use Android and want a mobile armory app? You know, the one we were promised when you released the Iphone version. We now outnumber Iphone users, it can't be that hard to port the armory over to android considering multiple developers have both Iphone and Android versions of their apps. They usually have both versions out within a few days of each other to boot.

Sadly it can be hard to port, apple used the apple only language of objective-C and android uses standardized language of Java (I could be a bit bias as I am certified java programmer)

I know I am right now for myself working on learning to program the Android OS, and I have a friend that is an iOS programmer when he found out that I am learning android programming he got excited and made a proposer that maybe I could do the porting of his program to the android (mind you he did not talk about giving me the code for it, as that woudl be useless, but just the design specs and screen lay outs, plus the fact that I don't have a Mac so I coudl not play with the iOS code as you NEED a mac for iOS work, but android you can do on Linux, Windows, Solarus, Mac, or any OS that has a Java VM and the JDK)
I've been using the guild chat feature today with no serious issues... however.... after work I logged on to the game and it shows a different toon of mine to be online. It has a small symbol by the name showing that it's remote... but I've completely logged out of guild chat in the app and then closed the app.... so why do I still show to be online?

Also... I tried whispering myself since it appeared I was online... when I log back into guild chat on the app... the whisper didn't show up. So basically... why won't it log me off?
I can't talk to people using Remote Chat. I can't see them talking in guild. Help?

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