Bear meta Gems which one?


First of all I want to say thanks for your guide Ressi and co. nice job! I've always found that gemming for agility is the best way for Bear tanks however, I just wanted some insight on using the Effulgent Shadowspirit Diamond over Austere Shadowspirit Diamond, personally I prefer the magic reduction one because I think we have low health pool for incoming magic damage situations.

I recently picked up Stormrider's Raiment so with the Armor % meta gem, it forces me to gem an extra Polished Ember Topaz, when in the magic % meta gem I'm using Delicate Inferno Ruby and Shifting Demonseye on this chest.

Now I'm not a theorycrafter or anything but isn't 40 Agility > 20agi+ 20 dodge rating? Also with the high amount of dodge and mitigation stats, doesn't Austere Shadowspirit Diamond become less valuable?

Please advice :)

PS. stupid thread post limit!
I was under the impression that most bosses are smacking on us (physical) pretty much all the time. Sure, it's nice to reduce some more magic damage, but I'm pretty sure you'll prevent more damage overall with armor than with spell-damage reduction. As for the difference between one Delicate and one Polished, the difference is probably going to be lessened if you can find a yellow socket somewhere for that Polished and get a socket bonus.
Just another note... (my coffee is kicking in):

2% is not a large amount, obviously. It won't really do much to help you on huge hits or huge spell attacks. The effect on meta gems isn't meant to help for stuff like that; that's what your defensive cooldowns are for. Your meta gems are a way to reduce incoming damage overall so you require less healing over the whole fight. It's the same reason we stack agility and dodge over stamina now. And we take more physical damage that magical damage on most encounters. So the armor meta is best.
Take a look at some combat logs for incoming tank damage. You will see that the VAST MAJORITY of damage comes from melee swings. Not special attacks. Not spells. Not anything but pure melee swings from the boss. Use the armor gem.
You're going to get more bang for your buck with the armor metagem. Large amounts of incoming magic damage (the majority of magic attacks) can be handled either by healing itself or a cooldown.
If you really want to get all nitpicky you could likely just keep 2 separate helms, one with each meta.

But in all reality, the armor mitigation will serve you loads and loads better than some extra magic redux. Armor scaling isn't exactly linear. It works more like dodge does. i.e.....

0% armor to 1% armor means you're mitigating 1% of all incoming physical damage (1/100)
1% to 2% = 1/99th (because you were already mitigating the first 1%)
2% to 3% = 1/98th (this will continue all the way up until you reach the armor cap)
74% to 75% = 1/26th of all incoming melee damage.

The spell reduction meta will never scale like this because it is a flat 2% reduction. As you get more armor, the armor meta becomes better and better and better...

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