No Conquest to justice/valor point Exchange!

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Is there are vendor that lets you exchange Conquest points to Justice/Valor points. Im only able to find the vendor that lets you convert valor points to conquest?
As you can see in this article :

While you can purchase Conquest points with Valor points, purchasing Valor points with Conquest points was not a feature that was implemented in this patch.
The PvE learning curve even at hardcore levels is simply not as steep as it is for elite PvP. And then talent comes into play....

Frankly, Conquest points are incredibly easy to obtain. Much more so than Valor points which at the moment truly require more of a time investment to obtain.

OP why QQ?. If you are a diehard PvP'er you should have no issues with the PvE'ers obtaining Conquest points via exchange for their surplus valor. Think of it this way, the ones that have never stepped foot in PvP and in full Vicious are just tasty treats in Bg's and Arenas.


Yeah im hearing your points of view, I simply stuffed up and brought the wrong points :(
at least conquest to justice... i mean come on now what the hell
What am I supposed to do with all these extra conquest points? The prices plummited on every saleable good that can be bought with conquest points....such a waste. PvE favoritism as usual.

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