Ask The Devs #6: Guild Advancement (Answers)

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As the GM of a level 1 guild barely a month old, I agree with the delvopers on this issue of ownership.
I took the time to make my guild, I got it off to a great start using my gold (4tabs) right out of the box, I stocked it to attract players and I invited the players, who in turn benefit from my guild, so I am the owner of said guild and reserve that right to kick anyone.
As to mass kicking, I think the answer to that horrible notion is to let the guild rep you earned travel with the player from guild to guild. You quested for it, you earned it, so it should be yours to keep.
The answer to that is simple: It's GUILD XP and reputation. That would be like taking your rep you gained with The Argent Crusade and deciding you don't need it anymore, so you put it in Tharazane now.
I haven't read through the entire thread, but it seems to be a pretty good discussion. I personally have never had an issue with getting kicked when the guild reaches level 25. The current guild that I am is ran by individuals who are pretty down to Earth.

I have thought about the guild experience issue with new and/or smaller guilds. Before I start, I just want to say that I release any and all rights to what I am about to say and transfer them to Blizzard for them to do what they please with it. I understand there was some kind of legal issue arising from taking suggestions, so this is to protect both myself and Blizzard.

My idea is this. As stated in the Q & A, guild experience gained through questing and killing creeps/mobs is based on the direct experience that a player receives. Since there is a multiplier involved in the calculation, why not make a counter balance with a second multiplier that is based on the number of members in the guild. That way, if there are fewer players in the guild, the guild level advancement will not suffer because the guild will gain a higher amount of experience. It wouldn't be hard to implement as it is just another function call that invokes a formula for the server to calculate.

What do you guys think of this?
Are the guild server transfers going to be available anytime soon or is Blizzard looking to lose another 600k subscribers?
Come on Blizz, Runescape had player houses years ago. In light of that fact, there should definatly be guild houses maybe set up on a portal system. One portal but it will take you to your guilds guild house. I think in truth, this would add alot more appeal to this game. Players can meet in their respective guild houses make plans, meetings,rp and etc. It would also be really cool to create "pass" items that the gm's could give to people to invite them to their guild house allowing multiple guild rp events. Don't let me down Blizzard!
I was wondering if you were thinking of adding any more guild levels or something more for a guild to work for because once you reach level 25 it seems like is nothing left to do as a guild but raid.
04/27/2011 10:27 AMPosted by Bloodbliss
We don't think recruiting random people is healthy for a guild. Rewards are never going to be a substitute for strong social ties. We really encourage as many people as possible to seek out guilds (and we hope the new Guild Finder will help with that), but joining a guild at random will likely end in tears.

I love you guys!
i started a big social guild just after cata launch, the roster is over 400 names long now. it is nearly lvl 25. i did this because some members of my main guilds core raiding team wanted to start raiding their alts every week and we wanted a lvl 25 guild to keep our loot and stuff seperate from the main guilds. so in a couple weeks i will be kicking the entire roster and after a while we will move our alt team in. i plan on changing the guilds name, i know this can be done because i have been in a guild that has done it. however i believe you have to get a gm to agree to want to do it. if that doesnt work i had a back up plan, the name of the guild is an epically rude double entendre and i will get everybody to spam report the name of the guild untill we are forced to change it.

the guild currently has 4 officers that are very keen and do all the work for me, i just log on every couple days and give peoples toons promotions and gchat for a bit.

of course i wouldnt have done this if the guild system had options for organising raid teams and such, with maybe different bank accounts for loot and gold or something like that. but idc really, lvling this guild has really been no work on my part.
To All the 20 person guilds QQing about how its hard for you reach lvl 25:

A simple solution is do what the good large guilds did. Spend a year or two camping cities and forums recruiting high quality players, then develop either an extremely strong raid or PVP team to attract a large high quality player base. After you've spent thousands of hours over the span of probably a year or two developing your guild, lvl 25 comes easily.

But until your willing to make that small sacrifice, you'll have to farm justice/honor points for a little longer, and your flasks won't last quite as long.
Since implementing the guild finder (which i thought was a great idea) my guilds membership has doubled, and guild recruitment spam in trade has lessened some. We were never a guild that recruited that way. Now Kharmas Fist almost has 100 members and is averaging a guild level every 2 weeks. As with any way of recruitng though you get good and bad. In my guild I have 4 other members whom I trust and have given their rank the same power I have with one exception they are lower in rank than myself and my alts so they cant kick me lol.
How does One change their guild name?
I've been in the same guild for 4+ years now and playing on my current server since it went live. I've always joined guilds for social reasons. If you join a guild or any other social group for some material reason (read: guild perks) rather than joining because you enjoy the groups purpose and the people in said group you're a shallow materialistic person. Greed is not a personality trait to be admired.

Concerning guild death due to GM account cancellation, character server change or, lengthy offline time, etc., perhaps there should be a mandatory 2nd in command rank that is automatically promoted and the GM demoted to 2nd if the above examples occurs. My very first guild (on the original release server Proudmore) died due to the GM cancelling his account.

Ya, I've been here a long time, . . 26 alts and 3 servers later I've found my home - perks be damned.

On a side note: Hurry up with Diablo III!

05/12/2011 06:40 AMPosted by Milsa
The weekly guild challenges are great and all but the last time me and the guild I'm in tried them, we never got the exp from them. Will there be attempts to fix this issue?

I was told that the challenges only "extend your cap" not actually give XP for them. If that is true then that does absolutely nothing to help out guilds that are not meeting the cap in the first place.

I may be wrong but that's what people who have tried them are telling me.

You get guild exp AND it extends the cap, EXACTLY the same as questing exp does for rested on a character level.
05/13/2011 01:51 PMPosted by Xatoroth
How does One change their guild name?

you ask a GM, and if they are a nice gm they will do it for you. or you have an inappropriate name and report it over and over untill a gm renames the guild as the name of the gms toon and then you have to option of name changing it.
people will not join my guild because we are to low lvl (because most of our players a hardly one) so me and about 4 others have been doing all the work so can blizz please make it that smaller guilds like mine get more guild exp from quests
I just read your reply about the struggles of lower level guilds keeping pace (or trying to) with higher level guilds. I question why you reduced the guild XP to 25% of the XP awarded when Catacylsm first came out. I realize guilds were reaching their cap fairly rapidly and you probably felt they should have incentive to continue earning XP for the whole week, but reducing it to 25% simply makes the disparity between the guilds even more pronounced. I would have been more receptive to a change where the amount of XP remained the same, but the total earnable XP for a week was reduced. That would have given the lower level guilds a chance to remain competitive with the rewards and recruitment. I know you can't make everyone happy no matter what you do, but I don't think it's good for the guild system overall to have only level 4 guilds and level 22 guilds, as an example. That's the primary cause of people jumping ship from their small guild to a larger one. But I will be watching for the proposed changes you indicated were coming.
I do too, as a Guild Master i have noticed through recruiting lately there seems to be some sort of stigma with people who have been burned from "bad" guilds. Hopefully over time people will be more open to find guild home based on the character of the guild rather that just if the guild is 12/12 and level 25

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