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I mean, why can't the character that goes form 1 - 85 in the same guild be at least half way through honored by the time they hit 85, or even revered? The amount of rep awarded to low level characters is borderline absurd, it takes me 40 levels at best to get exalted with a neutral faction, yet 85 levels of loyalty are not enough for my low level alt to get a good standing with my guild?

Dev's, thanks for your answers.

I apologize that a large portion of this community doesn't wish to accept YOUR answers to THEIR questions and move on.
Well just a note but I think you need to fix up the guild recruitment thing, at least put an indicator showing that someone who's requested a ginvite is offline or not. Or maybe allow the ginvites to pop up next you log in with a notification that you requested to join the guild.
Q: Are we going to see guild houses someday so we could finally get a special gather place for the guild, to meet and interact easily? – Ellidryl[Europe, French], Греланд[Europe, Russian], Ledieri [Europe, Spanish], Bodywreckér [North America]

This would actually be really awesome, implement a system like EQ2 had where there were doorways in sections of the cities, each city had it's own look and feel to the housing. Different size housing held more items.

Items were furniture, decoration, and rares (statues, banners, pets...etc)

Now I know this topic has been beaten to death, and devs are pretty clear their intentions with this, however a topic like this comes up every single month consistently since the release of WoW. Introducing this sort of feature would require tons of dev work, not only on the housing, and guild halls, but also with having new professions and harvesting nodes.

I keep going back to EQ2 but that was the best implementation of this sort of system. They have Carpenters, who could make tables, chairs, bedding, ....basically all wood working items. Blacksmiths could make ironworked items such as lights, racks (torture device furniture)...etc. It could be done really well in WoW (Ie. alot of the unused buildings laying around the cities), and the flair the devs and designers have for graphics and design. And with high item counts for larger buildings this allowed the players to decorate the housing and guild halls to their specifications.

Would I rather have housing then new content? Well thats a tough one, new content is pretty awesome. Housing is on alot of people's minds and I know for one wouldn't be a sorely placed feature into the game.

If I were on the development team I'd place a poll and have the community vote on what to they'd like to have in the next patch (after 4.2) or say even down the road further like (4.5-5.0). We all like fancy new progression content but there is far more Casual players then hard core content clearers who would greatly enjoy the housing aspect finally.

Ok, I'll end my rant on this as I know this topic has been beaten to death.
Listen, the whole guild level 25 money thing is amazing, in theory. That will just make it harder to start a new guild, because people would just join other guilds looking for hand-outs. Besides, what we should really be working on is how to fix the guild leveling system: Have the lower level players get a larger exp "buff" that makes them equal to other higher level people, and then have the buff "wear-off" as they increase level. It won't make them equal to a level fifty, for instance, but it would allow a player to feel as though they're actually accomplishing something in a guild. My main idea is to have a tabard that can be used as a neutral guild rep player only. This way, if you're a small character, you can get out of the annoying "dead zone"
I found my self in a, maybe not unique, situation. My old guild (I was a member for 3 yrs) gm and I had a falling out. this happened in front of the rest of the guild. long story short (omitting drama) I ended up activating an old guild of mine I was using for storage. so...I built it and they followed. this was followed by new members joining from yet another guild. the up shot is in 21 days we have gained 5 levels in the new guild. while the guild is still young activity is huge. from tier 11 raids to low low level questing and dungeons. But it seems the greatest guild rep gain is to be had from pvp and pvp related quests ( ie tol'Barad). I am not an arena player. never have been in favor of dualing or teams. you want that go play around in gubarashi. I pvp'ed for world action which seems to have gone by the way side. I ithink there is a balance issue there that needs to beaddressed. pvp imo is NOT more important than the rest of the game. I also think guild levveling speed should be scaled. fast at the begining and slowed as the guild gets bigger.
Idea for guild advancement

Here is one guild perk i have come up with
Similar to :

A new perk that would require 5/5 guild members to be in a random heroic or higher (this perk would require a stack of 3 of luck of the draw this perk would reward 50% more VP from an completed random heroic (or higher)
I take it your not an officer or GM of a guild. The QQ'ing and other raid time issues are not something most members are privy to. So as an officer in my current guild and as an officer of past guilds, Gm's need to maintain this power. If people do not have all the information on why a member needs to be kicked less likely to get kicked. Also Some people have more than 1 toon. I have multiple and so would i get a vote on everyone? My current guild isn't that big. My alts represent 25% of my current guild. My 2 Rl friends alts make up another 25% between them. So it's not our guild, but we can never be kicked from it because i have numbers? if you can't tell your Gm is a jerk before you get to 25 then your kinda blind anyway. Besides what's a lvl 25 bank guild good for? Level 25 guild are greater used with more people in them. Ie more free money for that greedy Gm. Leave GM power alone. In truth you more than likely did something to the officers and GM to warrant the kick than them being greedy or a bad GM.
what can be done to smaller guilds say 10 or less were the guild leader is not on very much haw can we get EX in the guild
My alt and all her guild members just got kicked out of a level 5 guild that they had all worked hard to make because the GM passed guild leadership to a jerk. There should be some way of keeping the benefits if you leave. Also, I agree it is just about impossible to level up those small, new guilds. It was much fairer the way it used to be.
what do you plan to do about the entire group of players you have effectively shut out of any progression due to all this guild garbage? most guild don't give a dam about you once they hit where they want to be. i was told by one guild that i was active in to help them to level 25 that if i wanted to raid in that guild, i would have to set up my own group and they don't have the time to teach anyone new. i`m not new but tired of all this guild BS. you aren't leaving players like me much choice but to say the hell with this game, i`m not progressing so why continue to pay for a game that has become discriminatory in nature by shutting out one group of players and therefore has become nothing but a big boring waste of my money.
""Posted by Kaivax
We don't think recruiting random people is healthy for a guild. Rewards are never going to be a substitute for strong social ties. We really encourage as many people as possible to seek out guilds (and we hope the new Guild Finder will help with that), but joining a guild at random will likely end in tears.

I love you guys! ""

I strongly disagree.
One of the great things about the game is to be able to meet complete strangers. If you think about it, 99% of all recruiting is random because nobody knows eachother from real life. The guild finder system is no different then posting your guild advertisment on trade chat. A guild just for perks will never make it in the long run anway, but even a guild leader who invites random people is creating an oppertunity for a new social tie. So really, thers no such thing as a random invite in that sence because all invites are random.
so let me get this right for a small guild like mine a lv 2 that has been around since LK wont get the the cool perks cause we are a family run guild how ever if we where a massive guild like one with 100+ players you give them perks that make them powerful Mass rez and other perks. Thank you blizz
the guild system really needs to be adressed, our guild was fairly small 130 people and and has been here for years as soon as the bigger guilds got to 20 people started droping off and going to them. the more people drop the slower it goes and the less you can recruit. we now have 4 active people out of 30-40 active we used to have. recruiting is almost a waste of time, we have tried for 4 weeks now and gotten one person in. everyone wants the instant guild perks and dont want to work for em.every response we get starts the same "what lvl is the guild" under 20? no thank you. i think the guild perks needs to be added with the guild rep per person that way recruiting may leavel out at some point.
Hey guys, i would just like to say that i am a guild master of a relatively small(86 members) extremely social guild called BloodE CowHorde, Although we may only be lvl 8, we dont rush or force members to grind guild achiev's to be the highest lvl guild, most of the lvl 25 guild's are full of pricks, as some of u may know, were as small guilds like my own, are more of a small community of friends having a good time playing wow, not having to stress about being the best, but moving at our own pass and playing the game how its ment to be played : FOR FUN.

they said they were working on a way to make these flow better and allow us to get answers direct from the source.

Also if they have stopped we only have the ungrateful trolls who complain about every answer Blizzard gives us not being good enough answers for them.

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