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Isn't the whole point of this app to "stay connected"? If it becomes a background process the app either closes or logs me out. Bug or?
it seems to log me out if I don't say anything in gchat for about 15 minutes. (which admittedly isn't necessarily a bad thing)
Yeah that'd be fine I guess but it's literally logging me out the moment my phone goes idle.
It appears this is not limited to the Android either.
According to Liogela, this is working as intended, if I understood the issue correctly.

As for disconnecting after idling for X amount of time, that is the same functionality that exists in-game, and it's also a good thing for your phone's battery life!
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I am seeing this as a issue as well I am actually using the app and it will disconnect me during use.

Screen goes blank it logs me out right away.

I have made sure I have enough resources so that android should not be killing it.

Tried it on more then one Android device and it does the same thing.

Tried it on a HTC incredible, Samsung Fascinate, and a Moto Droid 2 all running Android 2.2 Froyo and the carrier is Verizon Wireless.

Just adding my 2 cents.
Add LG Ally to the list of premature logouts.
Sixen is correct. The app should be disconnecting users after a certain period of idleness.

With regards to Prestigal's individual report, there are several things that could be going on. What type of phone are you using? Does it support multitasking? How many apps are you running simultaneously with the WoW Remote App, and how resource intensive are they? For example, on some Android devices, if you have too many things going on at once, the Android OS will decide to sever the connection to Remote Guild Chat automatically due to memory limitations.

I have the HTC Incredible. This is probably dumb to say as you're instantly going to use it as a scapegoat but it is rooted with custom firmware. However no other application has issues and never has. Even if the application is the only thing I turn on after a reboot it still kicks me out the moment the phone goes idle. So something is definitely odd.

I would really like the option to control when it logs out instead of the application doing it on it's own. If I want it to never log me out then I should have that option, let the battery drain be my fault for picking "never log me out".
Sixen is correct. The app should be disconnecting users after a certain period of idleness.

Aw, really? This just does not seem to be the kind of direction I'd hope the app to be moving in. It's created with what appears to be background running capabilities, similar to other chat programs. I wish I could set the phone down and be notified of a chat then jump in.

EDIT: On my Samsung Vibrant, Android platform, the app seems to sign off and on even if I set the phone down and let it dim after 30 seconds. It gets kind of annoying to see/hear it logoff and logon constantly over a minute or so.
EDIT: On my Samsung Vibrant, Android platform, the app seems to sign off and on even if I set the phone down and let it dim after 30 seconds. It gets kind of annoying to see/hear it logoff and logon constantly over a minute or so.

Yeah, I think that might be an issue, heh. It shouldn't log you out that quickly.
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That is what I meant.
I'm having this issue as well with my Incredible - base HTC firmware, no custom anything. My phone goes idle, and the Remote app decides it's time to log me out.

I can definitely verify it's because of my phone going idle, because I've toyed with the sleep timer on it - the remote app stays logged in until such time as my phone sleeps, while any other apps I might have up (AIM, IRC, whatever) remain active with no issues. And, yes, it still logs me out even if it's the only app running, so it's not that, either.

I like the overall functionality, but if it's going to drop my connection the moment my phone takes a snooze? That's something of a dealbreaker, right there.
So. I ran a few tests.

First off, test environment info:

Phone: Verizon HTC Incredible.
OS: Android 2.2
- Verizon-distributed OS (standard out-of-the-box)
Connection: Wifi (home network, remained connected throughout testing process)
Apps running (aside from the usual background ones):
- Note that I set this to let the app through regardless of phone state to ensure this wasn't the cuprit
Andchat (connected to one of my usual servers to establish that general connectivity wasn't lost)
WoW Remote App

When keeping the app in the foreground, the guild chat functionality remained intact, and I was able to receive messages from guildies just fine, even when the phone went to sleep. However, when the app was in the background, no messages got through, and, when I brought the app back to the foreground (note: I do not have an app killer running) it acted as though I'd been disconnected, and reconnected whilst clearing the guild chat history. No other app lost connectivity at any point in the testing.

When in the background, the disconnection on the part of the remote app was near-instantaneous, and this sort of behavior's limited to the app - Andchat remained connected without issue.

I'll be able to run a few more detailed tests later in the week if need be.
Is there or has there been an update or resolution on this problem? I have an HTC One X and as soon as my phone goes to sleep (doesn't matter if the app is active in the forground or running in the background), I'm signed out of guild chat instanly.

I've verfied that this is the case by logging into the game on a different toon, starting a conversation with my other toon that is on the mobile chat and as soon as I put my phone to sleep or let it go to sleep, I'm logged out.

In the game "no player "xxx" is currently playing".

On the phone, when I turn it back on, I'm "not currently signed on".

There's nothing wrong with the phone. It had no other apps running and it's a carrier updated 4.0.1 ICS.

This seems wrong to me that an app that allows remote contact and even "push" notifications, doesn't actually keep you in contact or push anything to you.

If you have to launch it and use it on your phone in the same vein as playing a video game or other time killing app, then this app is pointless as a method of communication or notification.

If this app was setup correctly, I could be doing other RL committments and if I'm needed by guild mates for an event, they could get a hold of me or I could let them know what's going on and if I'll be able to join them or not.

Please let me know how to fix this, or if it's just the way the app works, and if it's how the app works, please tell me that someone is changing that.
This was a very old issue that should no longer be occurring. I just checked our HTC One X and did not encounter the problem you described above. Is this while on 3G, 4G, or WiFi?
This is the exact problems I am in countering on my Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE North American Model. onces the app is in the background or the phone locks, instantly disconnected from the service, this is extremely annoying.

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