What is the coolest looking weapon?

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Fist of the Deity

only 1 item in the game with this skin, and it's wasted.

Hey, I remember that thing. And I agree, total waste of a badass graphic.
I always liked Blinkstrike

Dual wielding Breeching Comet on my hunter.

And... Mandokir's Sting
Cookie's Tenderizer.

Sadly, Blizzard nerfed the heck out of it.
Definitely the Hellreaver
Dragon's Call + Icey Chill enchant = Lightsaber
Vanilla: Quel'Serrar, Ashkandi, Teebu's Blazing Longsword
BC: Apolyon, any of the iterations of the Lionheart Blade (RIP weapon specialization)
Wrath: Seethe, Mourning Malice
Cata: Soul Blade, Shalug'doom

Always thought that one looked awesome.

Also, since I've played a rogue since vanilla and have fond memories of using this weapon...

Barman Shanker
Armageddon or Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds

Nothing beats a very big sword.

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