Fire Mage 12/12 normal LF late night Guild

Greetings, looking for late night/early morning raiding guild. My hours changed at work and I been pugging ever since in this expansion. I get home about 10:30 pacific time. I would love to find a guild that can raid late at night. I been raiding since the beginning of wrath. I always give 110% when I am raiding, I never miss a raid. I always study my class and try to improve myself every time I go out there. I always study the fight on new encounters so I can give my 110%. I have a geared rogue named Tímon I would like to bring along, he is 12/12 in normal mode.

Naxx 10/25 Cleared
Sarth 10/25 man Cleared
Malygos 10/25 Cleared
Ulduar 10/25 Cleared including drake reward from Glory to the Ulduar raider (10 man)
TOC 10/25 Cleared
TOC 10 HM Cleared
TOC 25 HM 4/5
ICC 10 12/12 Cleared
ICC 10 HM 11/12
ICC 25 12/12
ICC HM 11/12 (Glory to the ICC raider)
BOT 4/4 Normal Mode
BWD 6/6 Normal Mode
Throne of the four winds 2/2 Normal Mode
I might be transferring from my realm to start a late night guild cause I am central time zone and work swing shift and there's not any guilds that raid that late on that server I've been doing weekend raids. I'm 10/12 but I know the other fights. Only reason haven't downed is because they have been saving the raid lock outs for their mains. Do you know of anyone else that would be interested in joining if I were to start up a guild specifically for late night raids?
Unless you're really attached to alliance in which case dont worry about it lol

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