Why aren't there female druids?

i think they need to make a adult server with all the rated R stuff in it, tht way u can see the u kno wat area and make it easier to tell the gender
for the first one why do they look male. What konugr said is right but still why look male
If a female druid gets pregnant and then turns into a male form, what happens?! omg!

that is funny yet weird
cowgurl we look like a black lion girls and boys look the same
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2 years not bad.
Well, you know, if you think about it, a druid is shapeshifting, right? Totally rearranging their bodies. Presumably a druid can switch gender with no problems, and if you're going for the strongest animal form you'd probably go for a male one since they have more muscle power.

And then you'd also get rid of the jibblies since they'd just get in the way.
Because in the original lore, only Males were Druids. This is of course from before WoW, where only Night Elves possessed the traits required to be taught the ways of Druidism and none but the Elves were allowed to enter Ysera's sacred realm. After the Sundering (The 1st Well of Eternity), Night Elves took on very few roles. Most namely Priests and Druids. No Females were allowed to study Druidism as no males were allowed to study the Priests' magic.

When WoW came out they decided to balance the classes/races and allowed Tauren to take on the role of Druids, which was fine, since they are the closest thing to a Nature type race on the Horde, being Shamanistic.

Actually, from what I recall. Female druids existed for almost as long as males did, however, they could not enter the cenarian circle. So, they weren't "officially" druids.
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Are you asking Blizzard to give druid forms boobs and/or genitals just so you can distinguish what sex the druid form is?
Druids are multi transgenders?:P
Well there could be some changes, the female need to be maneless, like the nightelf catform and males need to have a strong mane like the worgen catform.

Female cats should have smaller feet, and smaller maws. Not to make it sound like males are stronger than females, its just that how cats are in the wild, with the males bigger than females.

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