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Welcome, stranger, to the world of Un'goro. Should you find yourself in this savage land, be wary of where you tread. Danger lurks at every turn and that which dwells here would rather make a meal out of you than seek your safety. I am Mato Stormherd. My people and I could very well lead you to your salvation... or your doom.

We exist in Un'Goro because we have adapted to do so. Life, in these lands, is not easy, and that is how we've come to like it. The challenges which Un'Goro presents to us have molded us into what we are today; a stronger, wiser breed of people who embrace the raw savageness of the wilds and use what we have gleaned to protect the world we cherish so greatly.

It is in Un'Goro that I build, from the ground up, kindred spirits who have come seeking to rediscover what it is to be alive. To give them the strength to defend what they love so greatly and the confidence they need to survive in a world torn asunder.

My trials are not easy. I will break you. You will be broken. But from those pieces, I shall make you whole again. I will recreate you, in my image and you will be better for it.

Do you think you have it in you? Are you a true savage, or another tenderhoof clinging to the false ideologies of civilization?

Come to my crater and see if you have with it takes. I will be waiting.


Website - http://sonsofungoro.shivtr.com/
Trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxhMkdFCG9Q&feature=youtu.be


Who are we?
The <Sons of UnGoro> is a Medium to Heavy Tribal/Survival RP guild dedicated to enriching the RP community with quality roleplay and dedicated, character building events to provide the best experience for all players on Wyrmrest Accord. Open events and social gatherings will be scheduled every month to keep things fresh and exciting.

While we are mainly an RP guild, a good portion of our focus will be on PVE, guild leveling and providing our members the means to level their toons and professions. Along with this, we will be running old world content for RP gear and for fun as well as new content when those patches hit.

Who are we looking for?
Un'Goro Crater has taught its denizens one thing and that only the strongest and the most cunning survive. Because of this, a philosophy has been born that peace and balance can only be forged through blood, steel and fire.

The Sons of Un'Goro, while inherently good, stand on the edge of morality. We fight our enemies tooth and nail, employing tactics that many would deem questionable, if not out right barbaric.

Those who are easily excitable or thirsty for conquest and battle will be perfect fit for the guild. Those who lean towards finding peaceful solutions for conflicts might not mesh well with environment that is being created for the guild.

We are currently accepting Tauren, Trolls and Orcs. Pandaren, Goblins and Blood Elves can join, but it will be a case-by-case scenario only. ATM, we are not accepting Death Knights, Warlocks, and Forsaken into the guild. The only exception to this rule is if you're already an active member and need a place to put your alt or willing to play a pre-made role within the guild.

While we are a Subversive (http://www.wowwiki.com/Subversive) guild, we are looking for the following character types:

  • Beastmasters - http://www.wowwiki.com/Beastmaster
  • Primals - http://www.wowwiki.com/Primal
  • Berserkers - http://www.wowwiki.com/Berserker
  • Savagekin - http://www.wowwiki.com/Savagekin
  • Pyremasters - http://www.wowwiki.com/Pyremasters
  • Spirit Champions - http://www.wowwiki.com/Spirit_champion
  • Techslayers - http://www.wowwiki.com/Techslayer
  • Wilderness Stalkers- http://www.wowwiki.com/Wilderness_stalker
  • Bone Crushers - http://www.wowwiki.com/Bone_crusher
  • Witch Doctors - http://www.wowwiki.com/Witch_doctor

  • Current Storyline:
    Tired and frustrated with being betrayed by both the Horde and it's alleged "liberators," the Sons of Un'Goro take their first steps in becoming their own independent faction. Before they can become a free people, however, Mato and his champions must first liberate Kalimdor from an oppressor who threatens the very land itself.

    Join us as the Sons of Un'Goro, begrudgingly, aids the Darkspear Rebellion and finally break free from the shackles of society, once and for all!

    If you are interested in joining and would like to know more, please visit our website for more information!
    <A Tauress stands on a small cliff overlooking the pathway which runs between Tanaris and Un’goro. A smirk crosses her muzzle as it seems a new adventurer is setting his first steps into the Crater. As she watches on she seems to be playing a little betting game with herself - does this one happen to have what it takes to truly be here? Suddenly the deep bellow of a devilsaur is heard not far in the distance. The adventurer startles, clearly wants to run but hesitates, almost stuttering in place. The smirk on the face of the Tauress only grows wider as she shakes her head. “Turn back now, adventurer, you don’t have what it takes to be here. This place will eat you alive…” she says softly in amusement to her own self as she turns, heading off on her way.>
    *Shu'halo bump*
    <A Tauress crouches at the bank of the large river which runs through Un’goro, slowly resting on her knees. From the small satchel at her side she pulls a dark purple amethyst along with a seemingly ordinary piece of cloth. Resting the amethyst on her lap, she dips the cloth into the water and proceeds to wring out the excess water. She pauses, lifting her head as her ears swivel forward… She feels she is no longer alone and a small smirk crosses her muzzle. Slowly she turns her head to look behind her. The small smirk quickly turns to a broad, bright smile. She quickly tucks the amethyst back into the satchel as she pushes to her hooves. Turning around she opens her arms wide as she moves to embrace her guest with great affection. “I knew you would come… I have missed your company.”>
    <In the thick of several large trees the Tauress descends from the sky on the back of her drake companion. Standing in the middle of the Rolling Gardens one would be hard to miss, but it is there the Tauress finds two seemingly caught in conversation. The male Tauren is known to her, however, the other is not. ‘Is that an… elf?’ she thinks, thrown off by the relatively large size of Un’goro’s latest guest. The Tauress seems to sit in quiet observation… However, with one hand rested flat against the side of the drake’s neck, any around would be completely unaware of the conversation the two were in fact sharing. The conversation between the two comes to a halt as the male Tauren begins to make his way over to where she and the drake had been watching. Though she had thought she’d done well enough to not be intrusive to the two and their discussion… she would not have been able to deny she was glad to see she hadn’t gone unnoticed by him.>

    Word had reached Un'Goro quickly. News of the troll uprising had notched a worry crease in the hunter's brow. Releasing the messenger wind serpent back into the skies, Mato pulled the reigns of the armored devilsaur towards the east. In complete compliance, the great beast swung it's massive head towards their destination and tore into the air with a bellowing roar.

    "He-ya henna-he, Sharptooth! We need to tell th' others an' see if Zul'Farrak has joined this revolution as well.
    <The rhythmic sound of a drake’s wings in flight is heard passing over what has become known as the Screaming Reaches of Un’goro. The drake descends down onto a loft-like area well above the Crater floor, lowering herself closer to the ground as her Tauress passenger slides from her shoulder-top perch. With a critical eye the Tauress gives the resting place a good once-over, her tongue clicking in her mouth. “Well, it certainly won’t win any awards for being fancy, but I suppose it is as good as any…” she says, wandering around the general area. “Not exactly an easy place to get to… unless you have wings,” she gives a pause as she turns, smirking at the resting drake. “I suppose that, coupled with its lack of groundcover or trees makes it rather unappealing most. Though my observation of this area recently doesn’t lead me to believe anyone… or anything… else claims this for their own. So I suppose it will do us well enough for the time being don‘t you think?” She asks rhetorically, as though she is merely thinking out loud. “How does one even go about ‘claiming’ an area…?”

    Her query will have to go unanswered for the time being as the bellowing roar of the devilsaur reaches her newly found resting place. Her ears perk, swiveling forward as her brow furrows slightly. She tilts her head as she walks to the edge of the cliff-loft, giving a soft snort into the air. “Now what is he all in a tiff about?”>
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    *Deposits the kidnapped Kinarra into the SoU thread!* Muahah!
    *is pleased with the prize Besti has returned with, attaching herself to the kidnapped Kinarra and beginning to tightly braid her mane into a more dredlock style. "You're going to like it here with us!" she exclaims giving a broad... yet perhaps somewhat unassuring smile.*
    *Looks in the mirror*

    "Oooooh, dredlocks! I always wanted to try those."

    *Looks around, surveying new surroundings. She purses her lips before speaking." It.... certainly is a bit rustic here. *She checks her watch, surely a rescue party will be on its way shortly....*
    *gives a perhaps unsettling laugh*

    "Yes, of course... we'll be certain to see your rescue party is properly... welcomed."
    *eyes the female*

    Nice dress, by the way. Did they have other colors? I'm partial to blues and greens.

    *checks watch again and taps hoof*

    I'm sure someone will be here any minute now. . .

    *sighs and looks around with big brown eyes.* Anyone? *sniffles*
    *Sneaks in all ninja-like and steals Kinarra back to the Earthspear thread.*
    :D My Hero!
    CURSE YOU HUATAR! I'll get you NEXT time!
    <At the pond in Thunder Bluff’s main merchant area, Leila stood at the water’s edge caught in conversation with a large charcoal and black furred male Tauren. The two didn’t seem to be discussing anything more than perhaps just the goings-on of the recent Zandalari uprising and minor hearsay which suggested the two shared the same collective interest in several others.

    On the other side of the Warchief’s message board, Leila’s words seem to have caught the attention of a downy, white-furred female as her ears perk, swiveling forward as she listens hidden behind the message board. She dips her muzzle as a soft smile crosses it; she never much knew him as ‘Mato’ but she knew the one they spoke of. This was the first she had returned to Thunder Bluff since the shattering and wouldn’t deny she was happy to hear some of the names she had over the past day or so. ‘You’re still out there fighting hm?’ she thinks to herself, shaking her head lightly as she smiles. ‘The Earthmother never had a better champion on her side.’ The thoughts of the female were interrupted however by a smaller, chocolate-colored furred female approaching her - “He’s waiting…” the smaller female says as a calf is passed between the two. The white furred female’s ears turn back to the two by the water talking for just a brief second as she smiles once again before giving a nod to the other and continuing on their way.>
    Thanks to our ZA/ZG teams, we've hit level 3 earlier than expected! Great job, Sons and Daughters of Un'Goro!

    And again, we're looking for 3-4 more active members to be a part of the guild and it's upcoming storyline!

    Be sure to check out our website and apply!
    <The Tauress woke even before the day’s first rays of An’she would crest the mountains to shine into the city of Orgrimmar. She seemed to move with purpose around the commons area of the camp her kin had established during their stay within the city. A small ravasaur hatchling dances in and out between the hooves of the Tauress as she moves about. Not belonging to her though it seems to easily relate her to treats - she gives a soft snort, nearly stepping on the youngster before shaking her head lightly, “I never should have given you that kodo jerky yesterday should I have?” she says quietly with a smirk. As the Tauress continues her work it wouldn’t take one long to see she seemed to be preparing a breakfast of sorts; a variety of hardy, staple foods to the Tauren culture being prepared and placed into assorted potteries. After much dedicated cooking the Tauress blinks to the rising sun, hearing some of her kin stirring nearby. She takes one final moment, smiling softly to the seemingly buffet of breakfast foods which she had placed out… and before the first of her kin would be lead by their noses to the food she slips off into the morning, hoping those who awoke hungry would enjoy the meal.>
    < In the cliffs just off Orgrimmar’s northern boundary, two Tauren sit in isolation from the temporary camp of their kin. The male and female sit facing one another; their hands palm to palm as their arms rest across their laps. No sound escapes either though each displays their own facial expressions as though a conversation is in fact taking place between them.

    Suddenly the female’s brow furrows as she sharply withdraws her hands from the male’s. The bull, however, seems slightly amused by the reaction as he smirks. “Touched a nerve did I?” The female snorts, “It wasn’t a fair question in that state and you know it!” The bull chuckles softly as he pushes to his hooves, “Ok, ok… I’m sorry. Just remember that point though… it would serve you well to be able to master it.” >

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