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Wyrmrest Accord
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Heya! Just your friendly neighbourhood Salsbury here, bumping your thread. Oh, and I have a top hat now. Ain't it spiffy? Also demon magic. Yup. So,....

Pulls out a cigar, and lights it with a spark of fel flame. It glows an eerie green as he smokes it.

What's up, chums?
I dunno, I can eat quite a bit...
Shall we create a god buffet?
Whats with all these meddling warlocks popping up all of a sudden? Its like people want to be tossed into the volcano in ritual sacrifice!

/love Sals <3
Oh, this? Well the story is Sals has always been influenced by Forsaken culture. He collects random occult things, like relics, tomes, artifacts and the like. He has his crew raid Gilneas, Scholomance, Scarlet Cathedral all the time, fetching him neat trinkets and tomes.

So, one day he managed to get his hands on some documents from the Argent Crusade, that detailed an old cult in Gilneas. Sals went looking and found their secret chambers of worship, and their books and implements. He used them, and has been self teaching himself warlock magic since, to comical and dangerous results. He doesn't even truly think it's a big deal, just another set of powerful skills to use for business and war.

It's going to be fun to see the results and rp it out.....
We're still looking for committed people to join our ranks! Lots of potential for everyone and engaging rp to have all around!
Woot woot! Bumps
Yet another question for my future friends in the crater!

Will you be accepting Monks as a class for your guild's RP characters? (Not as a prestige class, but a normal class).

If not, may I propose an argument?

Monks (At least the one I plan on making, he's hotheaded and uses a fun brawl to solve arguments) are able to fit both the Bone Breaker and Spirit Champion prestige classes listed on your site. My Monk will also be the Brewmaster spec, and Bloodpedal Sprouts make for quite the savage ale, and he could experiment with other ingredients, who knows? Ground up pterrodax bones, hot spring water, venomhide toxin, could make for some good brew to share.
Absolutely! Monks are amazing and we'll gladly be accepting them into the Sons.

Also, your idea sounds great! Its that kind of spirit we're looking for.
Wonderful! I was just wondering, I was going through the motions of applying on your site and saw Pandaren were listed under race but Monks weren't in the class list. Thanks!
I'll have to fix that then. Thanks for the heads up!
Its been too quiet as of late. I think, tonight, we're going to cause some trouble. ;3
You can't come Seyna! You're fishing!
Haven't met you guys yet, but one of our GL's did on an alt and was drooling over the RP.

Huzzah! \o/ Thanks!
I just submitted an app! :3
Woot! Level 20 now!
Just an FYI, those ranked OOC/Alt are NOT IC members of the guild. They are either those who are leveling toons/alts or players RPing on their own accord. They do not represent the true, fundamental philosophies that encompasses the guild's theme and storyline.

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