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Blood flows freely through the once pristine empire of the Zul'Farrak. With conquest on their minds, the Sons of Un'Goro invaded the sandfury capital and laid waste to its denizens in an effort to seize control. Having decimated most of the populace, the Sons now wait for retaliation as they attempt to assert themselves as overlords of the region.

Despite their victories, however, the Sons of Un'Goro are still seeking more to share in their glory. From the throne of Zul'Farrak, Mato Stormherd, Savage Lord and leader of the Un'Gorians, has sent out his emissaries to spread the message of the crater:

Through BLOOD, STEEL, and FIRE, will peace be reforged through out the land.
Hey, folks!

I just wanted to give this thread a bump as well as announce the "Son of Un'Goro" comic strip that I'll be hosting on the <Sons of UnGoro> website. The art and story are done by your's truly and I'm excited to share my work with you!

Please give our website a visit at: http://sonsofungoro.shivtr.com/ and check it out!
The second panel frightened the crap out of me.
I like the comic.
Thanks for the compliments! Yes, even your comment, Huatar. XD

New storyline update if anyone's interested:

Shadows that once lingered in the forgotten corners of Zul'Farrak have been lifted, by the righteous fire of Mato Stormherd's warband.

Having located the hidden cache of demonic idols left behind by the Old God's elemental invasion, the Sons of Un'Goro were quick to abolish all remnants of their corruption within the troll capital. With their mission completed, the Sons of Un'Goro leave Zul'Farrak, forever changed by their merciless bloodshed.

Returning to Gadgetzan, the warband prepare for their next journey and new conquest: Feralas.
Early morning bump!
moar bumps
Sals! I have the flu! Have anything in that duffle bag that'll get rid of this stupid cold?
Hmm, well we DO stock in Flu-B-gone! It's the latest from Blackmarket.

What it does is completely eliminates all traces of the flu. It does this by first killing any parts of the victim that could be infected, thus preventing infection. Some say it's like rat poison. Some people are sure it's rat poison. I don't know what rat poison is. It's not rat poison.

.......ok, It's rat poison. But it works. I have testimonies. Well, in court. Well, morticians. Well, I mean, it's all positive in it's intended effects.

How about bananas? Hozen seem to think they cure everything. Couldn't hurt. I'm partial to them myself. And I promise you no rat poison was used.....I think.....

Oh, on an unrelated note, I wanted to discuss with ya about using you and those you know in an anthology series I'm writing for fun. It's a bunch of short stories centred on the WrA player characters in the current WoW plotline. I'm told I'm good at capturing people's characters well. Anyways, I'll contact you.
Well, I can't speak for everyone in my guild, but I might be interested!
What I'll do is seek you in game for details, essentially I'll write up some stuff, if you like I can send it to you and then tell me what you think. The idea is to work on this series then post it for the community or send it to those that request it. All for fun, but it's both a great writing exercise for me and enjoyable to see it, I would think. I've got some RAS and BMC folk on board, looking for other friends interested.
New comic up! Bump!
12/01/2012 08:22 PMPosted by Bestiarius
Returning to Gadgetzan, the warband prepare for their next journey and new conquest: Feralas.

The Matriarch leans on her staff and grins with a deadly intent. Her tail flicks as she waits for the Savage Lord and his misfits. Used to the crater's large predators that lumber and smash through the foliage, she wonders if they are ready for the swift death that lurks in shadow. "If you want to lord over these lands you better be ready to fight for your life in the dark..."

(( Yay! I'm female! -- This little rumble is gonna be fun, me thinks. ))
Zomg, Kurshaw! <3
(( ZOMG, Besti! ^.^! ))

*Muses* Maatoo Stormherd... Man, it's been a while...

So!... How's it gooooing? How's life... The kids... How's that conquer all of Kalimdor going? Pretty good? Decent? *Nods head* Good... Good...

Just uh, make sure to by pass Feralas and Desolace... And Thousand Needles... And you know... Stonetalon Mountains... Territory and all. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like a bull who knows when to bear his throat to his superiors and all... But you know, better that you just stay in your little hole, yeah? *Winks*

Seriously though, we should do lunch sometime. Ta!

<3 <3 <3 <3
Did someone say lunch?

Tell me, Matriarch... How do you like your kaldorei? Personally, I like it raw, bleeding, and still fighting for it's life.

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