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<All she wanted was to see the newest gems being brought into Thunder Bluff by the traveler she often traded with but… A male fighting off wolves while bessies in a pen cheered… Having her backend grabbed… a bull promptly getting the back of her hand to his muzzle… a new friend as well as a new rival or two… Naked masked bessies…? The Tauress could only smile to herself as the wyvern broke from the main flight tower heading back toward Orgrimmar as the faintest hint of An’she’s light splits the night sky.>

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((Un'Goro. It's where the wild takes you.))
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Bosem'Bok approached the savage lord as he tended the massive devilsaur before him. Removing his helm, he downcasted his gaze, lids heavy with remorse as he delivered the unfortunate news.

"Te Shadowtusk have declined our alliance," he swallowed thickly, scanning the lush, tropical floor of Un'Goro with his eyes. "And King Karo'jin," he stuttered, unsure of how Mato would take the news. "... has fallen."
Mato fell silent in his thoughts, petting his devilsaur off before managing the words to speak.

"Prepare a pyre," he said hoarsely. "We honor our friend this night."
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‘He has to be the one I have heard of…’
Makahni’s thoughts echo inside of her head, casting a critical eye to the far side of the pond in Thunder Bluff.

The scene almost would seem a bit comically awkward as a pair of Shu’halo, a male and female, speak to a relatively small goblin - not simply small relative to the Shu’halo, but even to most Makahni had encountered previously. The exchange between the trio seemed somewhat celebratory and welcoming.

‘So it is true…’
Matalia gives a soft snort into the evening air, her thoughts continuing as she watches the trio.
Her expression seems none too pleased…

Though dropping her muzzle slightly she shakes her head as though an attempt to dismiss her thoughts and previous disposition.

Makahni gives a slow and heavy sigh to the thoughts in her mind.
‘You cannot go back… There is no option. The only option now is redemption…’

Her expression hardens in resolute.

She has been within the Shu’halo capital long enough to know her options…
It all seem to come down to weighing what can she live with and what can she live without?

‘The secret of redemption lies in remembrance…’

It didn’t start out the way it had ended… she cannot afford to simply forget everything.
How easily would others understand this though?
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<‘Canon made mention of Moonglade… Nighthaven… Cenarion Spirits, of course, the Circle… druids.’

The Tauress sat at the edge of Elder Rise watching as An’she began to dip behind the cliffs of Mulgore, her expression one of thought. Her ear flicks suddenly as she turns to glance over her shoulder. A large charcoal gray and black feline transitions from the shadows, coming to rest next to her.

“Finally, -I- am the one being called upon by -you-… How refreshing.” the feline gives a rather feral smirk.

The Tauress scoffs, “You know better than that…” She shakes her head as a smile crosses her muzzle, “Cenarion Spirits… You know of this?”

The large druidic cat seems thrown off slightly by her question, though gives a nod. “I know of it, yes….”

“How difficult would it be for you to get it…? For me that is…” the Tauress continued her questioning.

“Shouldn’t be that much trouble for me to do, though, a favor isn’t without a favor….” the feral smirk returns to the muzzle of the large feline, “… is it?” The druidic cat tilts his head in question as he looks to the Tauress.>
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Storyline Update: A rumble in the jungle has left the Un'Goro clan leader severely wounded. While the others prepare a search party to scour the bug infested wastelands of Silithus for a lost loved one, the wildman, Tara-Zar, ventures deep into Darkshore, on a mission to seek out the owners of the mysterious draenic banner.
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Storyline Update: After finally recovering from his wounds, Besti proceeds with his mission to discover the origins of the mysterious orange banner. Sending his kin into the streets of Thunder Bluff to gather information on Sholaad and his band of Draenei, Besti sets off to rendezvous with the wildman, Tara-Zar.

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