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SoU is still looking for dedicated and ACTIVE Rpers. I can't stress that enough! XD
I was thinking about rolling a troll, just because of the idea of your guild. I have fell in love with it honestly xD. So, I was wondering if you have a level minimum before I can join? This was probably covered but I didnt feel like reading all 20 pages, please forgive me :P
No level limit required, however, if you want to survive in Un'Goro we hope that you at least be around level 50! XD
Okay. Okay... OKAY!

I got off my lazy butt and finally posted a new comic! Are you happy?! Geez! :P

I hope you all enjoy!

3rd page! tsk tsk. BACK TO THE TOP WIT YA!
The Matriarch flew low across the sands of Silithis. The disgusting insects had once again invaded the sanctity of the Feralas valleys and she was looking for hives close to the seperating mountains. Stopping at the juncture to the great crater the Chieftess paused with a smile.

Without another thought, she placed her satchel of goods and a few stone necklaces on her staff crafted from the remains of a demon who threatened her tribe. She dismounted her hippogryph and plucked a feather from his hide, before she speared the whole present into the soft earth. A gift, and a pledge, that the Shadowhoof would continue to protect the Earthmother and the wild places of the world.


Oh mai! You guys are gonna hit thread cap soon! :o This is an exciting event!
Indeed! And with their current situation, they'll need all the help they can get.

As Sals went to warn Mato and his kin of the growing dangers, there was an eerie unrest within the crater. While the group searched out, to investigate, they discovered something deranged and insidious.

Needless to say, the rp event went well last night, I look forward to more very soon!

If you enjoy primal rp, rp that delves into the savage nature of characters, this place is best. A place for those who would rather smash face then talk delicately. A place for those who take pride in the natural world, and channel said world to destroy their enemies and act swiftly and harshly if need be.

But Bestiarius can tell you more. Seek him out, ask away, and join in the growing rp!
Blood was in the air, heavy and thick.

It rose like a mist from the ground where three bodies lain still and lifeless. One by one, they were lifted, by the hair, by a large, tauren hand while another cut beneath the skin with a sharpened knife.

One by one, the sickening scraping sound of metal against bone rose with the crimson mist until all three bodies were rendered scalp-less. Each matted strip of skin, gore and hair were handed off, like trophies, to the ones who brought them down while the cadavers were riffled through and picked clean of their valuables. The rest of them were left, stripped and in a bloody heap, within the marsh, where flies and beetles had already begun to burrow their homes into dead flesh.

These Zandalari priests would not given a burial by fire. Not after the sins they had committed. They did not deserve such an honor. The Savage Lord and his consort made certain of that.

The putrid smell of death followed the mist, into the air. Already, the smallest of scavengers began eating their fill. Soon, the bigger ones would follow. Until then, their flesh would wither in the heat of the tropics.

By dusk, the savages were gone. The dead, however, abandoned to be forgotten by time. Eventually, their remains would be torn apart and scattered across the land. Then, when nothing is left of them but their bones, the earth will swallow them and, with teeth of stone, slowly grind them into dust.

Such was the fate of a defiler. Such was the mercy of the Savage Lord to any who would despoil his land.
Biting into a Bloodpedal Sprout, Pyron turns page after page of the mysterious tome he found on the Zandalari corpses the night before. His raptor asleep at his back, the troll could not sleep, too interested in the old words and rites and spells and magics the tome contained.

The sun long set, he read by firelight, struggling at times to read the old Zandalari dialect, but reading this also placed him in intense thought.

His free hand clutched and empty venom vial strapped to his waist. It once contained boiling Cinderbrood Spider venom, and he meant to travel northward to hunt down more, and yet, the more he read, the more he wanted to forgo his old poisonous habits... In favor of poisonous magic.

(( The event last night was fun, and here's to more! A thread bump to this fantastic guild! ))
New comic on the website. Check it out! :D
Bumps! I'd like to continue the rp early this week, if we can. We -must- seek out what those Zandalari were doing with the venomhide raptors. I have alot planned, muahahahahaha!
What does Devilsaur taste like?
02/26/2013 12:12 PMPosted by Gorgaroth
What does Devilsaur taste like?

It tastes of steel and fire. Woe and suffering. Pain and anguish.

To hunt the Devilsaur is to accept death. be it by our hands or the crater's.
Kurshaw urged her hippogryph into a dive as they made their way over the mountains and into the lower canopy. They were already close to the crater's maw, as the recent campsite for the Shadowhoof nestled within the cliffs hiding overhead.

Her mount swerved to avoid a large pterodactyl and the chase was on! She gave a grin and let her mount spin and dip to give the flying reptile a worthwhile target. It gave a frustrated screech and Kurshaw dipped through a large root. One more cry, before a sickining crunch announced the hunter suddenly becoming the meal.

Kurshaw increased her altitude once more, and she laughed feeling lightheaded from the chase. It was nice to be reminded that she was no longer the most feared thing in these skies. However, she quickly remembered why she had come, and urged her hippogryph towards the volcano to begin her search.


Kurshaw's not so great with letters, so she decided to come in person. Knock knock!
<3 Kurshaw! Thank you for relaying that information. Besti will definitely get in touch with you son!

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