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A letter arrives addressed to Bestiarius:


I hope you and your kin are well during this trying time. If you have need of aid, the Earthspear will be there for you.

"Kinarra," the letter addressed. "As of right now, only one of my kin has been infected. By the grace of the Earth Mother, many of us seem to be immune to this infection, be it through our connection with the savage land or just by extreme luck. We thank you for your concern and know if we can be of any assistance, we are only a short wyvern flight away." Signed, "Mato Stormherd."
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<The thick, jungle ground coverings snap and crackle under the thumping pace of a large venomhide. Atop the raptor, a tauress tugs the reigns sharply bringing the beast to rest on top of a small overlook. As her eyes scan the land, a soft snort escapes her. She would give a tug to the reigns of the raptor once again heading back into the thick of the jungle. A good amount had already happened today, but the day was not over yet… What else would the evening bring? Damn, it was good to be home.>
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Mato jolted from his sleep, hearing the sound of Leila's voice echoing across the crater. Thinking it only a dream, he closed his eyes slowly, drifting back into sleep before pawing the cold, empty space beside him. Sitting up, he glanced around, the world a blur to his still focusing eyes.

"Leila?" He called out, softly at first before rising to his hooves, leathers and furs barely clinging to his massive form. "LEILA?!"

He moved to the edge of the rise, peering around the visible landscape before whistling sharply into the jungle. From the cliff-side not too far off, descended the hunter's drake, Nightrend, from his roost. As the black drake hovered before him, Mato braced himself against the buffet of wind which swirled around in a small cloud of dirt and debris.

"What is it, Mato?"

"Leila," the bull barked, gesturing Nightrend closer. "She is missing. I heard ah cry comin' from Terror Run. Ah fear she might be in danger."

The black drake complied, circling about to expose his back to Mato. Taking a great leap from his plateau, the hunter landed heavily upon Nightrend's back, causing the beast to dip slightly against the new found weight. With a deep, guttural hiss, Nightrend waited, as patiently as a former aspect of the Black Flight could, while Mato seated himself properly and took reign.

As they flew towards the direction of Terror Run, a pink blur passed beneath them. Hollering to Nightrend to turn back, Mato found every fear he had ever come to know rush through him, paling his expression. His body tensed, frozen in time as the image of a stricken Leila ran through his mind for what felt for eternity. Shaking himself from his thoughts, he launched from his drake's back only to hit the hard soil with a rough tumble. Quickly picking himself back up, he ignored the wrenching pain he now felt in his side and chased after the raptor.

"Leila!" He called out again, thanking the Earth Mother that the raptor had enough sense to stop and turn back. As the two parties neared, Mato reached out, claiming the tauress. Feeling the warmth of life still still contained within her form, he pressed a thankful kiss against priestess' lips.

"Ah'm here, Leila. Ah'm here, don't you worry," he whispered, voice trembling as he brushed strands of her mane from her face. Lowering her to the ground, he stretched her form across a patch of wild ferns to inspect her condition.

Immediately, his sense caught on to the scent of blood and trailed his gaze down to her thigh. Nostrils flared as fear and doubt were quickly replaced with hate and contempt. The silithid stinger lodged within her flesh, pulsating as it pumped it's foul venom into her veins, as if to incite the hunter. Mock him like an Alliance flag planted upon the crumbling ruins of Camp Taurajo.

Rage gathered from every facet of his being, swelling like liquid fire at a single point within his chest. His body heaved with deep breaths and expelled from his nostrils in plumes of heavy steam. He clung to Leila, pressing her against his form a moment, before tossing back his head and bellowing a savage roar until his throat ran dry.

Silence filled the crater a moment after, until the hunter turned his head at the drake, hovering close by. "You have thirst for some time now, have you not, Nightrend?" Mato's hoarse voice seemingly unnerved the drake as it landed softly upon the ground, padding closer as he was addressed.

"The flame still lingers within me, yes," confessed the drake, knowing full well that since his purification he had yet to truly release the residual hate which still clung to his heart.

"Then you will drink, my friend," Mato whispered, nuzzling into Leila. "We will all drink in the glory of war. Gather our kin. We march into the Slithering Scar tonight."
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