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Tara-zar love Jane?
Sons of Un'Goro love Sholaad <3
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Story-line Update: Returning to Un'Goro after their manhunt in Mulgore, Mato quickly sets his sights upon Tanaris. Though the desert wasteland is mostly barren, and stripped of any reusable resource, the sea's endless bounty had become a prime interest for the Savage Lord. After weeks of preparation, Mato's kin were ready and willing, setting off into the unforgiving wilds of Tanaris. Upon reaching their destination point, the caravan celebrated with song and dance, all while their den mother made off to exact her retribution against the silithid spawn nearby.
I saw you beasty in Mulgore!
Awaiting word from the mysterious "Savage Lord.."
<Appears in sexy secretary-like attire offering Sholaad reading material, a drink or perhaps even a pastry while he waits. She sits back down, hitting the button on her intercom…>

Besti… your 2 o’clock appointment is here waiting!

<Looks back to Sholaad with a smile.>

I’m sure he’ll be with you shortly. If you need anything else while you wait, just let me know.
Heya Sho! Don't worry, I'll have Besti buzz by soon enough. The Sons of Un'Goro are in the middle of some developing RP so we'll be busy for a week or two!
We're back in Thunder Bluff by popular demand! If you'd like to get to know the savages of Un'Goro a little better and perhaps take a trip on the wild side, just seek out one of our members! We'll be happy to welcome you to the jungle. ;3
Horah for returns!
07/13/2011 12:51 AMPosted by Bestiarius
We'll be happy to welcome you to the jungle. ;3

Seyna looked at the piles of lumber he and a few other clan mates looted from the nearby pirate settlement. He scratched his head in wonder. Some good came out of his and Leila's game of rum and pirates after all! Well, at least he won't have to worry about how he was going to make buildings in Tanaris.
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*glares at the thread having made it to page 4; thrashing her tail*
*wonders if Seyna has made her cheesecake yet...*
*sexy Tauress hip bump once again with much love for all our newest members!*

*Ok and lots of love for all of our old members too!*

*Fine... Hugs for everyone!!* ^_^
*Sharptooth swings his massive tail, swatting the thread back to the top.*

<The lush ground cover of Un'Goro snapped and crackled under the hoofsteps of the tauress. It would seem she headed merely into an empty opening of the plateau... until the form of a blue drake would appear from seemingly out of nowhere; standing before her as she came to a halt with a soft, welcoming smile. As the tauress raises a hand to place against the neck of the drake a conversation begins to take place between the two... though not a single audible word is heard.>

'Alone this evening, m'lady? I assume then you seek transport to Thunder Bluff?'

'Not tonight, Eilish'ara... However, I do have a different destination in mind if you please.'


<The drake lowered the bulk of her frame only long enough for the tauress to swing herself aboard. Seemingly without direction the drake leapt into the air on a purposeful coarse.>

<As Mu'sha would climb higher into the night sky it would find the tauress and her drake perched on the cliff side which rose between Un'Goro and Tanaris. Silence save the natural soundtrack surrounding them though in continued conversation...>

'I sense something unsettled within you as you look out over the desert.'

'The spirits of the desert keep secrets from me... Though my recent time away has taught me that it is rightfully so as I have done little to truly earn my place here.'

'So you seek to now?'

'Not yet. Something else must be done first...'

<The tauress slides from the back of the drake; a soft puff of sand fans up as her hooves hit the desert ground. After distancing herself from the drake she lowers to her knees within the sand as she bows her head deeply. As time passes soft murmurings of the tauress are carried away by the Tanaris wind and into the night. Seemingly satisfied in what she had set out to do, the tauress pushes to her hooves and makes her way back to her waiting companion.>

'Now what?'

'Now we wait.'

<If the drake could form a puzzled expression she would certainly have one as the tauress hoisted herself onto the back of the drake once again. Both seem to take one last look out over the desert before the drake would turn, taking a sharp, fluid dive back down into Un'Goro.>
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