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Wyrmrest Accord
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(( My experiences so far with the Sons have been good, you guys write well and RP good :D thanks for the interaction with Garel hope to see more ))
Vuji meandered though the Crater, taking all the sights and smells of it. It was wild, and it called to her. "Welcome home, child. Seek your destiny here."

Vuji climbed on top of a root of a nearby tree, watching the devilsaurs, Vuji felt that she could think here, be herself...
Thank you, everyone, for your continued support!

We are currently closing our doors, as we have met our active roster quota. Current, open apps will be processed normally. Those interested in joining may have the opportunity through RP, however, it will be limited and on a case by case scenario.
"You are weak. You are inferior.

We have struggled and we have survived.

You make claims that you are something. What have you done? Nothing.

You are nothing.

We are stronger. We are better.

You sit in luxury, within the safe confides of your cities. Your already plump rears getting fatter as we tear life from the jaws of death each and every day.

You have shunned it, the world, as you've shunned us with your ignorance.

You deny yourself even though your spirit starves for what we have already tasted.

We could change you. Make you better. But you fear us. You resent us.


Because you know what I say is the truth.

And while you continue to backbite and mock our savage ways, we will still fight and bleed to defend everything you hold dear.


Because we are stronger. We are better.

We can change you. Make you better.

But first... you must shed the skin of civilization and come find us.

We will be waiting."


We're recruiting again! Think you have what it takes? Send us an app and see how well your toon adopts the Savage Life.
ohai. :3
Luna! <3
Jumping into your thread with a bump! Been awhile since our guilds encountered the other in Un'Goro - might have to come tromping through again sometime ;)
Ahh. Asharri. Please do come back to Un'Goro. It has been some time since we made an offering to the Devilsaur Quee-- er, I mean, give you lots of hugs and cuddles! :D
Devilsaur Quee .....


*Gets distracted by the idea of hugs and cuddles*

Oh, how nice!
Yes. Yesss. Come. Stay for dinner.
The leather-clad jungle troll leans onto the side of one of the massive, over-arching trees in the Un'Goro Crater as his curious eyes fall to a small group of people - a mixed bag of races, sitting around a log in relative peace. He itches his tusk gently with the hilt of a dagger before ducking his head back down and returning to his small make-shift shelter he made for himself, deciding to leave the group well enough alone for the time being.
Jofon, you no longer exist! Sorry I didn't get a chance to chat with you sooner. Work has been a real pain as of late. Good luck to you, where ever you now reside!
Bump :)
The old bull muses about his travels and looks to a young calf sitting around the pond, "Mmm, did I ever tell you the time I went to Un'goro? Gotta have a strong heart and body for that place..."

(( Bump! Hai gaiz! And old bull here wishing he could go visit those stunning green jungles again. :3 ))
We just made level 16!
03/06/2012 05:08 PMPosted by Bestiarius
We just made level 16!

Level faster. >:V
Shaddap you. >:(

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