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*sexy Tauress hip bump
Looking around at the jungles, the shy little tauren rubs the side of her arm. She blushed a bit before taking a deep breath. With all her might she roars at the thread, scaring it back to the top.
From his perch, high above, Mato peered curiously down at the timid, little tauress with the disarmingly loud roar. With a cunning grin, he drew back his head and bellowed a haunting call that would carry across the forums and assert the wayward thread back to it's place on top.
We're celebrating our one year anniversary next Wed! Expect a big event as we celebrate SoU's first birthday!
Congrats to the SoU for their continued existence!

Even in light of recent events, many in the Earthspear still support the Sons and its community. Here's to hoping another year of what I've seen to be fantastic RP!
Congrats to the SoU for their continued existence!

Even in light of recent events, many in the Earthspear still support the Sons and its community. Here's to hoping another year of what I've seen to be fantastic RP!


And to help you mark this celebration we have brought you a few things. *she points to heavily loaded kodo.*

We tried to be thorough, so we have some fireworks, plenty of peace bloom, a few cases of Special Reserve Mulgore Firewater..... um, I put in a couple of jugs of my Bronzefeather Vision Quest Elixir. I'd be careful with the Elixir, I've started growing my own agave for that and its very potent. You just want to talk to the ancestors.... not join them! *Kina laughs and elbows Besti in the ribs.*

But seriously, congratulations on the 1 year anniversary! I think everyone in the community can appreciate how hard it is keep a guild up and running. So thank you all for hanging in there and providing more depth and diversity to Tauren RP, and to our community.

The little tauress scoots up with a small-ish Kodo, because as we know even the calves are quite big, and shuffles around. Her ears fall back and she looks around as if scanning for dangerous beasts. She clears her throat and puffs up her chest a bit, looking as if she is trying to build up nerve. The Kodo calf snorting behind her.

"The Windsong Herd wants to also say congratulations for a whole year of being around. It -is- a huge feat to keep a guild running that long. We brought you a gift! Hotto sends his regards and a kodo calf's back full of small and large drums, flutes, chimes, and I believe there is a kazoo in there somewhere? I hope you enjoy!"

She shuffles and waits for a reply, but then seems to remember something, "OH!" She points to the Beast Lord and her ears fall flat and she growls as viciously as a young, shy tauren can. "Mato Stormherd! I challenge you to a roaring contest!" She takes a deep breath and lets out a bellowing roar, the one Leyatee had helped her develop. After which she smiled to herself, but then shrank a little, "If.. If you don't mind..."
YOU? Wish to challenge ME, the Savage Lord of Un'Goro Crater?! PAH! Very well! I shall partake in this "challenge." It will amuse me, if only briefly. <3
(( Kicking Alliance tail with you folks was a blast, too bad they left when I finally decided to dawn my actual PvP gear. u-u; -- Ah well, it will be a much more spectacular battle at the Great Gate. They will sing songs of your valor for decades! For Kalimdor! For the Shu'halo! ))
Our kin are gathering massive amounts of resources... but the question is for what? Rumors abound that the Sons of Un'Goro seek to travel into Tanaris and seek to use the goblin outpost of Gadgetzan for their mysterious agenda.

What are the savages from Un'Goro up to? Why are they suddenly taking up arms?

To find out more, seek us out, and perhaps you too can join in the campaign that could possibly change the fate of the Sons forever!
This particular thread finds itself caught in the jaws of a small, war-painted bear. An unimposing mass of fur and feathered ornaments! With much in the way of a purpose, little bear seems to be dragging its quarry right back up to the first page where it belongs, only to promptly spit it out. Mmm.

Ishne'alo, Sons of Un'Goro!
<The Savage Witch of Un’Goro nudged the thread with one hoof. Gross! It has strange bear drool on it now! With a smacking of her tongue within her maw, her expression was that of complete repulsion. It took little more than a glance around her to realize she alone was the one left responsible for this thread at such a late hour. UGH! Fiiine! Quickly she nabs a hold of the thread with the very tips of her fingers - complete with the comically outstretched arm at full length - and flings it back to the first page… where it promptly sticks (at least for a short period of time) and slowly slinks back down the page leaving a trail of bear slobber behind it.>

(( *waves to Ahoa* Thanks for stopping by! <3 ))
Lady Leila'nahe

I appreciate the harness and muzzle! It is being put to use and the training of our little bears have been much smoother with your gifts. I do apologize that one managed to leave a bit of drool on your beloved thread, however I am sure that your personal belongings are safe! Again, I would like to send my thanks at your gifts for training!

Leyatee Fartrader
Exotic pet trainer and animal whisperer of the Windsong

(( Woohoo! I need to get my butt down to Un'goro and check out all the animals there! I'm sure that whatever I find will be exotic! *Grabs his satchel and gets a moove on* ))
After one year we're still going strong! Great roleplayers, challenging environment, epic storytelling! Soon, we shall be spreading our Savage Ways across all of Southern Kalimdor, in our efforts to restore balance to an already broken world. Though our enemies have been defeated, we are still a long way from restoring this world to it's former glory. With your help we shall see that day come sooner than later. So come! Join us in our conquest of Southern Kalimdor and together we shall be kings!
*A falcon swoops low and lands on a branch near the mighty protodrake that carries the Savage Lord. A rolled up note is latched to the raptor's leg.*

Chieftain Mato Stormherd

The Windsong sing to your tribe's success in Kalimdor. We all hope to once again see peace and balance come to our lands. You have the might of our tribe at your calling as we hope to have yours in return. Soon, I would ask that a summit be called for the chieftains and their honor guards to finally meet formally and discuss events that have most certainly caused an uproar in my own camps. I will be soon with another missive and a proper date and time to meet. I look forward to hearing from you, and your answer to my request.

Chieftain Hotto Windsong
Windtalker and follower of the southern winds.

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