4.1 Cooking Dailies

New Cooking and Fishing Dailies have been added to Darnassus, Ironforge, Thunder Bluff, and Undercity.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but can you do Cooking and Fishing dailies in all three cities? Or is it just one daily thats repeated across all cities?
Its a daily. . .so it implies that you can do them all. They are all different quests. Unless you have done all of your daillies.
I can't imagine that it's different dailies. It's one cooking daily spread out over all the cities. Otherwise people would be doing all 3 every day and getting 3 times the awards.
wowhead tells you that its different daillies in different cities. They are probably trying to make the other cities more lively because everyone is in org. or stormwind(i think)
El's Fishing says you can complete 1 azeroth fishing daily per day regardless of city. I imagine that cooking would be same way.

Supposed to be different ones, in different cities.

So there would be several cooking dailies you could pick from, in different cities.

You can only do ONE per day still.

But if you look at a graphic I saw, they have different rewards sometimes too; I guess it would be like the crab collection one is now, which rewards 2 of the currency items instead of one (so, you'd probably do that one in that city when its up.)

I'm wondering if you have to go around and check cities, or if there would be a way to know which are happening where?
04/26/2011 07:43 AMPosted by Kybeorie
I'm wondering if you have to go around and check cities, or if there would be a way to know which are happening where?

I'm guessing it will be people spamming /trade with "What's the daily in [City]?" Which at least will be semi-trade related.
I knew there was a reason I levelled mages on both accounts =P

Personally, I'd think it'd be simpler to have all 3 (let's say fishing) quest givers offered all 3 quests but with any of the 3 in your log or completed you couldn't get the other 2 like they've done with a few other quests. That way you'd still have to travel to the appropriate place and turn in to the appropriate person but you'd get to see all 3 up front without a world trek only to find out you'd prefer to do the 1 in the city you started from.
Please Blizzard allow us to do both Fishing and Cooking dailies in all 3 cities each day. I've been having fun leveling my alts by just doing the dailies in SW and was hoping to be able to add both Darnassus and Ironforge to my rotation.

It's been fun for me not to leave the city yet still level up and have a reason to log into alts. Please allow me to have even more fun by visiting IF and DS each day, as well. Thank you!
I have just been to Darnasus and to Ironforge and could not find daily cooking or fishing quests.
If you've done the SW Fishing/Cooking daily quest or have them in your quest log, you will not see either Darnassus or Ironforge Cooking and Fishing dailies. You can only do one city per day. Which is why I asked to be able to do all 3 cities once per day.

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