[POLL] Your favorite raid of all time?

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
1) Ulduar
2) Karazhan
3) Blackrock anything
I saw the topic and thought ugh choose only one!? Then I saw your 1) 2) skip to EoE deal. It was fun making the list. Typing the name of every raid and saying, if someone asked me right now what raids would I be willing to run, in what order would I put them?

1 Black Temple
1 Ulduar
1Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
2 Naxxramas
2 Blackwing Lair
3 Sunwell Plateau
3 Zul'Aman
4 Tempest Keep
4 Zul'Gurrub
5 Blackwing Decent
5 Serpentshrine Cavern
5 Icecrown Citadel
6 Bastion of Twilight
6 Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
7 Gruul's lair
7 Obsidian Sanctum
7 Ruby Sanctum
7 Molten Core
8 Onyxia's Lair
8 Onyxia's Lair 2.0
9 Throne of the Four Winds
10 Magtheridon's Lair
10 Karazhan
11 Naxxramas 2.0
11 Eye of Eternity
11 Trial of the Crusader
12 Mount Hyjal
Terrible idea: Vault of Archavon
Terrible idea: Baradin Hold
I won't do a full list, but Ulduar is definitely my favorite.
God I loved Ulduar...
1. Black Temple
1.5 Ulduar
2. Sunwell
3. Blackwing Lair
4. Hyjal (big, open, green - need more of these. waves, not so much)
4.5 Karazhan
5. ICC (for all its faults, it was central to lore and was decently unique)

6-20. Everything else

Doesn't Deserve a Number: Trial of the Crusader
1) ZG
2) Ulduar
3) anything that wasn't ToC or ICC.

are my top few
1) sunwell
2) karazhan
3) TK
4) Ulduar
5) BWD
2)Naxxramas (LK version)
20) Real raids.
1. Blackwing Lair
2. Karazhan
3. Zul'Gurub

Rest are meh one way or the other.
1. Ulduar
2.Black Temple/Sunwell
3. karazhan/SSC/TK

As you can tell i really enjoyed BC. by far the best Expac imo
BT (for the first 5 months, after that it was /sigh)
My top 5 in no particular order:
BT (partial because I never killed Illidan)
Sunwell: it was like a super hot chick; I never had a chance
3d sarth ~ the only hard mode I ever liked
Nax (LK)
The rest of t4/t5

Tied for worst: ICC, Ulduar, ToC (I cancelled my account twice during LK)
I didnt really consider my illidan kill until I tanked the flames ttbh. I moved from a 8/9 guild in a 9/9 - 2/6 guild as we reached him and I never did progression on him. I was sad for that.
I have always thought BWL was the best designed raid in WoW. The fights(at the time) were all totally different than anything before it, granted you only had Onyxia and MC before it for comparison. Walk in, boss. Next room, another boss. One trash pull and then the gaunlet event to the next boss. My favorite aspect was that there was not a bunch of trash mobs and when you killed a pack of them, they did not respawn at all, not counting the supression room.
Kara. . .

That is all.
Maybe not a the whole raid, but C'thun had to be my favorite fight ever added into this game. For his time he was like nothing we had ever seen before. Such a crazy fight where all 40 people were doing something different and having to deal with this huge god in the middle of it all.

As for raid? Haters might hate but I always liked LK Naxx. It was just fun.
I wish I had been around for all the raids, so I can't say, but Ulduar has to be the coolest one I've retro-raided. Just so much to do , and so much variety in bosses.
As you can tell i really enjoyed BC. by far the best Expac imo

Agree. Except for Ulduar of course

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